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Find Your Palm Springs Vacation Rental with Acme House Co.


Find your next Palm Springs Vacation Rental online then pack your bags and relax by a crystal blue pool for a long weekend. Acme House Co. has a beautiful selection of houses that are sure to make your vacation memorable!

Plan your escape to the desert with a one-of-a-kind rental that is well-maintained and totally private!

Boy at the front gate of a rental home in Palm Springs for vacation.
Plan your next desert getaway with a Palm Springs vacation rental.

This vacation rental in Palm Springs was not sponsored however the 4th-night stay was waived for my family since we couldn’t meet their standard stay requirement.

Why use Acme House Co.

A desert getaway is great for anyone in Southern California. It’s just a short drive but feels worlds away. And no matter what you’re looking for, there is a Palm Springs vacation rental to suit your needs.

I’ve used Acme Palm Springs several times now to book a vacation home. Their attention to detail and friendliness is second to none. They always have a fantastic selection of luxury-feeling properties. And everything is well-maintained and turnkey.

They have a variety of houses to suit any type of getaway. They’re all really well designed and many have that mid-century modern vibe that you expect to find in the desert.

Booking is super easy and done online. Their office staff is friendly and can be reached easily with questions or concerns.

And they even use an app to make check-in, check-out as well as any need during your stay super easy.

While most vacation rentals in the Coachella Valley are done by the owners (directly or through VRBO or Airbnb), I prefer to use Acme House Co.

While my hubby and I like to escape to a romantic hotel in Palm Springs, when we’re with our family, we prefer Acme Palm Springs.

Mid century modern living room with man sitting on the couch and looking at his phone.

Acme House Co. was sending out emails with their updated cleaning and safety procedures well before we even booked our trip so I knew that they were up on all the latest requirements.

Instantly I knew I would use them to rent a vacation home. We’ve stayed in one of their properties before when we had a quick winter vacation. And they were great then.

Girl\'s hand holding a glass of champange in front of a sign that says \"Welcome to Milben House.\"

Awesome customer service

From the easy to use website to the reservation staff, everyone is super friendly and helpful.

Since we traveled with another family, we needed a large property. It was easy to work with them to find the best home (with a pool!) for our specific dates.

And when I needed to request a late checkout at the last minute thanks to a surprise distance learning math test, they were super accommodating.

View of dining table and galley kitchen behind it in Palm Springs rental home.

Cool mid-century modern homes

Just browsing the selection of houses on their website shows you that they manage some of the coolest mid-century modern style homes in the desert.

While most have been updated, the homes are all super stylish and feel just how you want a Palm Springs vacation rental to feel.

With cool furnishings and modern amenities, these vacation rentals are perfect for families and groups looking to get away.

2 bed casita rental home in Palm Springs.

Well maintained homes

It can be really hard to choose a home from photos online. I trust that Acme Palm Springs is showing exactly what you’ll get.

Mid-century modern vibes are awesome but can sometimes look old. The homes I have stayed in, that are Acme House rentals are super clean and well maintained.

Man looking through the vacation rental binder of information.

Comprehensive guide book

Each vacation rental home provides a guidebook for guests. The book shows you how to utilize every feature of the home you are staying in including fire pits, pool heaters, etc.

It also includes local information about restaurants, bars, activities and more. It’s super helpful and provides a turnkey experience you are looking for in a rental home.

The guide book also included updated information on the cleaning updates they’ve made as well as safety information to ensure that our stay was as safe as possible.

Acme House Co. was featured on an episode of “Stay Here” (on Netflix) where a couple wanted to rent out a Palm Springs home but weren’t sure how to manage it. Because they are legit experts.

Charcuterie board on a table next to patterned plates.

Well stocked homes

When you stay at an Acme Palm Springs vacation rental, it really is like a home away from home.

The homes are well stocked with serving pieces that are perfect for indoor or outdoor dining.

The home we were in had two high-speed blenders (perfect to make a Cucumber Margarita for the adults and my Pina Colada Slush for the kids), 2 types of coffee makers and everything else we needed to make our stay as enjoyable as possible.

You get the quiet and relaxation of staying in your own home but with the special touches you want. If only they could add room service. But Postmates is a super easy option too.

The house had pool towels and some kitchen items to get started like the coffee station. (Or you can check out the best coffee in Palm Springs).

Due to the state of the world, a few essentials have been removed to ensure cleanliness for all guests. I felt like Acme Palm Springs still made the trip super memorable while accounting for these changes.

Pool and spa full of blow-up rafts and blow up shark toy.

Pools to lounge in

Most Palm Springs vacation rentals have pools (grab one of these Mom Bathing Suits before your trip). The desert weather can be punishing. But spending a day lounging in the pool makes for the perfect vacation weekend.

Many also have hot tubs that are perfect for enjoying on the warm evenings. The home we stayed in had a few pool floats that were probably leftover from a previous guest so the kids really enjoyed that.

Acme Palm Springs takes great care to ensure that the everything is taken care of for you and keeps equipment running and makes sure you know how to use it.

Lounge chairs and umbrella by a pool.

Hospitality App

Once your confirmed your reservation Acme Palm Springs has you download an app that helps you prepare for and then during your stay.

It gives you the address, maps, important information and also easy ways to reach someone should you need to during your trip.

Along with the app you are sent emails with important information including gate and door codes (keeping things contact free).

You can find important phone numbers and even read all the check out information so you’re ready for departure.

A girl in black dress with a suitcase in front of a vacation property in Palm Springs.

Special Touches

When we arrived at the house in the late afternoon and the house was ready and waiting for us.

The air conditioners were on and cooling things down. The lights were on and the cable music was playing on the TV when we arrived making it feel super inviting.

Along with the special touches provided by Acme Palm Springs, many of the homes in their portfolio have really cool features.

The Milben House, the home we stayed in had a fire pit, lime tree, and a free-standing Casita with half bath which was perfect for the 3 boys to share.

Many of the properties feature Instagram-worthy moments which are great for sharing on social media.

View out a sliding glass door of a man\'s feet relaxing on a chaise lounge chair by a pool.

Why a Palm Springs Vacation Rental Instead of a Hotel

Staying in an Acme Palm Springs vacation rental means that you are not coming into contact with as many people as you would at a hotel. And it’s a more relaxed atmosphere, it’s quieter, and I think it’s cleaner.

You can bring your own food and drinks in (rosé is a must!), or order from a food delivery service.

A pool shared with 7 other people is greater than sharing it with 100 other people.

You can find many vacation rentals that are just as well designed and you get to enjoy every part of it. And no masks required.

While we didn’t do this on this trip, using a private chef to make a meal while you’re in a vacation home IS ONE OF THE BEST THINGS I’VE EVER DONE FOR MY FAMILY. You can read all about why a private chef is an amazing experience.

Kids in front of a colorful mural in Palm Springs.

How to keep costs down

Acme Palm Springs prices look to be a little bit higher than if you rent through another company. But in my opinion, it’s worth it. You are paying for an extra layer of care taken before and during your stay.

Since the houses are large, you can always share the rental with another family. We assessed the risks of sharing and it was a great way to enjoy a resort-like atmosphere but split the costs.

Acme Palm Springs also has a 4-night minimum which may not work for everyone. Because of virtual schooling, we were able to stay for 3 nights only, with the other family leaving after 2 nights.

Planning a girl’s trip is even a better way to share costs. A girl’s trip is never a bad idea. But they also have condos and smaller properties that are more affordable.

Bottle of rose and glasses on an outdoor dining table.

Milben House was awesome

Due to the size of our group, we needed to find a Acme Palm Springs rental home that could comfortably sleep 8 people. The Milben House was perfect.

The main house had 3 bedrooms and 2 full baths along with a small galley style kitchen, a dining room and living area.

The separate Casita had 2 double beds and a half bath and was only steps away from the front door (mama bear likes to keep her cubs close).

The grounds were really amazing and let us all spread out and not feel like we were on top of each other. There was a car port on one side of the house that wrapped around back and included a grassy area, an outdoor dining table, a BBQ and the fire pit.

Continuing around the back was the spa, pool, plenty of lounge chairs, umbrellas and some outdoor furniture. There were tons of little seating areas so that the kids and adults felt like we had our own space but could easily hang out in a large group too.

The size was awesome for our group of 8 (including 3 teenagers and 1 preteen).

Kids playing ball around the pool in a Palm Springs backyard.

The only thing that is a bummer about renting a home in Palm Springs is that there is a strict noise ordinance.

You are not allowed to have any music playing outdoors. I like my pool time with a side of classic rock but it’s not possible in Palm Springs.

I think this is also why choosing a well-designed home is essential. The vibes are strictly induced by the design since there is no music to set the mood. And Acme Palm Springs gives you these vibes.

Kid laying on 4 stacked pool rafts on top of each other.
Woman holding coffee next to a pool.
Dad and son holding beer glass pool floaties by a pool.

Palm Springs is one of my favorite destinations for a quick weekend getaway. And using a vacation rental is the ultimate in relaxing in style!

Coffee table with tray, remote controls and magazine.

Book through Acme Palm Springs!

Visit AcmeHouseCo.com to browse the gorgeous homes and book your next Palm Springs vacation rental.

Check out all of the Palm Springs vacation home rentals on the Acme Palm Springs site and start planning your trip right now!

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