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A Guide to the Best Canned Wine


You may have had canned wine coolers, but most of these are actually a can of wine. And there are starting to be more and more options to choose from. I decided to do what most responsible moms would do and try a bunch of them. It’s a good chore, don’t you think? If you’ve wanted to try them out, check out my guide to the best canned wine below.This is your guide to the best canned wines. If you are a wine lover, these easy to take on the go cans of wine are your new best friend.I like wine. Simple as that. I guess I should clarify. I mostly like white wine, followed by sparkling and I’ll tolerate some red. I have my favorite bottles of rose and white that are on a consistent rotation. But then people started getting all cray, making can wine, I needed to know more about it. I NEEDED to find the best can of wine. So I decided to start picking them up, a few at a time and trying them. I know screw top wines make some wine purists shudder (although some of my fave bottles have screw tops and I really don’t think it is any indication of the quality of wine…but that’s a whole other post) so wine in a can must be absolutely making people freak out. But it’s good. Real good.

Canned wines are perfect for picnics, pools that don’t allow glass, and pretty much everything else! PLUS they are great to have on hand for when you want a glass (or two) of wine but don’t want to open a whole bottle. I’m a big fan of canned wine.

This post contains affiliate links. What that means is if you purchase something through one of these links, I may get a little monetary reward. It’s usually only enough to pay for part of a bottle of aspirin, which I’ll need after drinking all this wine…

Canned wines are perfect for busy moms.

I’ll keep adding to this canned wine review as I try more! Since I first wrote this post even more can wine has showed up on the market!
My guide to canned wine includes this delicious rose wine in a can that I know you will love! Ruza ****

One of my newest favorites is this Ruza rose from Winc. It’s not overly sweet and has a slight fizz to it. It’s refreshing and not cloying like some pink wines can be. The can is super cute, which totally matters, thank you very much. It’s dry, which I like but you can definitely taste berry. This one is sold in a 3 pack of cans (but also comes in bottle from although that’s not as fun as canned wine.) Image by Jessica Pirro Photography.
If you are in to the idea of a can of wine, this guide of my favorite canned wines is for you! Simpler Wines ***

Trader Joe’s is bringing it in the canned wine game. They are one of the few places I can find the Underwood cans (keep reading to find out more about those). And now they have these delightful little cans of sparkling wine in white and rose. Both of these are totally sippable and come in a single serving size portion. If you had to just choose one flavor to buy, I’d go with the rose. There’s just a little more going on flavor wise. This image is also by Jess Pirro Photography. She’s the best!
Can wine might sound crazy to you but I know you'll love the ones that I've featured in my guide to the best canned wines.Sofia Sparkling Wine *****

Sofia Blanc de Blancs Sparkling Wine is the OG of canned wines. It’s been around for, like, ever and it’s an absolute classic. This sparkling wine in a can tastes amazing and the size is perfect. They totally nailed it with the bold pink color of the can and it even comes with an extendable straw for ladylike sipping. I’ve been drinking these for years but hadn’t had one in a really long time. I decided to pick them up for this post to refresh myself on the taste. SO GOOD!

I shared these with some friends by our pool one night and I loved seeing their faces as they tasted it, expecting nothing special, and realizing its delicious! If you’ve never tried these, you need to. You can pick these up at pretty much anywhere including Target and your local grocery store. They also recently came out with a Brut Rose version in the mini! I can’t wait to get my hands on that. What you need to know about canned wines including my favorite products and my Underwood wine review.Underwood Wines *****

I don’t remember where I found out about these Underwood Wines cans from Union Wine Co. but I began following their Instagram account before I ever tried one. We recently entertained the idea of moving to Oregon, where these wines are from. While in Portland to check out neighborhoods, I made sure to try the local wines and fell in love with the Pinot Gris. Then one day, when I was in my local Trader Joe’s store, I found these canned wines on the shelf! I was way too excited and bought several of each for myself and to gift to other people. These cans are about $5/each and have 2 glasses of wine in them. The Pinot Gris is the most gorgeous rose gold color and super tasty. It’s a must have!If you're looking for a great rose wine in a can, you'll find several delicious options on my guide to canned wines.And you HAVE to get their rosé wine in a can too! YUM! You can find this wine at Trader Joe’s or in your room if you stay at The Ace Hotels in LA and Palm Springs (maybe others too, I just haven’t been to any of the others). Underwood sparkling wine is also super tasty! I recently took a few cans of bubbly on my vacation and they made on-the-go mimosas super easy (which of course we drank responsibly). They also have a Pinot Noir and are coming out with a Riesling Radler which is kind of like beer/wine mix and in the CUTEST CAN EVER!

I think these are the best canned wine Trader Joe’s has. You’ll love it! I always have these cans on hand. I usually have one or two in the fridge. They are especially perfect when you just want a glass of wine, but don’t want to open a whole bottle. With the cost being about $2.50 per serving, if you end up throwing away the second glass, you won’t feel bad about it. BUT you will probably never throw out the second glass, because, yum.Whether you're looking for the best can of wine or canned wine coolers, I've got both in my guide to canned wine.Fresh Craft Co. Wine Cocktail ****

This Fresh Craft Co. option is closer to canned wine coolers than a straight up can of wine. I found these in my local grocery store and grabbed a 4 pack. These are sparkling and flavored and I was worried that they would be way too sweet. While they are sweet, they are also refreshing. I don’t think they are very high in alcohol but I can’t check the cans because I drank them all. Not all by myself, I mean. But they aren’t at my house any more for me to double-check.

I tried the Blackberry Lemonade but they come in other flavors too, like Green Apple, Grapefruit and Mango Citrus. These are really fun for a girl’s night or to drink with friends who you want to do something special for but aren’t big drinkers. These do not have a big wine flavor so they’d be good for people who prefer a cocktail over a glass of wine. Weirdos. You'll love the sparkling can of wine options found on my guide to the best canned wine. Presto Sparkling Wine **

I always like to run through the wine when I’m in a new store or a store I haven’t been to in a while. A few weekends ago, I popped in to our newest Whole Foods and found these cute little Presto Sparkling Wine cans. They are celebratory and delicious. I love their bright color and filigree pattern. I would happily drink a bottle of this wine. At my store these are sold individually which is cool because you can buy as few or as many as you need. I picked up two. You know, in case I couldn’t tell from my first can of wine if I liked the wine…I did, so I had the second one just because. Haven't found your favorite can of wine yet? Try these great options from my guide to canned wine.West Side Wine Co. **

I also found this West Side Wine Co. Chardonnay at Whole Foods. I’m in love with the branding and the design of this can. So simple and clean. I have to be honest, I didn’t love this wine. But I don’t really like chardonnay so I blame me, not the wine. How darling would this be in a gift basket for a friend’s birthday? And I’m still not sure of our school’s policy but I think these would be a great first day of school gift for our teachers… You can read more about these fun wines on my friend, Amber’s, blog. You'll love the variety of wines found on my guide to the best canned wine, including rose wine in a can!Lila Wines *

These Lila canned wines win for being the cutest for sure. I love the design of the cans and the bright colors! Plus they have a Sauvignon Blanc which is my fave. These were not as easy drinking as the other canned wines I tried but every canned wine has a time and a place. I took these on vacation with us and they were perfect for some boat drinking, some picnic table drinking and some Pokemon Go walk with the kids drinking. You can pick these up at your local wine shop or World Market store.

I was sent the Lila wines to try.I created a guide to the best canned wine that you're going to love!Yup, I totally skipped all the reds. And I realize there is more canned wine that I haven’t tried yet. As I come across new ones, I’ll add them to this post. In my opinion, the best canned wine is from Underwood. They are totally killing the canned wine game. Go get them and tell me what you think! Do you know of canned wine brands I haven’t tried yet? Tell me so I can track it down!

My ratings system: It’s totally arbitrary. Because I didn’t drink all these together, I’m not comparing them against each other, but rather how much I enjoyed them when I did drink them. The Underwood Wines take the top honor for being a great value and delicious! Sofia is my favorite sparkling – the flavor is amazing (followed closely by the Underwood sparkling).

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There are tons of great canned wine products on the market so I created this guide to help you find the best! Plus the packaging on these drinks is so cute!

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  1. I love having friends who know all of the cool stuff. I haven’t had any of these and am totally up for the challenge!

    1. HA! Def grab the Underwoods from Trader Joes. They also have a Pinot Noir but I don’t love red so…XO

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