Back to School Organizing

I partnered with @cottonelle to share ways that getting your home organized gives you more time for fun! (ad) #onamegarollDid your house get cray cray over summer? Ours did. We were in and out with vacations and day trips and we really just let the house be a mess. But as we started all the back to school prep, I realized that something had to change! My mind was feeling just as chaotic as the house. Not only did I need to take a little time to organize but I needed to get the kids involved as well. The plus side is with the chores getting done faster (and by more of us) we have more time for play!


Cute One Piece Swimsuits

I've graduated from bikinis but still want a cute swimsuit. This one piece bathing suit is perfect for moms who love fashion! The details are so cute! It happened. I bought a one piece bathing suit. I had every intention of being fit for the summer and rocking my usual two pieces. But I like food. And I’m a mom. Hanging out in a two piece at our neighborhood pool was starting to feel wrong. So I went on a quest for cute one piece swimsuits. And found the perfect suits! 

Playdate Snacks for Adults

These individual Le Petite Fromage cheeses from @alouettecheese might just be the best snack ideas for adults ever! They can be a super easy appetizer or the perfect playdate snacks! #ad #ThisisCheeseBack to school is an exciting time for families. The kids get to meet new friends and a new teacher, PTA starts up again and there are school activities to plan. And the play date calendar is in full swing. While we usually focus on the snacks for the kids, I just found the perfect playdate snacks for the moms too!