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DIY Lava Stone Shower Diffuser for Aromatherapy


This DIY lava stone shower diffuser is a simple way to add aromatherapy to your shower. With your favorite essential oils, this homemade diffuser helps start your day with a little self-care. With just a few inexpensive supplies, you can make this in under 5 minutes!

Homemade DIY Lava Stone Aroma Diffuser hanging from a shower head.
Your showers will never be the same once you make a shower diffuser DIY.

With terrible allergies and chronic headaches, I’m always looking for ways to help me feel better. I love essential oils and use a DIY oil diffuser on my desk. But I wanted a way to use them in the shower too.

So whether I wake up with a headache, am totally congested, or just want a little pick-me-up in the morning, this easy DIY project is the perfect solution.

Why This DIY Works

I’ve made homemade shower melts in the past but they always end up crumbling apart or leaving an odd residue on the floor.

But this DIY shower diffuser works perfectly every time I use it! 

I noticed that a lot of essential oil jewelry uses lava stones. And I realized it would be the perfect thing to use for a shower diffuser.

This DIY project is super quick to make, doesn’t need a lot of supplies and won’t make a mess in your shower.

I keep my hanging lava stone shower diffuser in the shower at all times. That way it’s super easy for me to use. 

A few oils to go with my essential oil shower diffuser DIY.

What I love about the lava rock shower diffuser is that you can choose what your body or mind needs at that moment.

You can add the oils right before you shower so it’s exactly the vibe you want. Some of the oils help with ailments (eucalyptus is great for a stuffy nose!) but maybe you just want your shower to be a little more special in the morning or after your workout.

Something citrusy will lift your mood and let you really enjoy that time with your thoughts.

If you’re an essential oils fan, you may also want to check out my Good Vibes Room Spray DIY, how to make a homemade Reed Diffuser and how to make an essential oil keychain.

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Supplies to make a DIY shower diffuser with lava rock next to bottles of essential oils.

A lot of Lava stones are round, especially because often they are used in making essential oil jewelry. I really like this flat version because I think it holds the oils better.

These scissors are my favorite ever scissors for crafting. They are super sharp and feel so nice in your hand! Is that odd that I have a favorite pair of scissors?? 

The quality is next level. 

I used thin cotton thread to hang the lava stone from.

Good essential oils for the shower are eucalyptus, Breathe (a respiratory blend), Whisper (an earthly blend with patchouli that will make you feel like a goddess), and anything citrus. And of course lavender. Duh. 

How to Make a DIY Shower Diffuser

Lava stone bead on a string for an essential oil diffuser for the shower.

Cut a length of string that is, when looped and knotted, long enough to fit over your shower head but doesn’t hang too far below.

Slide on a lava stone.

Knot the ends and slide over your shower head.

Before your shower, add a few drops of your favorite essential oil.

My photos show the string longer than I like it. If you keep it higher, less water hits the stone and keeps the scent from getting diluted by the water.

One thing to note! My youngest son used my shower diffuser one night and started screaming for me. He had been under it (no doubt investigating…) and a drop of water, with the essential oil blend, landed in his mouth.

He was immediately worried that he had poisoned himself. He hadn’t.

I explained to him that it could have been really painful if it had gotten in his eye, etc. Now, he doesn’t fiddle with it and takes a normal shower and we don’t have problems.

Image contains a lava rock shower diffuser and an open bottle of essential oils.

My husband got out of the shower one morning and said, “Why is our shower wearing a necklace?” And it made me laugh.

A girl likes to accessorize, right? My husband is not a fan of strong smells and this didn’t bother him at all. If the string starts to look a little funky you can always swap it out for a new one.

This DIY shower diffuser is an easy way to make your shower just a little more special (without a ton of work!)

If you’re not a DIY type of gal, check out this Shower Diffuser for essential oils. It requires a minor installation (some adhesive pads) but it’s also great! I have this one too and use it in our other shower. 

Buy a ready-made shower diffuser here and use my code CupcakesSharon for 10% off! 

Tips and Tricks

  • Be sure to manage the use with your kids and get them to understand that it can hurt them if not used properly! Peppermint in the eye is no joke!
  • Clean your lava rock shower diffuser occasionally, or when you plan on using oils that won’t complement one another.
  • Keep a few of your favorite essential oils in the bathroom so it’s easy to add them to your DIY shower diffuser right before you shower. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Use a Lava Rock Diffuser?

Lava is a great diffuser stone because it’s porous. Which means it has large crevices and holes where the oil can sit.

All you have to do is add a few drops of oil to the lava rock. As that can have a tendency to drip, especially if this is already hung in the shower, you can also add a few drops of your oil to a cotton swab and rub it on the stone instead.

It takes just a minute for the oils to absorb into the bead. I usually add my oils and then go gather my stuff for the shower. By the time I come back, the bathroom smells amazing and it’s absorbed a bit.

Can Lava Beads Get Wet?

Of course. Lava beads and stones are actually pretty durable. I wouldn’t throw them around the shower (they may chip or break) but water isn’t going to hurt them. Although I wouldn’t soak them.

Can You Clean Lava Beads?

Yes, you can clean lava beads. If you want to change the scent you are using in your homemade shower diffuser, it does take a little planning ahead.

Like with many other essential oil cleaning tricks, vinegar is a great way to clean your lava stones.

Use about 4 tablespoons of warm water and add 1 tsp vinegar. Use it to wipe the beads clean.

I usually give them a quick dunk and swish it around for a minute. Then I let it dry completely before I add a new string and put it back in my shower for next time.

Since I usually use the same congestion-focused oils, I don’t really worry about cleaning it too much.

You can use a little soap and water if that is all you have but you want to rinse them really well so the scent of the soap doesn’t linger.

How Long Does the Scent Last on the Lava Stone?

The scent on lava stones will last a few days but I like to refresh each time I need it. Since I really love my shower diffuser with lava stone on days when I have a bad headache or sinus pain, I want the oil scent to be strong. I can still smell it for a few days after but you get used to it very quickly.

Square, close up image of a lava stone shower diffuser with a bottle of essential oils.

DIY Lava Stone Shower Diffuser

This easy DIY shower diffuser is perfect to use in the shower each morning with your favorite essential oils. With just a few supplies, you can easily add aromatherapy to your daily routine.
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Course: Craft / DIY
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 5 minutes
Servings: 1 diffuser


  • Scissors


  • Cut a length of thread that is long enough to make a circle that will fit over the shower head.
  • String on lava bead.
  • Tie the ends together.
  • Hang over the showerhead
  • Add oils and enjoy your new aroma diffuser!


  • Be sure to manage the use with your kids and get them to understand that it can hurt them if not used properly! Peppermint in the eye is no joke!
  • Clean your lava rock shower diffuser occasionally, or when you plan on using oils that won’t complement one another.
  • Keep a few of your favorite essential oils in the bathroom so it’s easy to add them to your DIY shower diffuser right before you shower. 
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This post was originally published on January 20, 2017, and has now been updated with better instructions so you can make your own DIY shower diffuser.

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  1. I’m definitely trying this. Wonder if placing a larger stone on the floor of the shower would be just as effective.

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