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33 Wine Lovers Gifts and Wine Gift Ideas


These Wine Lovers Gifts are perfect for any occasion including birthdays and Christmas! If you struggle to find the perfect gift, this list of the best gifts for wine lovers has ideas that are easy to shop for online and in a variety of price points.

A box of rosé candies on a table next to a roll of holiday wrapping paper, pine sprigs, a silver bow, a wine key, and a wine bottle topper system.
Browse this list of fun wine lover gifts.

Why I Love These Wine Gift Ideas

It’s no secret that I love wine! It makes my allergies even more terrible than they already are. I get terrible headaches (unless I use Just the Wine). But I can’t quit it!

Not only is wine delicious to drink, but cute wine-related gifts are also great to give girlfriends and family members!

A wine-themed gift is perfect for a wine enthusiast because sometimes buying actual wine can be hard if you don’t know a lot about wine or their flavor preferences.

This gift guide (for the holidays and beyond) contains a bunch of reasonably priced wine gifts that fit just about any budget! And with Amazon Prime, you get free shipping! Man do I love free shipping!

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Online wine gifts help me take care of gift-giving for my girlfriends throughout the year. I try to stick with Amazon ideas for ease of shopping, but sometimes what you’re looking for is only found at another retailer. Always look for coupon codes when shopping to see if you can save money!

A lot of these wine gift ideas are under $25 and will definitely cause smiles (and more wine-drinking). I like to look for things that I think my recipient would like but might not buy for themselves. That’s what really makes something a treat!

If you want to just jump over to my Amazon Influencer Page to shop, click here to go to my Wine Gifts List.

A bottle from Winc Wine club on a table next to 4 bottles of wine and text that says - Winc 4 bottle for $29.95.

Presents for Wine Lovers

Browse this fun list of 33 gifts for people who love wine.

1. Give the Gift of a Wine Club!

First off, the BEST gift for a wine lover is a wine club! I love Winc and have been a member for several years. While this is not on Amazon, I still wanted to make sure to include it!

What I love about this wine club is that my standard order is just 3 bottles a month (mostly priced around $13). It’s totally reasonable.

Being a part of Winc has been so much fun and allowed me to try new to me wine brands and varieties. It’s a fun way to wine taste at home. And when I don’t need wine, I can just skip a month. Super easy!

Winc has gift cards available on their site so you don’t even need to subscribe the person. They can set their own preferences and try some out.

2. Strawberry Champagne Jam

Strawberry Champagne Jam is the perfect way to have wine for breakfast! The fruity taste of strawberry and your favorite bubbly wine condensed into a jam is a great wine gift idea. Gift it on its own or pair it with a few other items on this list to create a fun treat for anyone who loves brunch.

3. Wine Key

Sure, she’ll already have a wine opener but does she have one as cute as this Wine Key that also opens beer?? I don’t think so. This is one of those items that is cute to leave out and doesn’t need to be stashed away in a drawer.

4. Wine Tasting Journal

This Wine Tasting Journal is a great way to keep track of the wines they have tried and note the ones they want to try again! This would also be a great favor idea for a rosé tasting party.

5. Wine Making Kit

A Wine Making Kit let’s you try your hand at making your own wine! This kit allows you to make your own Pinot Grigio in just 3 weeks. But they have other varieties too! It doesn’t require tons of equipment so you can give it a try without feeling like you need to add on to the garage to store everything.

6. Shimmery Champagne

This set of Champagne Shimmers are a fun way to celebrate the season. In 4 fun colors, these are added to a glass of champagne to make them sparkly and pretty. These would be great for a 21-year-old celebrating her first holiday as a drinker.

7. Wine Socks

These funny wine socks are just helpful… They instantly let everyone know what mood you are in and that you’re ready to be waited on. They’re perfect for cozying up on the couch with a glass of vino.

8. High-End Acrylic Wine Glasses

I love drinking wine from a glass but it’s not the most practical for outdoor drinking. This set of Sole Outdoor Glasses is acrylic but looks elegant like a traditional wine glass. Better yet, they’re dishwasher-safe and come in a bunch of gorgeous colors.

9. Rabbit Frozen Cocktail Maker

Make Frozé a giftable experience by giving the Rabbit Frozen Cocktail Maker. This super cool contraption comes with a cocktail cookbook showing you how to make several frozen concoctions including frozen rosé. It’s easy and delicious and now your friend can make it at home whenever she wants.

10. Champagne Saver Cap

A Capabunga Champagne Saver is a fun little add-on gift that really does keep a bottle of champagne from going flat if you don’t finish it. And I never finish a bottle! (Unless I’m on a girl’s trip…). See also their regular wine bottle stoppers!

11. A Stopper System

There are all kinds of wine stoppers, but I love my Vacu Vin Wine Stoppers. You pump the want to suck the extra air out of the bottle to hopefully make that open bottle last a little bit longer! (Or check out how I infuse wine to make older wine taste better).

Practical gifts sometimes make the best wine lovers gifts.

12. Holiday Wine Tea Towel

This Wine Tea Towel is hysterical! Such a fun idea to gift along with a bottle of wine. Add it to a gift basket or keep things simple with just the towel. These are great to keep on hand as hostess gifts.

13. Insulated Wine Tumbler

I hate when my wine gets warm! This Insulated Wine Tumbler comes in tons of patterns and colors and will help keep your drink cold and look cute too!

14. Stainless Steel Wine Glasses

Unlike the insulated tumblers above, these are more like regular wine glasses, but made of stainless steel! These stainless wine glasses are great for people who are klutzy (have I told you about my BFF…), or that live in a chaotic household where things get broken easily (moms of boys…).

I would have loved these when my kids were toddlers. I was always so sure a foot or a ball was going to break my wine glasses. This is one of the best gifts for wine lovers with kids!

Collage of wine related gifts to give for the holidays.
These wine gift ideas are super easy to buy online.

15. A Funny and Fun Wine Book

Marissa Ross is my favorite wine writer and she wrote a book last year called Wine All the Time. It’s full of great information and really helps to make wine tasting not feel so snobby.

16. Electric Wine Opener

An electric wine opener is a great idea! We don’t want to get carpal tunnel from opening all wine bottles, right? This one has a small foot print and is super simple to use.

17. Wine Cork Monogram Decoration

I don’t save my corks but I know a lot of people do. This Wine Cork Holder Monogram is a great wine gift idea and fun decor item at the same time! Propped on a buffet or hung on a wall, this would be one of the best wine gifts for newlyweds.

18. Wine Trivia Game

I am far from a wine expert but I do love to learn! This Wine Wars Trivia Game would be a fun game to learn about wine to play while drinking wine. This is one of the best gifts for wine lovers who consider themselves novice wine drinkers.

19. Chambong or Chambong Mini

I have a Chambong. It’s a gorgeous glass contraption used to shotgun a glass of champagne with. It’s super unnecessary and hard to use on account of the chugging of a bubbly beverage.

The Chambong Mini just makes more sense to me. Especially at 44 years old. It’s still pretty but holds a more reasonable amount of champagne to chug. If that’s a thing.

20. Funny Ornament

It’s true, wine and the holidays go hand in hand. I love giving ornaments as a gift and this one is perfect for your BFF. The He Knows When You’ve Been Drinking Ornament will put a smile on anyone’s face. Hang it around the neck of a delicious bottle of bubbly and you’re, for sure, going to get a thank you note.

21. Prosecco Pong

Take college fun to a classier level with this Prosecco Pong game. This is something to bring out at parties for a little champagne fun! It’s not something you would probably buy for yourself which is why it makes such a fun wine gift idea!

22. Rosé All Day T-Shirt

Wine-related t-shirts are always a fun idea. They are a conversation starter and this scripty font on this Rosé All Day T-Shirt makes it girly and cute! This is one of the best gifts for wine lovers who prefer their wine to be pretty and pink.

23. Biggie Lyric T-Shirt

90’s rap lyrics float around in my head pretty much constantly. So why not wear them on a shirt! I bet Biggie never dreamed a bunch of middle-aged women would wear a Now We Sip Champagne T-Shirt.

24. Insulated Bottle

This is technically a bottle for water…But this 25-ounce insulated bottle size holds a whole bottle of wine and keeps it cold! This is great for beach trips or pool days where you don’t want (or can’t have) glass but wants to enjoy your chilled wine. I have one and I use it all summer long (like, not in an excessive way, but a casual summer drinker sort of way).

25. A Real Big Glass

Sometimes you just know that you’re going to have a bottle of wine. So why have to go back and refill your glass when you can just take care of it right at the start with a Big Betty Wine Glass. Your friend will love you for it. Especially if you don’t judge them for actually drinking a bottle.

26. Aerator and Decanter

A One Button Aerator and Decanter is a great little gadget for red wine lovers in your life. It won’t take up much space and it’s pretty to look at.

27. Wine Purse

Gift a Wine Purse BECAUSE IT HOLDS 2 FULL BOTTLES OF WINE AND YOUR WALLET. I imagine you’ll have to visit a chiropractor after this due to the weight on your shoulder but gosh darn it, you’ve got wine for everyone right in your purse!

This is great for when you want drinks but can’t have glass since you put the wine in a bag with the spout attached.

28. Macrame Bottle Purse

A Macrame Wine Bottle Purse is something I use way more than I ever expected! If I’m heading to a neighbor’s house, I toss a bottle of wine in. If I’m on vacation and want to enjoy a bottle outside, I bring it in this contraption. It’s pretty and stylish.

This is one of the best gifts for wine lovers who love fashion and literally have everything else.

29. Small Wine Fridge

We don’t have room for a wine fridge but this 6 Bottle Wine Cooler is super compact! It’s a great starter wine fridge for someone who doesn’t have a lot of space. It’s on the pricier side so this is a special occasion gift or for someone you really like.

30. Wine Bucket Stand

A wine bucket stand is a fun idea to gift the friend who has everything. It feels elegant and indulgent to have your own footed wine bucket just like the restaurants do.

Champagne saber in a woman's hand with a bottle of champagne next to a photo of a wine chiller.

31. Bottle Chiller

This Bottle Chiller is a a great way to keep a bottle of wine cool for up to 6 hours. It’s a great idea for picnics or if you don’t want to have to keep going to the fridge to refill.

32. Champagne Saber

A bucket list item of mine was to saber open a bottle of champagne. So, a few years ago for my birthday, my mother-in-law bought me my very own Champagne Saber!!!

It’s a total party trick and it’s pretty spectacular. I don’t open all my champagne with it but it’s a great wine gift idea for sure! This is one of the best gifts for wine lovers who you think has everything!

33. Hangover Supplements

I am a HUGE fan of anti-hangover supplements. People always ask me what I take and say they should try it too. Then they don’t. Giving them a variety of supplements will hopefully show them how easy it is not to have a hangover.

While I am not a doctor, and many of these aren’t approved by the FDA as a legitimate anti-hangover aid, I have personally found them to help me SO MUCH!

My favorites in order are:

  • Cheers (I haven’t written a post on these yet but I take these any time I have 2 or more drinks. While I still might wake up with a wine headache, I don’t get any of the other symptoms. And a quick glass of their hydration mix really helps the headache too!
  • The Good Patch – I also have been using a patch lately. I put it on before I sleep and I really do think it helps me to not wake up feeling awful the next day.

If you have a wine lover in your life, these ideas will help you get them crossed off your gift list.

Bonus Idea: Custom Labeled Bottles of Wine

5 bottles of wine from Josh Cellars with customized wine labels for Christmas.

Being able to personalize a gift is awesome! Check out these custom wine labels you can add to Josh Cellars wines. I love that you can add a photo, message or both! This would make a great, reasonably-priced gift for anyone who loves wine!

You don’t even need to purchase the wine online (although you can, and can also buy by the case). You can order your labels and pick up Josh at your local wine or grocery store.

A horizontal image works best and you can order 2 labels a day. Plan ahead. It takes about 2 weeks for the labels to ship.

Do Not Buy These

There are a few wine gifts that you should not bother with.

Silicon cups are too squishy and they literally collapse under the weight of your own hand sending wine everywhere. Learned that one the hard way. A few times. Because they are really cute, but they just don’t make sense.

Just no to wine glass markers. Unless your friend is a super sloppy drinker, she’s going to know which glass is hers. Yes, they would be great for a party, maybe, but there are probably cuter drink charms that can be used.

Over-decorated wine glasses. While sometimes you may think they are so super cute, it’s often hard to get one that suits the recipient’s style well. Buy one for yourself if you have to have one. Don’t force your style on others.

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