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Ideas for Spring Self Care


These easy spring self care ideas are perfect for busy moms! Spring is the perfect time to take an intentional look at your routines and to make sure you are adding time for yourself into your busy life.

Woman holding a small planter with spring flowers.

These self-care ideas for spring have been sponsored by Healthy Essentials. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Make Time For Yourself This Spring!

After a super busy holiday season and a cold winter, spring is the perfect time to check in and see what we need in terms of happiness and wellness.

While mom-life can be busy from the time we wake up in the morning until the time we go to sleep, there are simple ways to make a little time for yourself and not miss a beat on family life.

These easy self-care ideas are a great way to ease into spring and reassess our wellness goals, and what we are prioritizing.

I suffer from allergies that really ramp up in spring, plus I’ve been a lifelong headache sufferer. I like to take a look at how I’m handling those things as well while I’m planning in my self-care. I mean, how can you reach peak zen if you aren’t at your best medically?

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My morning routine of coffee and Zyrtec is really what keeps me going. If my allergies get out of hand, I am not able to be my best. I’m also not in the mood to do the things that really make me happy! The same goes for headaches!

I take self care pretty seriously. If I’m stressed out, the whole family feels it. I make sure that I take the time I need to recharge my batteries.

Self Care Ideas for Spring for Moms

With the warmer weather, it’s time to get outside and embrace all mother nature has to offer with these fun spring self care ideas

Woman sitting on the sidewalk stretching before a walk.

Go outside 

If you’ve been cooped up inside this winter, find any excuse you can to take yourself outside. Go to the grocery store instead of ordering groceries online.

Walk to pick up the kids from school instead of driving (if it’s reasonable). Look for ways to breathe some fresh air! 


Add some daily stretches to your routine! I’m not really ready to start a full-on exercise regimen, but I am itching to get moving!! Stretches are a great way to ease exercise into your routine. 

Meet a friend for lunch and sit on the patio

Bring a sweater and enjoy lunch and great conversation while dining alfresco. You’ll be able to catch up with a good friend and enjoy being outside. 

Don’t rush through your morning

Instead of grabbing your coffee on the go, change up your routine to make it feel less frenetic. I love to sit with my cup of coffee and really enjoy it. I use this time to ease into my day.

I may make my grocery list and plan meals for the week or I may browse around online. I give myself these 20 minutes to do what I want and things that I usually don’t have time to do later in the day. This is “me time” at its finest! 

A tray on a table with bottles of over the counter medicine.

Stay Stocked

I always have on the medicine I need on hand! I make sure that I am stocked up by watching for great deals on the products I know help me and my family the most.

Do a little gardening or buy fresh flowers

Thanks to Zyrtec, I can have fresh flowers in my house and not sneeze like crazy. There’s nothing like keeping fresh flowers in your home. It is a quick way to brighten up a space, make it feel more welcoming, and bring the outside in. 

Splurge on sunscreen

Some people forget that sunscreen expires, so it’s important to double-check your dates. And while I usually just buy one that works for my kids, spring is the perfect time to buy one that fits my needs.

Maybe there’s a brand that you’ve been wanting to try or one that is a formula that you think might be better for your skin type (I’m obsessed with the Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel Sunscreen Lotion!). Spring is the perfect time to make sure your sunscreen game is on point!

Get creative in the kitchen

Sometimes I forget that the world will go on even if I don’t make a full dinner for one night. Serve something like sandwiches, breakfast for dinner, or order a pizza.

Take the pressure off yourself and create memories for your kids. Trust me, they’ll remember the nights they have something out of the ordinary. 

Find a new favorite salad recipe

Spring is a great time to eat all the seasonal veggies. Salads are a favorite for many busy moms, and now is the perfect time to reassess your dietary needs and find a new favorite salad recipe!

Maybe you pick up a new salad dressing to try or switch up your leafy greens; a new go-to salad will help you jump into spring! Try my fave Beet and Goat Cheese Salad, or this tasty kale salad with Prosecco Vinaigrette!

Woman's hand taking a box of Children's Motrin out of the cupboard.

Self care is something I want my kids to learn about, too. Not only do I want to set the example for them, to see me putting my own wellness as a priority, I want them to know it’s ok for them to do the same. 

Spring Self Care Ideas To Do With Kids

Plan a kid date!

We all get busy running around to activities and practices, but I think it’s important to build in time for fun during the week, too. Whether it’s grabbing some frozen yogurt or heading to the park, finding time to hang out together is a great way to bond.

Woman reading an Ipad.

Read together, separately

I LOVED reading when I was a child. Unfortunately, my kids don’t. I feel like part of it is that they haven’t found the types of books they like yet. I want to create a time where we all read together and where they can try out different types of books.

And then I will get reading time, too. I want to be a good example for them, model being a regular reader, and get them reading not only because it’s assigned for school or because I suggest it when they are bored.

Family day out

Our weather has been rainy and my husband and I have both been behind with work which means we’ve been spending a lot of weekends at home. I’d really like to have one weekend day be our family day out.

We can get out and try a new restaurant or head to the beach; it really doesn’t matter as long as we’re together! 

Woman pouring children's medicine into the measuring cup.

I’ve passed my headaches down to the kids so I make sure they have what they need too.

I’m grateful to brands like Tylenol Rapid Release Gels, Children’s Motrin and Zyrtec that have me really looking forward to spring knowing I’ll feel my best.

Spring self care is important to weave into our busy lives, and I want to encourage you to not only create your own self care ideas but also to make sure you have the items you need on hand to care for yourself and your family.

What’s on your spring self care bucket list? Leave a comment below to help other readers come up with even more ideas! 

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