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32 Wine Cocktails to Make Your Mouth Happy


Wine Cocktails you guys! Fun, right?! Of course, a glass of wine is super easy to pour and even easier to drink. But cocktails can be so flavorful and fun to sip on!

Wine Cocktails to try with your friends
Let’s make a simple wine cocktails!

Wine Cocktails are my Favorite!

I love to make wine cocktails. They are the best of both worlds and let me be creative and experiment with all the flavors. All of these easy mixed drinks include wine so you can choose your favorite varietal and start mixing!

I’m a total spritzer gal. And I LOVE white wine sangria. But using wine as just one ingredient in a cocktail recipe is so much fun. Wine has such a unique flavor and it marries perfectly with so many other flavors!

But they aren’t really that common. I always get so excited when I see a wine cocktail on a menu. 

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Cocktails with wine are easy to make at home. Most start with a bottle of chilled wine plus simple ingredients you probably already have at home.

I’ve broken up the recipes by type of wine. Champagne cocktails are generally super easy and most often is paired with just another ingredient or two. 

Most are single-serve but there are a few wine drinks that make enough for a crowd (trust me, it will still go quickly!). 

The Best Wine Cocktails to Make Now!

These wine cocktails are made with your favorite sparkling, red, white or rosé wines are perfect cocktails for sipping for every season. They range from bubbly and refreshing to sweet and fruity. You are sure to find a favorite!

Drinks with Champagne

These Champagne cocktails range from citrus, to floral, to sweet and are perfect cocktails for celebratory events or just because.

Easy White Wine Cocktails

Grab your favorite white wine and make one of these fruity and refreshing cocktails.

The White Zinfandel Cocktail That Will Totally Surprise You!

Seriously, you HAVE to try this cocktail. It sounds crazy, but it all works together in pure cocktail magic. Even with the white zinfandel. 

Red Wine Cocktails

My red wine cocktails are bold and delicious.

Cocktail Ideas with Rosé

These rosé cocktails are refreshing and slightly sweet.


  • For any of the recipes that require only a small amount of champagne or sparkling wine, pick up the mini bottles or canned wine from the store! Of course, if you are making more than one, by all means, open a whole bottle. But if you are just making one or two for yourself, there won’t be waste!

Sipping in Sweats

best wine cocktails

How cute is my wine sweatshirt?! It was a Christmas present from my mother-n-law. I wear it all the time because it is super cozy. I especially like to wear it in the mornings. I get REALLY funny looks! :) 

making wine mixed drinks in a cocktail shaker

Do you make wine cocktails? What’s your favorite? Leave me a comment and let me know! Of all of these, I think I drink the spritzer the most. Followed by the Spiced Rum and White Zinfandel cocktail. And sangria. 

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