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Hallmark Christmas Movie Drinking Game + Printable (2023)


This Hallmark Christmas Movie Drinking Game is the perfect holiday activity. Just use the free printable game card and invite some friends over!

If watching holiday movies on Hallmark and sipping a delicious drink is your favorite winter me-time, you need to play this year!

Overhead view of a Hallmark Christmas movie drinking game.
Print out this Hallmark Christmas Movie Drinking Game and sip away!

Hallmark Christmas Movies are the Best

I made this Hallmark Movie Drinking Game to share my love of these sappy fun Christmas movies with others.

It is my dream to be in one of these Hallmark Christmas movies (although I’m doing absolutely nothing about that.) I don’t even need a staring role.

Any role Nelson Wong plays would work. I’m sure you would recognize him if you saw him. He is one of my favorite parts of Hallmark holiday movies. He’s been a barista, a hair and makeup guy, a vintage ornament collector and SO many more things!

If you’ve watched these movies for any period of time, there are little things you notice. This is what made me think of making a Christmas movie drinking game in the first place!

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I’m a BIG Hallmark Channel fan, especially when they start playing their Christmas movies.

I started watching (almost obsessively) the channel after my family had gotten into a car accident (we were all unharmed just REALLY shaken!).

Hallmark Channel was my place to find respite from that noise. It was soothing and helped me to find peace during the day (some holiday self-care if you will). And when the holiday movie season started, it was like the channel was always there to give me a warm hug.

You can watch Holiday Movies on Netflix too, but I really do prefer Hallmark Channel movies. And I love to give my friends Hallmark Gifts too!

Why Play this Holiday Movie Drinking Game

Woman holding coffee mug on a couch while watching TV.

Watch one or two of these movies and you quickly understand that they are super predictable. But that’s half the fun. The drama is low, the holiday cheer is high and sometimes that is just what we all need.

I’ve loved watching Hallmark evolve over the years and while you used to only rarely see someone enjoying an alcoholic beverage in a movie, they seemed to have loosened up a little. I originally created this Mulled Spiced Cider recipe to be played with this game.

It’s a non-alcoholic recipe and would be super cozy to sip on the couch. But you can absolutely enjoy a cocktail instead!

And as we head further into the busiest of seasons, I wanted to find a way to remind moms to take time for themselves. You KNOW I am a huge “me time” encourager.

Last year, my friend Nicole and I bonded over our love of Hallmark Christmas movies. And I knew we weren’t the only moms who found joy in the cheesiness.

And my idea for a Hallmark drinking game was born.

Hosting a holiday movie marathon (with the Hallmark drinking game printable) is really easy. Just invite your friends, put together some cocktails, hot cider or wine and watch movies together.

Don’t want to host in person? Choose a movie to watch together, but apart, and chat via Zoom or Facetime. (Or skip the movie and just do a virtual wine tasting for all of December).

I don’t intend for anyone to get blackout drunk from this. The intention is just to put a smile on your face and let you know you aren’t alone in your love for the holiday greatness that is Hallmark movies.

(But here’s my favorite anti-hangover supplement just in case…)

Print out my Hallmark Christmas Movie Drinking Game Printable! With scenarios that can be found in all the movies, plus some you only find if you watch multiple, this is a fun way to welcome the season.

Hallmark Channel Countdown To Christmas Schedule 20223

The 2023 Hallmark Channel Countdown to Christmas schedule has just been released!

2023 Hallmark Channel Countdown To Christmas Movie Guide.

New movies typically debut each Friday, Saturday and Sunday night (more, if you include the Hallmark Movies and Mysteries channel), there are tons of opportunities to play this holiday movie drinking game.

For 2023, they are having double features on the weekend of Thanksgiving! I know exactly what to do after Black Friday Shopping!

And this year, It looks like some of the movies even have some unique storylines that feature more inclusive characters! It was slow coming, and it’s not where it needs to be, but I’m glad that they seem to be trying.

What to Drink

Hallmark wine bottles on a table.

My mother-in-law picked up this Hallmark wine for me and you can try it too. Of course, they are the perfect thing to pair with this Hallmark Channel drinking game.

It’s about $15 a bottle and would make a great gift especially when paired with my Holiday Movie Watching kit and a printout of this drinking game!

Or you can make one of these delicious holiday cocktail ideas:

Make some Cinnamon Walnuts or my BEST EVER Caramel Corn and grab a cozy blanket and get to watching!

What is on the Drinking Game Card

A woman's arm holding a mug with her fireplace in the background.

These movies are G-rated so they are fine to have on with the kids around.

I will never not love these movies.

And coming up with the Hallmark Christmas Drinking Game was so fun.

There is no way I could possibly cover all the things that happen in these movies. I kept it mainly to the larger plot points meaning it’s a fairly boring drinking game.

You could absolutely come up with more things to watch for to make it so you drink more often. But in my opinion, hangovers with kids are the worst!

Are your friends huge Hallmark fans? Check out my Hallmark Holiday gift ideas. Here’s some gift ideas for wine lovers too!

Make sure you find ways to take a little time for yourself this hectic holiday season!

Printable Drinking Game Card for Hallmark Christmas Movies

Click the image or the bolded text below the image to download the drinking game printable.

Printed drinking game on a table next to a glass of wine.

I will update this game card as needed. While the card says 2022 it will work for 2023. (I checked the schedule of movies and actors/actresses and this card will still work!)

This same card has been great for the last few years.

Candy cane martinis on a table with text next to it.

If you’re looking for a more family friends movie watching activity check out these cute Hallmark Christmas Movie Bingo Cards printables.

This was originally posted on December 1, 2017. I’ve updated it for 2021 to include an updated printable, the Hallmark Christmas movie schedule and more!

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  1. This is soooo cool, love this, and I hope to one day be able to watch the Hallmark channel again so I can play this!

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