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Housecleaning Music + How to Manage Cleaning Day


Blast this upbeat Housecleaning Music to make your chores a little more enjoyable. Cleaning sucks. But this playlist doesn’t. Plus steal my tips for organizing a cleaning day to get through it as quickly as possible!

Woman using a rag to clean a small piece of furniture.
You need this cleaning playlist.

This playlist to listen to while cleaning the house is sponsored by Lemi Shine. All opinions and song choices are mine.

Tips to help clean your house

If you’re like me, you hate to clean. It’s one of my least favorite mom life chores. But it must be done.

It is possible to make it a little more fun, though. Read on to find out how to manage cleaning day.

Plan your stages

The goal of cleaning day, for me, is to get the house cleaned up as quickly as possible. To make this happen, I figured out that organizing the chores into stages helps to make it more efficient.

And just because cleaning is the last thing I want to be doing with my time, doesn’t mean that it has to be totally unbearable. This housecleaning music makes it feel a little more like a party.

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Turn on the music

An overhead view of Lemi Shine cleaning products and an iphone showing a music playlist.

Blasting music makes everything a little bit better. So I created a playlist of upbeat cleaning music.

This is perfect house-cleaning music. These songs naturally make you want to sing along and dance your buns off. These are good songs to get you moving. And although they are good songs to listen to while cleaning, they are not clean songs.

My kids are older and we use songs to start conversations. We also talk about acceptable language, etc. But music is an expression that we receive from the artist. Just know, there are curse words.

Get the kids involved

Woman cleaning a mirror above a mantle.

The first phase of cleaning day is the kids have to straighten the house and put away anything that doesn’t belong where it lies.

This phase happens the night before I plan to really clean the house. This idea can seem really overwhelming to kids so I try to help them break it down a little more.

My kids are 12 and 15 so they are perfectly capable of helping around the house but I do know their limits.

In each room, I have them gather all the loose items that are laying around and group them into piles depending on whose item it is. From there, they make piles of where the items will go.

Giving them some housecleaning music gets them out of their head, where they are most likely thinking of how they would rather be playing video games.

Gather supplies

Woman cleaning glass shower doors in a bathroom.

Before I start to clean, I like to get out everything that I’ll need so I don’t have to dig around when I’m in the groove.

Once that housecleaning music starts, you don’t want to have to stop. While I might not love clean, I absolutely want quality products.

Lemi Shine products are non-toxic and made with 100% natural citrus extracts. They’re also biodegradable and septic system-friendly.

Lemi Shine is a Texas-based, family-oriented company that has been dedicated to providing cleaning products to their customers for over 20 years! 

Clean alone

Woman cleaning a dish at the sink in the kitchen.

I prefer to clean the house when I am the only one home. This way, I just blare my housecleaning music and get to work. I start at one end of the house and work my way through, ending up in the kitchen last.

Cleaning alone means you can focus, you can work fast, and get through your housework quickly.

I save the kitchen for last because if I don’t get to it before the kids get home from school, it’s a fairly low traffic area in our house and I can continue to clean without obstacles.

This Lemi Shine Glass + Surface Cleaner creates an invisible barrier that helps surfaces resist dust, tiny fingerprints and water spots! That makes things easier to clean next time. That’s genius. I really like that feature.

I encourage you to make cleaning the house, a necessary chore, more fun and appealing so that you’ll actually clean. With the right house cleaning music, cleaning is much more enjoyable.

Housecleaning Music Playlist

A text list of songs to listen to while cleaning the house.

If all that talk about cleaning products doesn’t get you excited to clean your house, this playlist should! Play it loud.

And get to work! It will make you dance. This is the best housecleaning music to clean to.

Listen to this housecleaning music playlist in this post using the player above, or click over to Spotify.

Images by Dez and Tam Photography

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