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Amazon Favorites for Cocktails, Kitchen and the Home (Big Deal Days 2023)


Love saving money? These are my Amazon favorites for mixing up delightful drinks, speeding up prep time in the kitchen, hosting memorable gatherings at home, and making life a little easier all around the house. These are products I can’t live without and often have deals on Prime Day or Big Deal Days and beyond!

A bottle and glass of red wine on a counter with a charcuterie board next to it showing favorite products from the Prime Day sale on Amazon.
Browse my favorite products on the Amazon Prime Big Deal Days sale!

Amazon products for the home

These Amazon favorite products will elevate your cocktail game, simplify your kitchen routines, and bring convenience to your everyday life.

During Prime Day and other special sales, products are usually at a greater discount but I always look for reasonably priced items so even on a normal day, these will hopefully not be too expensive.

NOTE: I don’t think you need to buy something just to buy something. Most of the stuff on Amazon will be only marginally discounted. But there are a few things that will be deeply discounted.

I already bought Ring Doorbells, since they were a decent deal. But if I come across something that is only 9% off, I may skip it.

I like to look for the things that I use all the time but don’t usually go on sale. Like, Beauty Blenders. It’s not discounted like crazy, but those NEVER go on sale so any discount is a good discount.

Amazon likes to sneak out deals early and some aren’t live until the 11th and 12th so you may need to check back in a few days!

Just want to start shopping?

You can browse all the Amazon Deals here.

You need Amazon Prime

If you’re part of Amazon Prime, the benefits are numerous. Not only do you get access to an extensive selection of products, but you can pretty much always find an option that includes free (and usually fast) shipping. 

Plus, if you’re hesitant about whether you’ll love the product, Amazon’s generous return policy (I love that you can drop it off at a variety of locations and not have to package it up!) ensures that you can easily return items that aren’t everything you hoped they would be.

Amazon usually has lots of customer reviews that help you decide on sizing and if the product is as good as people say it is. These insights give valuable information on quality, functionality, and overall satisfaction. 

Plus, Amazon usually offers competitive prices, occasional discounts (Prime Day Deals, Big Deal Days), and deals that make these Amazon favorites affordable no matter if you’re looking for the perfect cocktail tools, time-saving kitchen appliances, and other useful items for your household needs. 

The convenience of browsing and comparing various products at your fingertips, combined with the vast selection available on Amazon, makes it a one-stop shop for all your hosting and household essentials.

Bookmark this page so you can refer back to it when you’re looking for specific glassware, my favorite household helping products and more! Amazon is a big place, let me help you cut through some of the clutter.

What you get with Amazon Prime:

  • Unlimited instant streaming of thousands of movies and TV shows
  • FREE Two-Day Shipping on millions of items (with easy often free returns!)
  • Unlimited, ad-free streaming of over a million songs
  • and more Prime benefits

My favorite Amazon products

Woman sitting in a bed with a laptop and a tray with breakfast.

I’ve grouped these products into categories to help make finding something you might like a little bit easier.

At the time of writing this, all of these items had special deals. Shop fast so you don’t miss them!

A quick way to browse all of my favorites is to shop via my Amazon Storefront. The items are broken down into categories so you can search for only what you are interested in. (But you’ll need to double check if a deal is live or not).

Seasonal Deals

There are currently tons of Halloween deals that are live including everything from candy, to costumes and decorations. Now is the best time to browse for this upcoming holiday!


If you have time to browse cocktail deals there are some great tool sets and more!

  • Soda Stream – This is an invite-only deal but it’s a great deal (almost 50% off). So if you can get it, it will be a great deal!
  • Aged and Charred Cocktail Smoker Kit – I love this for adding another layer of flavor to drinks, easily. It also makes a great gift! It’s not currently on deal so check back! There are other brands on sale but I prefer this one!
  • Large Cocktail Shaker – I’m hoping this one gets a bigger discount! It’s great for making more than one cocktail at a time.
  • Mini Blender – This is great for making frozen cocktails or blending fruit so you don’t need to make a flavored simple syrup. Currently, it is on discount, plus has a clickable coupon and another shopping deal to get another 5% off. Would end up being a fantastic price!
  • Wooden Charcuterie Board – Perfect for simple snack boards.
  • These glasses are so cute and can serve almost any type of cocktail or mocktail.
  • Browse all my favorite cocktail tools on my Amazon Storefront.
  • My favorite citrus squeezer is currently on sale! As a teen that is not a phrase I thought I would ever say. :)
  • My favorite bar spoons are a great deal right now!
  • Large Square Ice Cube Tray – I love this large square ice cube tray. It’s easier to use than spheres and easy to get out of the mold.
  • Browse the cocktail glasses that are currently live with deals.
  • My favorite cocktail glassware on my Amazon Storefront.


  • Bundt Pan – Most of my cake recipes are bundt cakes and these Nordic Ware pans are decorative and pricey so this is a great way to save!
  • Batter Bowls – I always grab a batter bowl when using my hand mixer! They’re a great size to use and store.
  • Silicon Baking Sheets – Are great for making any kind of cookie! (Watch for a deal!)



  • Oscillating Tower Fan (You control the angles of oscillation! Plus control from an app! I’ve bought 2 of these for different rooms and it’s our fave!) (They are offering better deals on other fans).
  • Massage Gun – We have 2 of this exact model and they’re great on sore muscles.
  • Freezer Headache Hat – I used this last night. So good. We just bought another one.
  • The Rescue Patch – for hangovers. These were on sale last time. Not sure they will go on sale so check back.
  • Eye Massager – I use this any time I have a terrible hangover but it’s also great when you’ve got anxiety!
  • Travel Pill Case – I used this on my last two trips and it holds tons of pills without taking up much space.
  • Henckels Knives – I’ve been wanting to upgrade some of my knives and this is a great deal!
  • Henckels Steak Knives – We have had this set for 20 years (got it at our wedding!) and they still look brand new!
  • There are some decent deals on a variety of Ninja cookware that you might be thinking about already.

You can browse all my travel favorites on my Amazon storefront. Look for the red box with a percent amount to see if there is a deal available.


For beauty deals, they usually offer a lot of off-brand stuff so you’ll want to take your time and browse for the things you already use. Or use the search bar to find the products you love to see if they fall into the sale.

Work Stuff

Wish List Items I’m Watching for Deals On

  • NuFACE Device with attachments – I’ve been watching this since Christmas! I may pull the trigger if the deal is good enough. I can see that there will be some sort of deal on this! Maybe just the mini – but be sure to check!
  • Sauna Blanket – I think this would be so great for my hubby and I want to use it too.
  • Toy Deals – Now is the perfect time to keep your eye on great toy deals so you can get a head start on holiday gift shopping!
  • Fly Fan for Outdoor Food Tables – I’ve had my eye on these and I want them to be cheaper. There are some less expensive options but I don’t love how they look.

Just want to start shopping?

You can browse all the Amazon Deals here.

Let me know what you get in the comments below!

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