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26 Refreshing Summer Vodka Cocktails


These easy Summer Vodka Cocktails are refreshing and perfect for sipping in the sun. Mixed with soda, lemonade or other mixers, these delicious drink recipes are sure to cool you down. If you’re a fan of vodka, you’ll be enjoying these drink ideas all season long.

Several vodka cocktails for summer in a collage.
Let’s make some of these easy summer vodka cocktails.

You’ll love these Summer Vodka Drinks

These refreshing vodka drinks are best for when the weather warms up. I love to make easy cocktails at home and sit on my back patio sipping something delicious.

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This list of chilled summer drinks with vodka gives you over 20 recipes to try next time you decide to mix up a drink.

Whether you’re having guests over or enjoying yourself with your partner, you’ll find tasty vodka recipes to meet all your taste preferences.

Summer Vodka Drinks

Looking for a refreshing cocktail to make this season? This list of the best Summer Vodka Drinks will have you sipping in no time. These easy recipes are chilled and perfect when paired with a pool.

These summer vodka cocktails are full of flavor and are perfect for when the weather warms up.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is vodka good in the summer?

YES! Vodka is a clear liquor that is really versatile. The fairly neutral flavor means that it pairs with other ingredients really well. Vodka is one of my favorite liquors to use when making cocktails during summer.

What can you mix with vodka?

You can mix vodka with lemonade, soda and just about anything else to make quick and easy cocktails. But it also works really well in elaborate drinks that are really fun and unique. Whether you make DIY Flavored Vodka or use plain, you can create so many different types of drinks with this type of liquor.

What type of vodka should I use?

When making mixed drinks with lots of ingredients, it really doesn’t matter what type of vodka you use. Most of us have random vodka sitting in the cupboard. It’s totally fine to use. For something that is more vodka-focused, like a Vodka Gimlet, I like using something that has a great flavor. My recommendation is Tito’s, as it’s a great quality and price point as well as being easy to find.

More easy summer cocktails to try

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