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19 Moscow Mule Gifts for the Cocktail Lover


There are so many fun Moscow Mule gifts to buy for the Mule lover in your life! There’s a handful of themed gifts but you can also buy fun barware and accessories to make cocktailing at home extra fun.

Image contains copper mugs, and muddling tools on top of a wooden tray with greenery - text reads, Gift Ideas for the Moscow Mule Lover.
They will love these gift ideas inspired by their favorite Moscow Mule cocktail.

These gift ideas for the Moscow Mule lover will help you buy holiday gifts for the cocktail enthusiast in your life.

Moscow Mules are delicious so I created this fun gift guide full of gifts that everyone will love.

How to Choose the Right Moscow Mule Gift

A Moscow Mule is a refreshing cocktail that features fresh lime, ginger beer and (usually) vodka. They are often served in a copper Moscow Mule mug which keeps this tangy drink frosty and cold.

I know I’m not the only one who loves these classic cocktails and since it can be made in all kinds of variations, the gift possibilities are virtually endless.

Whether you choose just one or two of the smaller items from this list or a Moscow Mule gift set you can’t go wrong with these Moscow Mule gifts.

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With gifts for every price range, you’ll be able to find something for anyone on your list. Or you can mix and match these Moscow Mule gift ideas to put together an awesome basket!

You can play up the copper aspect and get matching bar tools or you can focus on the ingredients you need to make the best mule.

Or you can make your own recipe kit and gather up everything they’ll need to make a tasty drink. Add on some of my favorite bar tools and liquor (vodka is traditional but you can swap that out for Fireball, to make a Fireball Mule too!).

Read on to get even more ideas on what to gift your cocktail-loving pals this holiday.

Moscow Mule Gift Ideas

A wooden tray topped with copper mugs, a cocktail spoon, and greenery.

1. Moscow Mule Notebook

This Moscow Mule Notebook features a classic recipe on the cover with space to write down other recipes or to note the Moscow Mule variations you want to make (like this Strawberry Mint Mule or this Mexican Mule). This cute little notebook can really come in handy for anything.

2. Cocktail Napkins

Cheers Cocktail Napkins Cute cocktail napkins are a great thing to pair with Moscow Mule gifts. These cute napkins have metallic writing that would go nicely with copper mugs filled with a delicious Bourbon Moscow Mule.

3. Make Your Own Ginger Beer

Make Your Own Ginger Beer Syrup This concentrated ginger syrup is perfect for those cocktail aficionados that like to make everything from scratch. This would allow them to make their own ginger beer which is a key ingredient for Moscow Mules.

4. Bitters Set

Mini Bitters Set The perfect finishing touch for a Moscow Mule is bitters. This fun set includes 8 mini bottles in classics like orange, aromatic, Orleans, and celery, but it also contains some fun options too like chocolate, lavender, and firewater.

Bitters lend a really nice bit of aroma and a depth of flavor to the drinks. Bitters also make a good almost cocktail.

5. Muddler and Spoon Set

Muddler and Mixing Spoon Set There are a few things that people don’t tend to buy for themselves and that includes pretty bar tools. I think most people have the basics, but there are many pieces that can easily be upgraded.

This muddler and mixing spoon set in copper are pretty and useful for the home bar.

6. Bar Spoon

Cocktail Bar Spoon This copper bar spoon is a great gift topper for the Moscow Mule lover. Shakers are not required for mule cocktails (in fact if you shake up ginger beer there’s a chance that your kitchen may end up covered in it).

But a copper bar spoon is the perfect thing to mix your cocktail.

7. Citrus Juicer

Citrus Juicer Fresh lime juice is essential to a good Moscow Mule (including this Holiday Moscow Mule). This nice quality citrus juicer will help you make enough to keep the cocktails coming!

A wooden tray topped with copper mugs, fresh limes, and a citrus juicer.

8. Christmas Ornament

Moscow Mule Cocktail Ornament Remind them it’s almost happy hour with this cute Moscow Mule ornament. I love to gift-themed ornaments that fit the recipient perfectly.

9. Gift Card for Mules

Another cute gift idea would be to pair this with a gift card to a local restaurant and plan a friend date for Moscow Mules with your friend. Even CPK serves Moscow Mules so you can grab a card from almost any restaurant with a bar.

10. Copper Straws

Copper Straws These copper straws are so dang cute! And they instantly make everything feel a little fancier.

A wooden tray topped with muddling tools, copper mugs and greenery.

11. Fun T-Shirt

Today’s Forecast T-Shirt I would totally wear this on the Fourth of July. A Moscow Mule is my signature drink that day. This is perfect for your friends who can’t wait to get to the weekend for their next mule.

Or check out this “But First” shirt. Super cute!

12. Jibbitz

Do they have Crocs? This Moscow Mule Copper Mug Jibbitz is ideal.

13. Copper Mug Cleaner

Copper Cream for Moscow Mule Mugs I love my copper mugs but after one washing they start losing their luster and get little black spots. Copper cream would be a great add-on gift idea for the Moscow Mule lover.

Copper mugs stacked on a wooden tray with candles and vases filled with greenery.

A Moscow Mule lover will most likely have their own copper mugs but they can never have enough!

14. Personalized Mug

Especially if it’s a personalized mug! Put your friend’s name on a mug and give her a one-of-a-kind gift perfect for sipping her favorite cocktail in. Or grab one with just her first initial. So cute.

15. Copper Pitcher

Copper Pitcher This copper pitcher means you can serve your favorite Moscow Mule recipe by the pitcher! It’s really pretty and has the same textured outside as a lot of the copper mugs. This would be a really nice gift for someone who you know already has mugs.

Moscow Mule Gift Sets

16. Gift Basket

The Moscow Mule Gift Set Basket is the ultimate gift for Moscow Mule lovers and it’s an easy option if you’re pressed for time. The set includes everything they’ll need to make their favorite cocktail including snacks that pair well and it comes in a gorgeous metal box!

17. Mules on the Go

Or this Mini Moscow Mule gift set is perfect for that person who loves to travel. Give them the gift of having their favorite drink on the road!

18. Copper Mug Set

Moscow Mule Copper Mug Set with Spoon, Straws, Wood Coasters, and Copper Shot Glass There are tons of different types of copper mugs out there. I love this straight-sided set that is a little bit taller, and not as round as the traditional mugs.

If you want to pick up a traditional, handmade copper mug, I love the ones from Moscow Muled! They are great quality and packaged up perfect for gifting!

19. Flavored Mixes

This fun set of cocktail mixes features mini bottles to make a variety of different Mules. In bright colors and unique flavors, this is a great gift idea for someone who likes to try new things and is a beginner with mixing drinks at home.

Tips and Tricks

  • Add mini bottles of vodka to their Christmas stocking to complete the gift.
  • Allow the recipient to open their Moscow Mule gift set on Christmas Eve to enjoy before bed.
  • Instead of buying a set, create your own Moscow Mule gift basket. Include copper mugs, limes, ginger beer, a nice quality vodka, and some fresh mint (if you can!). Add in any of the gifts, bar spoons, or tea towel above to complete your basket!

Frequently Asked Questions

What snacks go well with a Moscow Mule?

I love the idea of adding food items or restaurant gift cards to your gift basket. Both Asian food and seafood pair well with the flavors in a Moscow Mule. Rather than providing fresh items (especially if you’re sending this gift long distance!), tuck in a gift card to an amazing restaurant so they can order take-out.

Why do Moscow Mules have to be served in a copper mug?

The short answer is they don’t. But they are traditionally served in a copper mug because copper is wonderful at conducting temperature. This means your drink stays colder longer!

I’d like to add a good-quality ginger beer to my gift basket. What’s a good ginger beer option for Moscow Mules?

I like this Ginger beer and have used it several times in my recipes, but Bundaburg Ginger Beer is also a good option.

Let me know if you need more gift ideas for the Moscow Mule lover on your list! I’m sure I can come up with more!

These fun cocktail gift ideas are perfect for the Moscow Mule lover in your life!! 

Candy cane martinis on a table with text next to it.

This post was originally published on November 21, 2019, and has now been updated with new gift ideas for Moscow Mule Lovers.

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