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Plug In Essential Oil Wall Diffuser


Make your home smell amazing with an Essential Oil Wall Diffuser that plugs in. Just a few drops of oil add the perfect touch of aromatherapy. It looks nice enough to display but can be hidden by furniture too.

Woman plugging in a wall aromatherapy diffuser to an outlet.

This plug in essential oil diffuser for the wall is the best!

A great-smelling home is one of my biggest goals. I like my home to smell a little bit like a spa when people walk in. And I’m only able to do that with essential oils.

Especially because I’m a boy mom and, well, you know what that means. With all the leftover smells from cooking and stale air from a closed-up house it’s hard to keep things smelling great.

My Favorite Essential Oil Wall Diffuser

Listen. I like to meal plan and make large batches of roasted veggies at a time. And so many times, I’ve had people knock on the door and tell me my house smells like farts.

Thanks, broccoli and Brussels Sprouts. Ok, so just twice. But that’s twice too many in my opinion. I have funk phobia and want my house to smell nice.

This pluggable essential oil diffuser is great for rooms where you don’t want to put something with water or don’t have a lot of tabletop space.

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Plus it’s cute! AND it has an LED light on it. I think it’s considered a night light, but we’ve never used it that way. I’m not sure it would be bright enough for my son. 

I use this traditional aromatherapy diffuser in the kitchen but I like this plug-in diffuser for bedrooms and bathrooms.

I love that the wall diffuser uses essential oils only so there are no chemicals like some of the plug in things you can buy in stores.

How to Use the Essential Oil Wall Diffuser

Woman adding a few drops of essential oils to a small pad for a diffuser.

The pluggable diffuser comes with several porous pads. It’s really easy to add the oils and then slip them right into the designated spot. You just twist the front and back sections to separate the unit. It couldn’t be easier.

After you’ve added the pads to the plug-in diffuser, you use the power button and then set what light color you want. DONE. 

The exact one that I have is not available but this diffuser is VERY similar.

A woman sitting in a char holding a mug next to a plug in essential oil diffuser in the outlet.

How Long Does the Scent Last?

How long the scent lasts depends on how many drops of oil you use and how long you keep the wall diffuser on. I found that the scent didn’t last all that long (which I get is an arbitrary and subjective statement).

But something you should remember when you are using essential oils is that we stop smelling it far before someone else would if they were to walk into the room. 

Make sure you use nice quality oil. I use Doterra (ask me about it if you want to try any. I became a rep so my mom and I could buy them. I don’t have a legit business or anything :) ). I also really like NOW oils.

Oils that are made with high quality standards and regulations will be more fragrant and last longer because they don’t have fillers. Also, try going a little heavier with how many drops you put on the pad to start.

They are very porous and can accept a fair amount of oil.

I like to keep the diffuser plugged into an outlet near my front door. I can easily add fresh oil and turn it on right before the company comes over and it will smell amazing, at least right when they enter, until they get to the veggie zone.

If I want my house to smell amazing all day, I’ll use one of the other diffuser options I mentioned above. This is good for an hour or two.

Close up of an essential oil diffuser plugged into a wall outlet.

There are a few different options for these wall diffusers in terms of colors and design. I went with the whitest I could find and the least intrusive pattern (called “pebble”).

I was looking for something to just blend in and smell good. And I think this one does as long as I use the white LED light. 

You don’t have to keep the light on while it’s in use, but I like to so it reminds me to turn it off after a while. I haven’t found it to get hot with use, but I’m a worrywart and like to make sure that I put safety first. 

As you can see from the photos, the diffuser is a bit larger and would make it hard to use in an outlet with something else plugged in. 

Of course, if you have little kids, they’ll probably be a bit curious about this new thing for your wall so just make sure they know not to touch. 

Do you love your house to smell good with essential oils? You’ve got to check out this pluggable oil diffuser for the wall.

It’s such a great way to add scent to an area in your home! I go real hard with the lavender. What’s your favorite oil? 

Other wall diffuser options

  • Aura Cacia Room Diffuser: This one is reasonably priced and Aura Cacia is a known and trusted name in aromatherapy. This is the one I would get if I didn’t already have one.
  • Pura Starter Set: This one is more pricey and you have to buy special cartridges in different scents to work with it.
  • Waterless Plug In Diffuser: This one is also pricey with just ok reviews.

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