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Botox for Forehead Wrinkles or is Dysort Better


Botox for forehead wrinkles helps me to look a little bit younger and it easy to keep up with. If you’re feeling like your face is starting to show your age, these easy injections give you the most bang for your buck and is a great first step into the world of aesthetic beauty!

Woman standing outside in a mustard colored sweatshirt and black jeans with fresh Botox in her forehead.
I look several years younger thanks to Botox for forehead wrinkles.

This post about using botox to soften forehead lines is in partnership with CosmetiCare in Newport Beach. As one of their #CosmeticareAmbassadors, I’ve received treatments and services. All opinions and results are mine! 

Botox For Fine Lines

I used to crop my forehead out of photos to hide the deep lines on my forehead from showing. I’m a pretty expressive person and do a lot of eyebrow-raising (because, mom life) and forehead-scrunching. Over the years, deep lines really set in.

Although not inexpensive, I think Botox helps to make you look years younger with relative ease. In under half an hour, you can get the injectable treatment that will last for months and can be used in conjunction with your other anti-agining treatments.

Botox virtually erases the fine lines that make you appear less youthful. It does take some getting used to. But for me, I also feel like it is training me to not furrow my brow as much.

For the most part, I’m only getting it done in my forehead. Sometimes, depending on who is doing it, they will suggest around the eyes. But since that isn’t a big trouble spot, I stick to the forehead.

Maybe it’s not right for you, but Botox is one of the easy ways I make time for myself. I don’t get massages and I stretch pedicures out as long as humanly possible.

To see even more before photos, head to this post on my final results from microneedling.

An image of a blanket and candle with text over that talks about beauty secrets.

Before Botox

Blond woman before photo of Botox in her forehead.

You can see my forehead lines in this photo. These were taken right before I headed back to see Kat, a nurse at Cosmeticare, for my Botox.

I think my microneedling treatments have also helped soften the lines a bit. The real hero is definitely Botox!

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Update: I took a long break in between my Botox treatments with Cosmeticare before deciding to pay for injections, regularly, with another provider. Before I started the treatments up again, my lines were even deeper!

Why Botox

Box of Botox on a medical tray at CosmetiCare in Newport Beach

Botox is such an easy fix for wrinkles! The whole process takes about 15 minutes and you can head right back to work if you need to. I headed right to the kid’s school to volunteer and no one screamed in horror. 

Botox is just one of the many options to use for freezing the muscles. (In fact, I now prefer Dysport which seems to last a little bit longer for me. You can scroll down to the end of the post to read more about it).

If you aren’t ready to go under the knife for facelifts and other more intrusive procedures, Botox is awesome. It’s more expensive than I would like it to be, but I think that the results take 5-10 years off your face, FAST.

If you aren’t struggling with deep lines and wrinkles, you might not need to pay the cost. But for me, it is a small price to pay for having a younger-looking face look back at me in the mirror.

It gives me confidence. And who doesn’t need a little more than that when we are aging?!

What it’s like to get Botox

Nurse with gloves filling her needle with Botox at CosmetiCare

Each experience with Botox will be different, especially if you have a different person administer it. If you really like one experience more than another, I encourage you to schedule your next appointments with that same person.

With any type of medical treatment, you should feel totally comfortable with your provider! It makes the whole experience more positive and will most likely provide you with the best results. 

You can have it done at some doctor’s offices and at med spas. I personally like to have it done by a doctor (sometimes you can find a doctor who works in a medspa) since I feel like they have a much better understanding of the muscles in the face and how it all works together. But it does typically cost more to see a doctor.

Blond woman getting Botox at CosmetiCare in Newport Beach.

After cleaning my forehead and removing the makeup that I had on, Kat went to work with Botox. I don’t feel like I handle pain well, but both times I’ve gotten Botox, it hasn’t been painful.

If you are afraid that it will hurt, you really just need to give it a try and see for yourself! As with any type of shot, there is a tiny pinch and it’s done.

There is a crackling sound that happens (and I have no idea why) that kind of grosses me out, but beauty is pain, right? 

And you should always let your provider know about your pain tolerance up front as there are often “tricks” they can do to help you feel more comfortable.

Different providers have different methods but usually, they will have you move your face in different ways before starting and throughout the procedure.

On my last visit, I asked for the numbing cream but it really didn’t do all that much for me. I felt like it was at least worth a try. I’m not trying to be a hero.

Blond woman smiling after getting Botox in her forehead.

So this happens. But the blood stops quickly and doesn’t even really leave a scab.

I think it’s really important to let them know what your trouble areas are ahead of time because they might be looking somewhere else. 

Woman with ice pack on her forehead after getting Botox at CosmetiCare.

It took only a few minutes and then she cleaned me up and gave me an ice pack. And then I was done and ready to head home! 

You can always use a freezer bag when you get home to ease any residual pain.

Women with slightly red forehead after Botox at Cosmeticare.

This was me right before leaving the office. I think it’s so interesting that it doesn’t fully kick in for about a week! I’ve noticed that sometimes I get a headache pretty instantly but it only lasts for half an hour and I don’t need to take medicine for it.

As a headache sufferer, this is no big deal. My forehead was tender to the touch for the first few days but again, no biggie. I imagine that there can be side effects, but I have not seen any myself. 

They suggest not exercising right away but that’s really the only rule. And it’s one I can easily follow.

I love Botox because for no downtime, and a smidge of pain, you get results for 2-4 months! While they suggest you get more Botox before the previous round wears off, I didn’t do that.

Botox Results

Blond lady in blouse making hot tea at the kitchen counter.

As I’ve learned over the years, it really does pay to start it earlier rather than later. When I first got Botox years ago, I wasn’t ready to keep it up quarterly.

I went years without getting it, and in that time, my deep forehead lines became more pronounced. When I went decided to get Botox again, to help lessen them, I also had to do filler in my forehead to help to create a smooth appearance.

This is why I think that Botox can actually have a bit of a preventative effect if you catch it at the right time and maintain it (even if you try to stretch it out a bit in between appointments).

I think, in the long run, it is cheaper to do lesser amounts over a longer period of time, than to have to do filler and more treatment to fix deeper lines.

Update: As I get older, I think that it does wear off quicker, especially because I didn’t keep it up before my lines got deeper.

Blonde woman in mustard colored sleeveless blouse smiling and making tea.

With a smoother forehead, I think I look younger! If you have been interested in checking out Botox, I think you should. And when you pair it with Restylane, it’s even better!

Botox and Filler for Deep Lines

Since working with Cosmeticare I have had Botox with two other providers (both doctors) and tried a Dysport instead.

When I met with the first doctor, after years of not having Botox, she suggested filler to help maximize the effects of the Botox since my forehead lines had gotten so prominent.

It was expensive and hurt like hell! But the results were great. She said that it shouldn’t need to be redone for a year and may help the lines from becoming or at least looking so deep and getting that smooth look I wanted.

I saw her several times and liked her work.

The only reason I switched was that my friend told me about another doctor who I thought would be best for me and my needs. Because I have hooded eyes, I see a plastic surgeon who specializes in the eye area and also does some cosmetic procedures.

I felt like she would have the most training in how to treat eyes like mine. After talking to her about my goals, she also suggested filler. I had only done it 6 months prior so I am holding off on another round for now and still pleased with the results.

Botox versus Dysport

After a few more rounds of Botox with my new doctor, I was noticing that it was wearing off closer to 3 months where it used to be able to go for 4.

I’m lucky that I have the money to do this treatment, I get that. But I am a consumer just like you and don’t want to throw money away needlessly.

She suggested we try Dysport which can sometimes not wear off as quickly as Botox. I liked it and felt like it did hold up for almost 4 months. I got a second round a few months ago and continue to like it!

Be sure to talk to your doctor to see what is best for your areas of concern!

What is the cost of Botox (or Dysport)

The price of Botox and Dysport varies from doctor to medspa. They are relatively similar and are often mentioned in terms of units.

An average patient will need between 20-50 units so it’s hard to figure out how much you will need without seeing a doctor. The average cost of a unit of Botox is $10-$18.

Most often, your provider will go over your goals and needs and work out a quote for how much you will need. I don’t think you should go into it thinking you’ll need a certain number of units because we really don’t know how many it will take until we are assessed by a doctor.

Dysport seems to cost a little bit more and as I said before a MedSpa might be cheaper than a doctor’s office.

I paid $505 for my latest round of Dysport. I don’t even ask how many units they use since I’m going for a specific need.

I have been told that if you keep it up regularly, you often start needing a little bit less since some areas will last longer than others and your muscles will retrain minorly.

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  1. I’m a huge fan of Botox. Must get these 11s smoothed out STAT!

  2. I had to cancel my appt earlier this week… def need a refresh!

  3. Stephanie Sue says:

    You look amazing. This is exactly what I need for all the sleepless nights the new baby has kept me up.

  4. Angela Bishop says:

    You look great! I opted to cover my forehead with bangs, lol. I’m not opposed to giving Botox a try though.

  5. monica hartzell says:

    I have a vertical crease between my brows that makes me look upset. It’s so deep. I think it goes down to the bone. My skull lolololol

  6. You look great! I tried it once and I liked it too!

  7. This would be my first time. I’ve wanted to get botox for awhile!

  8. Did once years ago, would love to start again! You look great!

  9. Wendy Wise says:

    I have the same issue with my forehead. I need Botox there desperately.

  10. Cindi Sangenito says:

    How long does this last? I HATE my wrinkled forehead & have been considering Botox for awhile but is this something I’d have to do every month, twice a year, or never again? I was also scared after reading horror stories about side effects.
    BTW- Your skin looks AMAZING!!

    1. Thank you! It lasts for about 3-4 months, but I let it wear off fully the first time, and still think it helped to soften the lines a little bit. I didn’t have any side effects but I also fully trust CosmetiCare! I did hear there are ways to dissolve fillers if something doesn’t look good (although I don’t know for sure that you can do that with Botox). I think it looks SO good and literally only takes 15 minutes to do it!

  11. I think I should have started Botox 5 years ago. Pick me!

  12. Looking forward to some Botox after the baby!

  13. Your forehead looks AMAZING! How many units did each treatment take?

    1. I think I do 30 units. But I have REALLY deep forehead lines! I think most people are good with a little bit in the brow furrow area and maybe by the eyes.

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