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Why You Need to Drink Haus Aperitif (2023)


They’re back! Haus Aperitif is the perfect pre-dinner cocktail to sip when you’re ready to start off a fun night with friends and/or family. Refreshing and full of flavor, this unique brand offers several varieties meant to enhance connections with those you are sharing a drink with.

Haus aperitif bottles on a table next to some glasses.

Haus has new owners and is now available again! They are only offering a few flavors so be sure to check back to see if they release new ones or more inventory of old favorites.

I wrote this Haus Aperitif review to let you know why I love this product!

What is Haus

Haus is a line of wine-based aperitifs that you can have shipped right to your door through a subscription.

With natural ingredients and less sugar, this delicious wine-based aperitif is something you need to explore!

When I first came across this Haus drink, I was totally drawn to their marketing photos. The images are vibrant, super stylish and make you want to invite your friends over and enjoy some beverages together.

When I found out they were aperitifs, I had to learn more!

Try HAUS for yourself.

Use code SHARON20 for 20% off your order via the Haus website.

Fortified, aromatized and aperitif wines have been popping up on more beverage menus and I’m into it.

Aperitifs are more about the flavor and spending time with friends, not the buzz you get.

I love that philosophy! Also, I’m old and drinking cocktails makes me tired so if I start too early, I have to tuck myself in by 9 pm.

Haus is all about. Flavor, friends, fun. It’s about relaxing with a delicious glass in your hand. It’s not about rushing on to dinner. It’s about being in the moment and taking it all in.

If you’re over your sauvignon blanc, you may want to give Haus a try!

And you can also make delicious Haus Cocktails with them! Like this Lemon Lavender Mule, for example! Or a Strawberry Basil Vodka Cocktail.

You know I like to keep my home bar small and free of too many specialty liquor bottles but Haus can be used in so many ways (staight, mixer, etc) that I think it’s one to consider adding to your bar cart.

What is an aperitif

Aperitifs are a pre-dinner drink. It’s a popular European tradition that is a way to start off an evening, usually with friends.

Aperitifs are usually lower in alcohol which means that you can sip on something delicious and not end up with a lampshade on your head before making it to the dinner table.

Traditional aperitifs are said to help stimulate the appetite and are typically lower in sugars. (Have you ever had an Aperol Spritz?)

The flavors are derived from botanicals and aromatics (similar to drink bitters) and tend to be on the bitter side which I think makes them super refreshing.

When to Drink Aperitifs

While aperitifs are something to sip before dinner, it also can be the actual experience of sipping with friends.

It’s kind of like happy hour. But it’s more of a drinking culture that is based on the connections shared over the effects that a drink can cause.

Haus aims to be the modern, American interpretation of this vibe.

This is not the drink until you puke, spring break style of hanging out with friends.

This is a let’s spend as much quality time together as possible and make sweet memories together with a yummy drink kind of situation.

How to order Haus

To order your Haus beverages, go to their website and shop away.

You can buy bottles individually, or buy a 3 bottle sampler or 6 bottle sampler.

Text: Try Haus use code Sharon20 for 20% off, with a bottle of Haus next to the text.
click image to visit website.
Shipping boxes for Haus.

No more membership

As far as I can tell, there is no longer a membership component to this product.

I previously had my membership set to ship one bottle every 3 months, but it was really easy to modify.

I like that you can buy the bottles on their own now. It makes it easier to try it out without feeling like you need to make a big commitment.

Haus sample kit in the shipping box.
These were sampler bottles which I don’t see on the site currently.

What is Haus made from

Haus products have a wine base and are flavored with a variety of herbs, aromatics and real fruits.

The ingredients are natural and these aperitif wines are made without preservatives or additives. This means you are getting a quality, farm-to-table product.

I’ve made my own infused wine before, but these are next level.

Plus they use raw cane sugar. You get the sweetness without any weird chemicals. And raw sugar has warm notes that pair perfectly with all the other spices and flavors.

Try HAUS for yourself.

Use code SHARON20 for 20% off your order via the Haus website.
Two popular Haus aperitif bottle tops.

Haus aperitif flavors

There are several Haus aperitif flavors available on their site. And they will hopefully continue to come out with more. We’ll see in the next few months what the new owners are all about.

In the meantime, here are the 4 flavors you can try. On the nose, they smell sweet and not like strong alcohol.

There are layers of flavors in all of these varieties and they really do make an easy mixer for cocktails but are fun to sip on their own.

If you like the boldness of bitters and the mix of herbs, barks, flowers and spices you will probably enjoy these!

Citrus Flower

Citrus Flower has a base of Chardonnay grapes and is infused with orange peel, elderflower, lemon, cinnamon and hibiscus.

It’s the perfect amount of sweetness with a touch of citrus and just the right floral note.

There’s a caramel-y like undertone that adds to the complexity but this feels very much like a summer drink.

Citrus Flower has 27.5 calories and 1.36 grams of sugar per ounce. (This information is based on the old website and I’m not sure if they’ve changed the product under the new owners).

Rose rosé haus bottle on a table next to some glasses.

Rose Rosé

Rose Rosé starts with a blend of Chardonnay and rosé grapes and is infused with raspberry, rose petals, strawberry, vanilla and sweet cherry.

This one gives off a more fruit-forward rosé vibe but you also pick up on the rose flower notes in a nice, subtle way.

If you’re a red wine lover, you’ll love this. I think this is a perfect summer wine for a red wine drinker.

This one was my least favorite since I’m not a huge fan of red wine. I also like a drier rose, and this one was fruitier. It was still tasty and I will finish that bottle.

Rose Rosé has 36 calories and 1.4 grams of sugar per ounce.

Jalapeno Grapefruit

The new owners sent me a bottle of the Jalapeno Grapefruit and it is nothing to be afraid of. The flavor is nice and there is a little heat (very subtle).

This one mixes well with tequila or mezcal (for a smoky treat) but is also delicious to sip on its own.

There’s a hint of bitterness from the grapefruit that cuts through the sweet plus a very slight savory note of jalapeno (more of a green pepper).

Pomegranate Rosemary

I’m waiting on my shipment of the Pomegranate Rosemary to try. With juniper and rosemary, I’m expecting this to be herby and full of flavor. I’ll keep you posted.

Other Haus flavors (no longer available)

  • Lemon Lavender is subtle, with a slight sweetness that is super tasty.
  • Ginger Yuzu is the boldest flavor with the zing of ginger and it’s the least sweet option.
  • Peach Passionfruit sounded like it was going to be super fruity but it actually reminds me more of a spiced rum. It has toasty caramel and coconut notes and goes really well with bourbon!
  • Spiced Cherry is as tasty as it sounds! It’s complex and rich with the right amount of tart! I love to pair this one with bourbon.
  • Strawberry Basil is a limited edition release for summer. It’s super tasty. Grab a bottle before it’s gone so you can make a Strawberry Basil Vodka Cocktail.
  • Bitter Clove was my favorite. It really reminded me of cocktail bitters so I loved it!
Bottles of Haus on the table next to a magazine about the aperitif brand.

How to drink Haus

Each bottle of Haus is 750 mL which is the standard size of a normal bottle of wine.

Sip Over Ice

An ounce or two poured over ice is the easiest way to sip Haus. It’s also a great way to really get a feel for the flavors.

Haus and Soda

Haus can be mixed with club soda or tonic water to create a super refreshing beverage. Simply use 2 parts Haus to 1 part of your favorite water.

Haus Spritz

Haus can easily be made into a spritz with 2 parts Haus to 1 part soda water and 1 part Prosecco. A little fresh lemon is a perfect way to finish it off.

Check out my Lavender Lemon Haus Spritz.

Haus Cocktail

Or use Haus in a cocktail recipe to add another layer of flavor to your favorite liquor.

Check out these delicious Haus Cocktail Recipes.

I’m going to be exploring more cocktail recipes since I’m obsessed with the flavor and think it will be such a neat ingredient to work with.

While these are typically reserved for before dinner, I think these are great any time. I’m a big fan of wine cocktails.

Bottles of Haus on a table.

Be sure to follow Haus on their Instagram account and sign up for their newsletter so you always get their latest information.

How to Store Haus

The team at Haus recommends storing the aperitifs in a cool, dark place.

I prefer to keep my Haus in the fridge (once opened) to keep the natural ingredients as fresh as possible. I also love it chilled and then it’s literally ready to go.

Try HAUS for yourself.

Use code SHARON20 for 20% off your order via the Haus website.

Non-Alcoholic Alternatives to Haus

These Haus alternatives are non-alcoholic. You can use these in the drink recipes I’ve noted above. These are also botanical in nature but I’m not sure just how flavorful they are since I haven’t tasted all of them.

  • Ghia
  • Seedlip (multiple flavors)
  • Kin (multiple flavors and also pre-canned drinks)
  • Lyre’s (multiple flavors and canned versions)
  • Dhos (multiple flavors)
  • Ritual (multiple flavors of liquor alternatives like gin)

Some of these options are very similar to Haus, while others are more of a non-alcoholic spirit. But all of them will have herbal flavors and be great for mixing lower-alcohol drinks.

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  1. Thanks for the suggestion. I do love a good aperitif and you have excellent tastes so I bet Haus is first class. Can’t wait to try it!

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