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Easy Styling Tips for Summer Outfits


Whether you’re shopping your closet or putting together outfits with new wardrobe pieces, these styling tricks will help you up your fashion game!

These easy styling tips, for cute simple outfits, will help you look put together and stylish for summer.

These stylist-recommended ideas are perfect for busy moms who want to throw on something simple but look stylish and effortless.

Collage of images featuring styling ideas with cabi clothing.

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Disclosure: In the past, I have been a paid ambassador for Cabi Clothing and have also been invited to attend their fashion show that involves travel. All opinions are my own.

Easy styling tips you’ll love

Let me first start by saying that this post was written with spring in mind.

But then we were all forced to stay home and getting dressed became very low on the priority list.

All of these styling tips, however, can be done into summer as well. And now, with things starting to open up, I decided to share these ideas.

I’m a total jeans and t-shirt kind of a gal. My day to day uniform is really basic.

But when I meet friends or have a date with my husband (which I feel like we’ll get to do soon), I like to wear cute and simple outfits that show more style.

It’s easy to get into a rut and just wear your clothes. But easy styling tips really can make any outfit feel way more special.

Most of these easy ideas don’t add on to your getting ready time either. A simple fold, a raw hem or repurposing accessories can really make your outfits stand out.

Woman in cabi clothing outfit.

Cute simple outfits for busy moms

Recently I was invited to attend Cabi Clothing’s Spring Scoop in San Diego. Scoop is a fashion show where they debut their latest clothing line and it’s also where I spotted these easy styling tricks.

(You can read more about what Scoop is from my trip to their Spring 2019 event!)

Cabi is one of my favorite brands for cute simple outfit ideas.

The collections are designed to be mixed and matched. And their marketing team always inspires me with new styling ideas.

While these tips are demonstrated with cute outfit ideas from the spring Cabi collection, you can easily rework these ideas with clothes you have in your own closet.

8 easy outfit styling ideas for summer

While our summer weather can be really warm during the day, I usually still need a light jacket when the sun goes down.

These simple outfit ideas show layering and mostly looks with pants making them comfortable and really easy to wear.

Because I always gravitate to pants over shorts.

Also, I only had my phone camera with me so the quality on these photos is not up to my usual standards.

But I really wanted to share these tips with you. Pretend they are perfectly crisp and awesome, m’kay?

Woman in summer outfit with sweater tied in a unique way at her shoulders.

Reimagine your sweater style

Seeing this style tip on the runway made me giggle. This is how my husband wears his sweatshirts to work every day.

I didn’t think he was doing it on purpose but maybe he was. :)

Instead of just throwing your sweater around your shoulder, just roll the neckline loosely once or twice then tie a simple knot.

Wear the knot off to the side as you would a scarf.

It’s such a unique way to style your sweater. It makes it feel more like an accessory than something to keep you warm.

And whether you are going to work or an appointment in an air conditioned office, I pretty much always at least have a sweater with me.

Collage of images showing how to use a scarf to style a summer outfit.

New ways to scarf

On your head or around your neck? It’s been done. There are a few more modern ways to wear your scarves that you should know about.

Skip a traditional belt and use a patterned scarf instead. It laces through the belt loops easily and adds a certain flair with the ends draping down.

It works really well with all body types (my middle is a bit soft and I hate wearing traditional belts!)

I tried out the scarf as belt styling idea in my fall fashion trends post.

Or make it act more like jewelry! Wrap a scarf around your wrist a few times for a fun new accessory idea.

It’s a cute way to accentuate an outfit and it’s totally unexpected.

Two photos of styling pants for summer.

Check your hem

It took us a few minutes to notice this look on the left as it came down the runway. YOU GUYS!

They took belts and wrapped them around the ankles of the pants. Genius.

The chain belt takes a wide-legged, jersey pant and makes them look more like joggers.

It gives your pants two looks in one and I think it’s super cute! It’s an easy styling tip that I never would have done on my own.

Whether you buy them or make your own, a raw, uneven hem is everywhere right now.

It’s the quickest way to update your pants for summer.

A little higher in the front, this styling trick is a great way to make your outfit feel really modern.

Jacket styling tips for early spring outfits

Simple jacket style

As I said before, I hate to catch a chill. I love the unique ways they styled these jackets and will absolutely be stealing these looks!

Most of the jackets on the Cabi runway had rolled sleeves. It’s a super simple way to make an outfit look cute and casual.

It’s also great for when you want an extra layer but it really isn’t that cold.

Instantly make a jacket look a little more fitted and accentuate the waistline by using the tie that comes with it.

Tie the tie in the back for a clean look, head-on. And from behind, you’ll see a cute bow.

It’s an extra detail you can add to any summer outfit, especially at night.

Layering is key when the weather is unpredictable.

We take a family vacation to the mountains every year, where it’s hot during the day and really cool at night. This is a styling tip I will be taking with me on vacation.

I love how they paired a rolled sleeve jacket over a long sleeve t-shirt.

With the mixed prints, you get a fun outfit that is interesting and easy to recreate with other items in your closet.

Make your jacket more figure-flattering by wearing your belt on the outside of your coat!

It’s an easy way to show off your waist and make sure your silhouette can be seen instead of hidden away under something boxy.

This would also help hide my least favorite part of my body, my tummy.

Woman modeling clothing on a runway.

Reassess the dress

My visit to the Cabi offices for Cabi blogger day taught me all about wearing dresses over pants.

It’s such a fun way to wear jeans but look way more stylish. This outfit is super comfortable and totally darling!

Any dress that buttons all the way up or is a wrap dress will work!

Wearing it open, over a tank and jeans, makes it look more like a kimono and adds the perfect amount of drama to an otherwise casual outfit.

It’s a perfect summer date night look.

You may remember the Drama Dress from their new arrivals collection a few seasons ago. I still can’t stop wearing it!

Woman holding a reusable shopping bag.

Cabi is a clothing company that is redefining how women shop and work.

Through their online site and a Cabi shopping party, women can shop for clothes that are truly designed to make them look good and feel good.

Collections change every few months so there are always cute and simple outfits to be put together.

Between the expertly designed pieces and the easy styling tips from their design team, Cabi provides wardrobe options that suit all women.


Or find your local stylist!

I’ve been a fan of Cabi for a while now!

While some of the previous season wardrobe essentials are no longer available, you can still learn more about their style and company by visiting their site.

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