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Holiday Movie Watching Kit Gift Idea for Your Girlfriends


This Holiday Movie Watching Kit makes a fun gift for all your Christmas movie-loving friends and family!

You KNOW that your friends are watching all the holiday movies (probably on Hallmark) this time of year. Why not encourage them to really kick back with this fun and easy gift idea!

Small cloth gift bag on a wood lazy susan, surrounded by small white vases filled with greenery.
Let’s make a Hallmark movie watching kit!

Works perfectly with any Hallmark Christmas movie

This easy Hallmark movie watching kit is a quick and easy gift idea that your girlfriends, co-workers and any other holiday movie watching fanatic will love.

I love to let my friends know that I’m thinking about them. Especially at the holidays! Mom life gets extra busy and I like to remind my friends to take a little bit of time for themselves.

This holiday movie-watching kit is not too expensive and can be done with one trip to the store, Target, or Amazon (and never leave your house!!!!!!!!!!).

While this time of year can be super stressful, your friends might just need a little nudge to take some time for themselves. This Holiday Movie Watching Kit should do just that!

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Often I have holiday movies on in the background when I’m doing other things (like wrapping presents) but this movie kit gift might get her to relax for a few minutes. It’s the perfect stress-management idea for the holidays.

I consider these to be Hallmark Movie Watching Kits because they have the best movies in my opinion. But they would really work for any movie.

You can easily make a bunch of these at once making them a great small gift for office staff, co-workers, teachers, etc.

What to Include

Image contains items to create a gift idea for your girlfriends who love watching holiday movies - fuzzy socks, hot cocoa mix, mug cake mix, peppermint candies and a small votive candle.
What to include in your movie watching kit.

You can include just about anything!

To start, I picked up some muslin bags to put everything in. They look super cute and you don’t have to wrap anything…(lazy).

For me, I’m all about cozy socks, so of course, those had to go in.

Since I also put these holiday movie watching kits together for some of the staff at our elementary school, I left out alcohol.

But it would be super cute to include a small can of champagne or something (because if I’m honest, that’s usually what I enjoy when I get the time to watch one of these movies) especially if you include a printout of the drinking game I mentioned above.

Along with the socks, I included a mug cake, some hot chocolate and candy canes for the perfect holiday treats.

I rounded this out with some holiday themed scented candles. It makes the entire gift smell super festive and even if she doesn’t get to stop and watch a movie right away, she’ll be able to smell the candles!

Of course, you can add popcorn. But that seems kind of too on the nose. You could include homemade caramel corn or candied almonds if you prefer.

While I kept the kits small, you can easily grow the idea into a more elaborate gift basket.

Consider adding a super soft blanket (this is by far my favorite blanket. It’s an alternative to that super expensive blanket brand and it’s SO stupid soft and cozy for a tiny fraction of the price) or movie-watching sweatshirt (see all my gift ideas for Hallmark lovers and add a few of those as well!)

Putting it Together

To put the movie watching kit together, simply place all the gift items in the muslin bags.

I try to put the heaviest items on the bottom of the bag first. And anything edible, I put on the top.

The bags have their own string to cinch the top shut. Just add a cute holiday gift tag and you are ready to gift!

Tips and Tricks

  • If you hate giving a gift card for a gift, you could easily add one to this holiday movie watching kit so the recipient has something to open.
  • You can make the gift bags all the same or tailor-make them to each recipient.
  • Hang the Hallmark movie watching kit around the neck of a nice bottle of wine!

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