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28 Fortnite Gifts For Kids (2023)


These Fortnite gifts for kids are perfect for the video game player in your house. These picks continue to be super hot this Christmas (and beyond). And it’s not just kids who love it. People of all ages and all walks of life are crazy about the Battle Royale. Here are 28 Fortnite presents to buy this holiday season (that work for birthday gifts too!).

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Browse these fun Fortnite gifts for kids.

Whether you’re looking for Fortnite birthday gift ideas or Fortnite gifts for Christmas, this list will help you find a present for your teens and gamers.

There are many great Fortnite gift ideas to choose from, which is why I went on a quest to round them up for you. So if you are wondering what to get a kid loves Fortnite, keep reading!

Fortnite Gifts for Boys and Girls Who Game

My kids love to play video games. And when they started playing Fortnite, they were instantly drawn to anything and everything that was branded with the name.

Many retailers offer some really cool Fortnite and video game-related products. I’ve focused on those Fortnite presents that are easy to buy online (like from Amazon).

While some of these Fortnite toys for kids say they are for boys, of course, they are also perfect for girl gamers!

These are what I think are the best Fortnite gifts for boys and girls! While some presents, like the blanket featuring the supply llama or the character wall decals, might be good for younger kids most of these toys and ideas are best for ages 10 and above.

We think they’d love to find this Fortnite stuff for kids under the tree this year.

Another way to shop

Would you rather see all the items on one page? Shop the Fortnite Gifts.

28 Fortnite Gifts to Buy for Kids on Your List

Remember a few months ago when your kids freaked out because Fortnite just randomly ended?? Well, it didn't. It came back with a vengeance and reignited a love of the game in my kids.

Their holiday lists are full of Fortnite gift requests. Here are some of the things I'm putting in my shopping cart this year!


  • As with most highly popular gifts, plan to shop early to account for shipping delays and inventory shortages!
  • When you see something you like, it’s probably a good idea to order it right away. People are going to be scrambling to purchase this stuff as their kids get back into the game leading up to Christmas.
  • Also, pick up a PS4 or Xbox One digital gift card. Players can buy all sorts of things via In-App purchases and they need a little money to do it. You can’t go wrong with one of these gift cards.
  • Pick up a couple of these Fortnite gifts to have ready for birthday parties throughout the school year. Teens will love it and you’ll be the cool mom at the party.

My boys are only allowed to make In-App purchases a few times a year so the gift cards are their favorite! Gift cards might actually be the BEST Fortnite gifts for this reason! Teens love them!

Boy playing Fortnite.

Happy shopping, Happy Holidays, and keep trying to floss. And if they get bored over winter break, have them make a Fortnite Llama Costume

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