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24 Coke Cocktails to Make at Home


This list of Coke Cocktails will help you find a drink recipe to make for your next happy hour. From 2-ingredient ideas to more elaborate cocktails, you’re sure to find just what you’re looking for. Cola makes a great mixer!

Coke bottles on a counter next to a bottle of scotch and tequila.
Let’s make some Coke Cocktails!

Coke-based cocktails are tasty

I come from a house divided. My hubby is a Pepsi man. But I won’t drink anything besides Coke.

Thanks to the sweetness and carbonation, dark cola makes a great cocktail mixer.

Whether you want to mix it with vodka, rum, tequila or something else, this list of drink recipes will give you plenty of ideas.

Coke Cocktails

Cocktails with Coke are tasty and refreshing and super easy to make. This list of recipes will help you find the perfect drink to suit your mood.


I am not a Diet Coke gal, but if you are, you should be able to substitute it for any recipe that calls for regular coke.

For any recipe that calls for traditional coke, you can swap it out for a flavored cola, like cherry, orange or vanilla.

If a recipe calls for rum, you could switch it up for vodka instead. If it has vanilla, you can swap that for another flavor or mix and match them to come up with even more options of Coke-based cocktails.

Consider swapping out the liquor called for in the recipes for a flavored liquor. For example, vanilla vodka is an easy way to add a little more flavor to the recipe really easily.

You could also use flavored simple syrups to add more flavors or combinations. And citrus and herbs flavors also pair well.

All of these changes will result in unique cocktails that you can make at home.

Close up of Coke bottles on a table next to bar tools and bottles.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Coke pair well with?

Coke is a versatile mixer. As you can see from my Vodka and Coke recipe, it is delicious enough to be the dominant flavor. But you can also add other flavors to it. I can’t think of any liquor that wouldn’t play well with this soda. As well as almost any flavor (from chocolate to citrus to vanilla).

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