Retreat Planning and Wendy’s Fresh Salads

Wendy's Fresh Salads are a great quick lunch option. #BeyondTheBowl #CleverGirls #ad

I never ever thought that I would be someone who can’t find the time to eat. I love food and I hate to be hungry. But over the last few months, I have found myself missing lunch. It is always on super busy days of shuttling kids around or trying to get in a photo shoot for the blog that I find it hard to take the time to stop and eat. But I’ve also noticed something else. Where, in a jam, I used to be able to eat chips and call it lunch on those busy days, now I am resisting those empty calories. Am I growing up? Maybe a little. Or maybe it is because summer is coming up and I’d like to still be able to fit in to my clothes. And I’ve totally been craving salads lately. I never thought I’d find a decent, fresh salad from a fast food joint! But I did!

A better fast food option, Wendy's Fresh Salads. SO good! #BeyondTheBowl #CleverGirls #adAbout once a week, I pack up all the things I need for photo shoots, and head to Lauren’s house where we work together to hammer out posts for both of our blogs. If we’re lucky, one of us has to shoot a recipe that we can eat for lunch, but last week I needed to grab us a quick lunch on my way over. Have you heard about Wendy’s fresh salads?! OMG! They were so good. And a lot of chains claim to have fresh salads (wherein they use fresh, but then frozen items, which are then shipped to the locations to be assembled on site), these are legit fresh. Like, they cut heads of lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes and more, each morning for their salads. And the white meat chicken actually looks and tastes like chicken and is made to order when you order a salad. They make the salad from start to finish, at each Wendy’s, as if you would if you were making it for yourself at home. P.S. Wendy’s does not condone smoking. Especially smoking cats. (How hilarious is that shirt?!)

Wendy's Asian Cashew Chicken Salad. A fast, healthy lunch choice. #BeyondTheBowl #CleverGirls #adIt has come time for us to start planning our end of summer retreat for creatives and so we decided to make it a working lunch picnic. Our retreat is always in Palm Springs. And when Coachella rolls around, it is our reminder that we need to get planning. It is a total bucket list item to go to Coachella. Maybe next year we will begin our planning in between sets…a girl can dream, can’t she?

I need to be honest here. I am a fast food lover. I feel like it isn’t trendy to say that but I love a good hamburger/fries/soda combo from time to time. But I wouldn’t have even thought to order a salad. A bad salad is just plain awful. But look at those fresh veggies! They are crisp, not soggy, bright in color instead of not right looking. And that perfectly grilled chicken was so good! Check out this video which follows the romaine lettuce as it is picked in the farm to when it ends up in your Wendy’s salad. Pretty cool. They will be releasing more videos in this series sharing just how fresh the salads are. And for when I’m really trying to eat cleaner, I can skip the dressing and use just a squeeze of lime or lemon. Which will be a really hard switch since the BBQ Ranch dressing was so tasty.

Creative planning picnic. #BeyondTheBowl #CleverGirls #adThere are 5 different salads to choose from. Lauren tried the Asian Cashew Chicken Salad and I did the BBQ Ranch Chicken Salad. Because Applewood bacon and ranch. Yum. We talked about how we want to make our retreat a little bit different this year and set to work showing each other some visual inspiration we had gathered which will guide the look of our creative weekend in Palm Springs. If we couldn’t actually be in the desert, at least we really enjoyed our picnic lunch out in the sunshine. And I am sure if I had put the salad in to a real bowl, Lauren wouldn’t have known it wasn’t a homemade salad, which can’t be said for all fast food salads.

#campmixalot Pool Balloon BannerOur retreats include lots of pool time so you know a salad is the perfect lunch idea…You can see more about year 1 of our retreat and year 2 here and here. Want to come? Let us know here.

Backyard business planning with fresh Wendy's salads. #BeyondTheBowl #CleverGirls #adBeing able to grab a healthy, fresh lunch fast was awesome. Instead of focusing on what we were going to make, we could eat something prepared fresh for us and hash out plans for the retreat. Our retreats have a distinctive look each year and they also have a specific sound. I’m not sure the participants would even pick up on that but for me, a good playlist or even one great song, can really share the vibe I’m going for like nothing else. We brought the music out to our picnic so we could start to dial in what the weekend will feel like. So basically, we brought Coachella to us.

Easy summer picnic with fresh salads. And a little wine. #BeyondTheBowl #CleverGirls #adAnd since this was Friday, and we had a bottle of wine open for one of our shoots, we brought a little out for our picnic. For a minute, it felt like we were not in the middle of a work day but hanging out in the desert. Thanks, Wendy’s!  (Please drink responsibly. Wine is not sold at Wendy’s.) And I’m really excited to have a new go-to lunch option in these salads (I’m going to try the Apple Pecan Chicken salad next!). No more missing lunch because I can’t find something good to eat!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.


How to Get Started with doTerra Essential Oils and FREE OFFER

How to get started using essential oils.Can’t stop, won’t stop. I am loving my essential oils. I’ve been using them for several months now and although I am still new, I’ve learned a ton. There are some things that I know now that would have really helped me out when I was just getting started. So this post is all about how to get started with doTerra essential oils. And it is full of really helpful things like, you are going to want to buy all of them. And OMG they smell amazing! And you will feel like a crazy hippie when you talk about them to other people. But also suggestions on where to buy some of the accessories you will need to make your own rollerball recipes and remedies (I use that word lightly as these are not medicine, they do not cure, they may help alleviate symptoms and generally boost your mood). This info mostly covers doTerra oils, because that is what I use and love.

A great first kit to get started with essential oils. People start using essential oils for different reasons. Some may want to be able to use them to help family members with some of their ailments. And others might just want their house to smell good. For me, it was a mixture of both. I started off with just one blend and then knew that I wanted to be able to make my own recipes. Very quickly I ended up with the Family Physician kit. This is a great first collection and contains a lot of the popular oils like lavender, peppermint and lemon in single oils, and Breathe, Deep Blue and On Guard in the blends. They come in 5 ml bottles so you can see what you like best and what you seem to be going through quickest. This kit is mostly for “fixing” things but of course I think they smell wonderful too. So once I had this, I realized that I wanted to round out my collection with some of the ready-made blends that smell AMAZING. And that is where I am right now. Each month I usually buy 2-3 oils. And trust me, I’m spreading my purchasing out. I’m not made of money. I look for one new blend, a single oil that I need in order to make a specific recipe and a reorder of something that I have found that I use a lot of. You should also pick up a bottle of fractionated coconut oil right off the bat as well. Since the oils don’t dilute with water, having the oil handy to dilute them is key. I didn’t think my skin was that sensitive, but then I made a blend with lots of peppermint and man, oh man, was that tingle-y/ almost felt like a burn. I’ve also had to use it to tone down my kid’s headache blend when my youngest thought it was a touch too strong.

I'm obsessed with using essential oils. This wooden box is awesome for holding the oils. I didn’t have it for the first few months and my oils got really messy from rolling around in a plastic storage tub. At first I was moving my oils from the kitchen, where most of my day is centered, to my bedroom where I wanted my night oils. This month I’ll be ordering a second wooden box that I will keep by my bed for the blends that make the most sense to keep out-of-the-way or the ones I use at bedtime. And I have been using the Modern Essentials book (there is also an app!) to help me learn more about the oils and figure out what will help my family the most. The product catalogue has also been my bff for looking up what is in specific blends and for planning my next purchase.

My favorite essential oil diffuser is this ZAQ diffuser. Although there are diffusers on the doTerra site, this is the essential oil diffuser my mom bought me for Christmas. She researched a bunch of different ones and this had great reviews. I love it. My kids think it is a UFO. So that’s fun too. I move this between the kitchen and by the couch depending on what I’m using it for and who needs the oils. I’d love to get another one and it is on my wish-list.

Some essentials for creating your own essential oil rollerball recipes.When I wanted to start making my own rollerball recipes I didn’t really have any of the stuff I needed in order to make them. The gal I signed up under to become a Wellness Advocate (which gives you wholesale pricing, allows you to sell oils and has a plan to earn points that can be used towards free product) helped me figure out where to order from. At first I was ordering through Amazon, but is actually a little bit cheaper and has great customer service. I have no affiliation with them at all but have been really happy with my orders so far.

If you want to create your own rollerball blends or potentially share oils (either with prospective new clients if you are wanting to sell them, or with other friends that use essential oils to keep costs down and also found out if you want to spend the money on a whole bottle) here are some of the items that you might want to get:


5/8″ dram bottles. These come with a little cap that lets a little drop out and don’t leak. They are perfect for sharing oils or making only a single recipe of something. And they are just really cute.

5 ml rollerball bottles. You can buy them in a pack of 10 or individually. I like this size better than the larger size roller bottle. When making a rollerball recipe, I generally double or triple the recipe. I usually don’t end up filling it the rest of the way with fractionated coconut oil so the majority of the bottle is empty. It’s just wasted space. Oils are expensive, and it takes a while to get through a rollerball recipe (I’m finding about 2 weeks at least) so I prefer to replenish the recipe rather than make a ton up front. That’s just my opinion. During cold season, however, I did fill a whole roller ball with a recipe since we were using that a bunch.

4 oz Trigger Spray Bottle. My boys and I use this every night with a pillow spray that I made with Serenity. It works perfectly.

2 oz Dropper Bottle. I haven’t used these yet but they should be arriving any day. I got these for making my own blends for the diffuser. The rollerballs are so easy to use topically but sometimes I want to diffuse a blend. While I could make them in one of the small dram bottles, these are just super convenient with the dropper. And it is a glass dropper which is important when using essential oils.

Blank Cap Stickers. You definitely want these for making your own rollerball recipes. These will help keep you organized.

And if you plan on selling the oils, you will want to check out their tear pads of how to use the oils and other business management forms.

What you need to get started with essential oils.

From Amazon:

Stainless Steel Mini Funnel. This is great for making spray blends that you’ll be putting in the spray bottle above.

Disposable Plastic Pipettes. These are a must for making your own recipes. Although you generally aren’t supposed to use plastic with essential oils because it can break down and contaminate the oils, these are disposable and you use them only in one oil and then throw it away. They come in a pack of 100 and work great. When you are making recipes you tend to have out lots of oils you are using. I prefer to use a sharpie and write the oil name or an abbrev. at the top of the pipette to ensure that I only use it in that oil. It just helps keep me organized. Some oils you will use in lots of things, like lavender, so I try to have one for that and use it for all my blends. But something like Roman Chamomile, I may only add to one blend so I throw it out right when I’m done with it. These also help ensure that all drops are fairly uniform in size. I’ve noticed that some oils come out of their bottles a lot faster than others.

NOTE: Please do not ever buy oils from Amazon. Although they come in a doTerra bottle, they might contain diluted or otherwise compromised oils.

Essential oil rollerball recipe for general happiness.One of my favorite mixes to use in a rollerball and to diffuse I call ‘Happy Town.’ It is equal parts, Serentity (calming blend) and Balance (ground blend). You don’t need to add any coconut oil to this as these blends already have it. The reason my graphic doesn’t call the oils by their doTerra names is because for Pinterest and other social media purposes, you can’t use the trademarked names from what I understand. This blend smells SO good! I roll it on my inner wrists and behind my ears. If I am relaxing on the couch I may also roll some on the bottom of my feet. Try it, you’ll love it! It will remind you of being in a spa and it helps to lessen your anxiety and make you generally happier (in my opinion). I’ll be sharing more of my favorite recipes over the next few months.

Using essential oils on the go. I also felt like I needed to have this key chain case of mini bottles to take some essential oils on the go with me. I have used a headache blend multiple times. I’ve also used my favorite lime oil in water and iced tea when out at restaurants. This was not something I needed to buy right away but somewhere along your oil journey you will probably want it as it makes taking your oils with you a breeze.

I’m so glad that doTerra offers different levels of purchasing. While I signed up as a Wellness Advocate to get the best pricing and earn free product, you totally don’t have to. I know it freaks people out that they have to sign up to something but I want to be clear that there are no minimums at all! To earn products via the Loyalty Rewards Program, there are certain point levels you have to achieve each month, but there are no minimums if you just want to be able to buy at the wholesale pricing. I watched a video recap of the recent convention and they mentioned that a really high percentage (something like 80% if I am remembering correctly) of the Wellness Advocates actually do not sell the oils but only are purchasing for themselves. You can always sign up as a Preferred Member if you want to get discounted pricing without becoming a Wellness Advocate (there is a small fee to do this). And if you just want to buy oils, without signing up for anything, you can do that to. Just go to 

If you want to sign up as a Wellness Advocate I’m offering an incentive for the month of April (will run through April, 2015 only).

Anyone who signs up for a wholesale account here with the purchase of the Family Physician kit or Home Essentials kit during the month of April, will get this FREE Cupcakes and Cutlery exclusive offer: I will buy you the Modern Essentials book (shown in my photo above) that will help you better understand how to best use the oils for your family. (a $25 value). The book is full of tons of valuable info on the oils individually but also contains an index that will help you look up things that might be bothering your family and help guide you towards the best oils for it. This book has helped me SO much! OR I’ll buy you a bottle of Fractionated Coconut Oil and my favorite blend, Citrus Bliss (a $27 value). You choose! Citrus Bliss is a blend of Wild Orange Peel, Lemon Peel, Grapefruit Peel, Mandarin Peel, Bergamot Peel, Tangerine Peel, Clementine Peel essential oils and Vanilla Bean Absolute and it smells CRAZY good.

Modern Essentials Book for Essential OilsModern Essentials Book for Essential Oils

You can sign up here to set up your account. Select “wholesale prices,” then enter your info. Be sure to include my doTerra Wellness Advocate number 1515604 (it should already be in the field) when you sign up. I highly recommend enrolling with the Family Physician kit ($150) and this will include your $35 wholesale enrollment fee. It is a great value and gives you so many of the oils you are going to use right away. The kit includes 5 ml bottles of Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint, Melaleuca, Oregano (be careful with this one – it MUST be diluted if it is touching your skin!!), Frankincense, Deep Blue®, Breathe, DigestZen®, and On Guard® and now comes with Slim & Sassy! You’ll also get cap stickers that help you organize your oils, a full product guide and other great info on essential oils. There are other enrollment kit options but this is the least expensive and best suited for a beginner (in my opinion). The Home Essentials kit is also a great option. It is the same as the kit above, minus the Slim & Sassy, but has 15 ml bottles instead of the 5 ml bottles. It also comes with a diffuser ($275 which includes the enrollment fee). The book or oils will ship separately from your kit as it will come to me and not doTerra.

When you do sign up as a Wellness Advocate, and decide to become an LRP member (LRP stands for Loyalty Rewards Points and is like a frequent flier club) you earn points based on the amount of product you buy and also get free product. The promotions are different each month but usually they offer a free 15 ml bottle of a specific oil for reaching the 125 PV (product value) points and some months feature other deals, like the March promotion that they extended until April 14 which includes a free 15 ml bottle of Deep Blue oil and the Deep Blue Rub (an $80 value!) when you reach the 200 PV threshold. This is awesome. I’m in my third month of using the oils and ordering regularly on the LRP program. I realized that after my March order, near the beginning of the month, I have about 45 PV points to use towards free oil (and will cover about two 15 ml bottles) AND I got a free 15 ml Wild Orange oil! I can use those points any time but I try to stock up the oils I want to order so that I reach the minimum requirement for getting the free products the next month. But again, these requirements are ONLY for the LRP program which is totally optional (but in my opinion a really great way to get more product!). DoTerra has a great video that explains the program and if you have any questions, feel free to email me! cupcakesandcutlery at

If you have been thinking about signing up, you totally should! I’m really enjoying the oils. And when you love something, of course you want to share it! Remember to sign up before the end of the month to get the free book or coconut oil/Citrus Bliss combo!!

Read more about my journey with essential oils here.

*This post contains affiliate links.  Read more about my editorial policies here.

*I have the right to cancel this promotion at any time. There are no substitutions. Just be cool. I’m trying to do something nice for you here. :) 

Custom Tiny Prints Pillows

Custom monster pillow by Tiny Print with my son's art. I’ll be sharing my son’s 6th birthday party soon but for now I have to share this custom Tiny Prints pillow. They were super generous to send it to me. The theme of the party was “monsters” but instead of using ready-made party goods, we used his custom drawings since this is what he is really in to drawing at the moment. This custom pillow was great for decor during the party but also makes a rad keepsake for him.

Custom @tinyprints pillow with custom kid art. We made this one to match the theme for my son's birthday party. I mean, he drew a palm tree and a sun with sunglasses. I guess monsters need vacation too.

Custom @tinyprints pillow with kid's art. Perfect keepsake for kids! And after the party, it moved in to his bedroom. I wanted you to see it next a normal sized bed pillow for size. These are pretty big! They come in rectangle or square and you can use their ready-made templates for more decor friendly options. But I really love that you can upload your own artwork and get a custom-made item that you can cherish forever.

You can also follow this tutorial for making a pillow with your child’s own artwork!

Thank you, Tiny Prints, for sending me the pillow!


Drinking More Water with Essential Oils

Using doTerra essential oils in your water. After a holiday season (shoot – it’s been since summer) of absolute gluttony my body is screaming for me to be more healthy. A bought of the stomach flu was the perfect transition in to living a healthier lifestyle. It made me quit junk food cold turkey. And it made me not like coffee!!! I’m drinking it again, and like it finally, but I’m no longer drinking more than one cup a day and some days I don’t even finish that first one. I mean, I don’t recommend trying to go find someone with the stomach flu to infect you. But if you want to start off the new year being a little more health conscious, I suggest starting with water. Easy, right?

New to life with essential oils #doTerraWe all need more water each day. And while we need the calcium from milk, we really don’t need any other types of drinks if we are trying to be eating more cleanly. Well, wine. You HAVE to have wine. So I’ve been drinking a bunch of water but it can get a little boring. I’ve started adding a drop of my fave citrus based essential oils to my glass to take things up a notch. Oh yeah, and I totally fell down the essential oil rabbit hole. (So I’m totally in love with them and was spending so much with my dealer – I call her that because it is a little bit like buying crack – that she had me sign up to be a wellness advocate so I can now sell them. I promise this blog won’t turn in to a hard sell of essential oils, but I will share them from time to time. My mind is vibrating with all kinds of ideas of how to use them in the kitchen! {not all are ok for ingesting – read labels, yo!}) You guys! I’ve been using a blend for my allergies that has changed my life. Maybe it is a placebo but WHATEVER! They help my symptoms and headaches but nothing else it all smells amazing!

Adding Wild Orange Essential Oil to your water #doterraJust a drop of this Wild Orange oil adds huge flavor to my water. And since the oil is derived from orange peels, it tastes like real orange. I’m not going to lie, it made my lips burn a little. But really it just felt like one of those lip plumper lipsticks. Wild Orange oil has “immune-enhancing benefits and is energizing and revitalizing to the mind and body.” At least that is what my book says because I literally just started using oils a few weeks ago and am still learning what each thing does. My kids like to have it in the diffuser too which is awesome for when you are having people over. It smells like you just cleaned your house! Water with essential oils is my new jam. And wine. I won’t quit you wine!

Looking for non-essential oil ways to drink more water? Try these recipes:

Muddled Tangerine and Basil Infused Water

Muddled Ginger Strawberry Sparkling Water

Muddled Raspberry Lemon Water

Muddled Ginger Lime Water

Visit my doTerra page if you want to see more about essential oils. OMG you guys, for real, the BREATHE blend is perfect for those days when my allergy medicine just isn’t cutting it. If you have a fave oil, let me know in the comments so I can keep learning. And I thought my husband was going to freak out but he started to feel sick and asked me to put some OnGuard on to his feet! Miracles do happen. Or if you have questions, email me! cupcakesandcutlery@gmail dot com.

*This post contains affiliate links.  Read more about my editorial policies here.

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Winter Break

First time in the snow!Why, oh why is winter break over?! I took a legit blog break this year and didn’t even think about “work” related stuff the entire time the kids were off of school. It was GLORIOUS! And I’m going to be honest, I’m having a rough time getting started again. I’ve been thinking about things to post but I can’t seem to motivate myself to actually doing anything more than that. And I’m okay with that. We had a fantastic break and I really enjoyed the down time with the kids. It wasn’t super glamorous.  The pictures aren’t styled and pretty. But that is winning, I think. 2015 is the year we live life for real. And it may end up on the computer. But we aren’t going to do stuff just to post it. I know I am not the only one that falls in to that trap. My thinking has shifted which means this blog will probably be changing too. But that sounds like too much work so instead I’ll just let you know posts will be sort of spotty this month. And now I’ll share what we did on winter break.

The kids got to experience snow for the first time!  Saddleback, a local church, invited us to come and check out the snow they brought in for after all their holiday services. They had SO much fun! And I felt like a big jerk since they are old and hadn’t been to the snow yet. We were pretty ill-equipped in the clothing department. Especially the gloves. They were silly little fabric things from Target that got really wet. And cold. Which in turn made their hands really wet and cold. I was sure my youngest had frostbite when we left. He didn’t, thank goodness. Then we got all bundled up and saw the new Annie. We loved it! Did you see it?

Almost got stitches...Then my little one decided it would be a good idea to try to slide down the hallway on a Pillow Pet. Needless to say that didn’t end well and we ended up at Urgent Care to see if he needed stitches. Thank goodness it was under his chin. They said it would scar but we didn’t have to do stitches if we didn’t want to. So we didn’t and as I sent him back to school this morning, it is all but healed! That could have ended up much worse and I’m so grateful for how it all turned out.

Allergy Testing.My oldest son got some allergy testing done to see where we are at with his food allergies. While the skin tests are pretty rough, I really felt like it was a good idea to let us know what’s going on with his nut allergies. He had never been tested for tree nuts before, only peanuts. He is still showing a pretty hearty peanut allergy but it has led us to look into tree nuts a little further. He tested negative for an allergy to cashews but walnuts came back super positive (that is totally my medical assessment…). We did a blood test to get a better look at the other nuts and have an appointment in a few weeks to find out those results. We also found out he wasn’t allergic to shellfish. He got to try shrimp on Christmas (thank you Grandma Marilyn for surprising him with it!) and he didn’t like it, but I have no doubts that he’ll really love coconut shrimp. We also found out that he is allergic to horses which is so random to me. He got the all clear to eat all the milk and eggs he wants which is awesome! So at least he has grown out of some of his allergies. I know it must absolutely suck to not be able to eat all the things like the other kids and he is really so good about it! He’s such an awesome kid!

Opening Christmas presents. Christmas Eve was spent with my husband’s side of the family eating his grandmother’s special Slovak meal. It was a big year for me. I blew out the candle from Jesus’ birthday cake. I don’t even know if anyone noticed, but usually one of the kids gets to it and they were at the kid’s table so I took it upon myself to blow it out. I’ve enjoyed their holiday tradition for probably 14 years now and I think that was my first time blowing it out. It’s the little things…And presents. Let’s not forget the presents.

Matching family pajamas.We woke up the next morning and guess what, we opened more presents! Every year we wear our matching family pajamas. Never mind the pocketknife my husband is wielding. Most of us were holding our favorite gifts and that was his. Mine was not the Nerf gun I am holding, but I felt like it would be odd to hold picture frames. My husband had the boys draw pictures of presidents for me and they turned out awesome! Then my parents came over for breakfast and we opened more presents.

Quality sister time.My sister came down for Christmas this year and it was so amazing to have her. We got to spend time hanging out drinking mimosas, chatting, watching the boys, and it was so needed for both of us. I didn’t want her to go home. I’m super excited to get to visit her in April!

6th birthday! OMG. How cute is this kid?! My baby turned six a few days after Christmas. So…more presents. This kid is silly and funny and so special. And I love being his mom. I can’t wait to see the grown up version of this kid. I mean, I can. I don’t want him to grow up fast. But this guy is interesting. I wonder what he’ll become. It’s exciting. And see, you can’t even tell he split his chin open a week earlier. I also learned that if the fate of the world rested on my cake decorating skills we would all die. I am just TERRIBLE at it!

Wine Tasting in Temecula.Then I got to head back to Temecula for some wine tasting. This was a mother/daughter trip with some very close friend’s of the family and it was an amazing time! We visited Lorimar again (because I just can’t get enough) and wrapped up with Almond Champagne at Wilson Creek. It was a quick getaway, but super fun.

Snow in Temecula! And we woke up on New Year’s Eve morning in Temecula to snow!!!!! It was sheer luck that we were there when it snowed as it is not something that happens often. My car was covered and I was a little worried about driving on the roads. We stopped and had breakfast before heading home to let the roads melt a little. I managed to get all the way back to my house in Orange County with snow still on my car. The boys were able to have a snow ball fight in front of our house! We wrapped up 2014 by taking the boys to Dave and Busters for some afternoon gaming and then came home to enjoy some family time, trying to make it until midnight. The boys were fine. I almost didn’t make it.  And then I welcomed in the new year with the stomach flu. Not cool. I’m still not back to normal. So I’m probably going to go sit on the couch and watch Food Network now. I’m sure there are good things to come from this blog. At some point. :)

Happy New Year!