Honeycomb and Flower Party Decorations

Honeycomb and flower party decorations. I pretty much hate myself for even sharing this. I pride myself on making things that are useful, yet cute. And these are so totally cute. They follow the honeycomb trend that everyone is loving. And tiny flowers?! What’s not to love about tiny flowers?! But these are stupid. I thought they would make cute cocktail picks. But they just want to fall out of the glasses.

Honeycomb and flower picks that can be used in flowers for extra flair for your party decorations. So then I figured out that you could still use them for party decor. They are an excellent way to add even more party flair to your house plants. Because house plants need flair, right? No. Cute but dumb.

Diamond honeycomb decoration with moss for cool party decor idea. You can also use flowers! My original inspiration was from the party we threw at Alt Summit a few years ago. We did an Urban Jungle theme and put moss in the honeycomb decorations hanging from the chain link fence. Super cool. So I thought I would try to make a smaller, more user-friendly version of this idea as picks. Dumb.

How to make honeycomb and flower decorations for your party. I’m sure someone is going to want to make them though. Because they are stinking cute. So go to Ikea and get the mini honeycomb decorations they have in their party section. Or buy them online if you can find them.

How to make honeycomb and flower decorations for your party. Get yourself some picks. These longer toothpicks work just fine.

How to make honeycomb and flower decorations for your party. Use glue dots to stick the honeycomb ball to the stick. And if you want to make sure it stays real well, you may want to use a small piece of tape to get the stick to stay put and then glue dot the honeycomb to itself around the stick.

How to make honeycomb and flower decorations for your party. You’ll need to use a mini glue dot on the ends of the flowers to make them stay in the honeycomb ball.

Honeycomb and flower party decorations. Because how cute are these tiny purple flowers from Trader Joes.

Honeycomb and flower party decorations. Adorable right? Yet so useless.

Honeycomb and flower party decorations.I even tried to stick them in a strawberry to weight it in the glass of punch. But the stupid strawberry wasn’t strong enough and the honeycomb pick still fell out of the glass.

Honeycomb and flower party decorations.Here they are balanced very carefully in the punch so I could get a shot of how cute they could be if they weren’t so awful.

Cute party decor idea. Mini honeycomb balls and tiny flowers for cute picks to use throughout your party!Maybe you should just lay them around your party.

Honeycomb and flower picks that can be used in flowers for extra flair for your party decorations.But you can always still use them in your plants. If you’re in to that. And now I will go punish myself for sharing a totally impractical, super trendy tutorial for something that you do not need in your life. Shhhh, no one talk to me. I’m putting myself in time out.



DIY Concrete Planter & the Coolest Family #StreamTeam

DIY concrete vase tutorial. The kids helped! #StreamTeamHow cool is this DIY concrete planter?! I love how rustic it looks. But the best part is, my family made it for me. How great is that? I know I am biased, because two-thirds of them came out of me, but I just love the heck out of them. We make a great team and I love those little quirks that make us unique.

This post is written in conjunction with Netflix #StreamTeam. As you know, each month I share with you what my family is watching on the service and share some thoughts about what is going on with us. For this one, we are focusing on modern families and their stories. I like to think that my family is pretty modern. But when you look at how families are structured now a days (as evidenced in the new show Grace and Frankie), we are actually very traditional.

Long haired boys are cool. #StreamTeamThere are a few things I wouldn’t change about my family. This kid here is pretty awesome. He wants to keep his hair long. He says it’s his “trademark” and he is often remembered for his hair. He’s taken some heat for it from ill-mannered classmates. He’s been mistaken for a girl more times than I can count. But he’s confident in his choice and I love that he chooses to set himself apart from what all the other kids are doing. I hope this never changes about him.

This kid loves art. That monster is a decoration from his monster birthday party that he drew himself. #StreamTeamThis little guy loves stuffed animals and art. He is content to sit and draw while his brother would rather be on the computer. He loves to read and often reads to me in accents. It is the BEST! He’s creative, witty and seems much older than he is in some ways and then is a total kid in others. But the best part about my family, is that we would do anything to help each other out.

My husband has been working 60 hour work weeks. He’s commuting to Los Angeles. He’s doing everything he can to get his start-up going full speed. And yet, when Mother’s Day rolled around, he and the boys decided to create content for my blog so that I could get a break. They came up with that idea all on their own. He knew that I have been juggling the kids, the blog, PTA commitments and sickness and decided to lend a hand. They also came up with the idea for a DIY concrete planter. I was so grateful. He could have gone the easy route and just gotten me flowers (he did that too, btw). But instead, he and the boys made me a gift, made work a little bit easier for me and really just showed how much they love me. So without further ado, here is their DIY Concrete Planter. (P.S. I’m doing all the wording because I think it’s best to let my husband get back to his own work now.)

DIY concrete vase or planter. It is something your family can make together! #StreamTeamThe supplies you need to make this planter are two different sized large plastic water bottles, ready-to-use concrete mix, scissors, a straw, a trowel and a stir stick of some kind. You will also need water and a large tub or bucket to mix the concrete in.  The smaller bottle will nest inside the larger one to create the mold. Follow the steps to below, it is not as hard as it looks!

DIY concrete vase or planter. It is something your family can make together! #StreamTeamStart by cutting off the top of the plastic water bottle. Choose a plastic bottle with ridges to create a design on the outside of the planter when the concrete sets. My husband was able to use a pocket knife, but if you want the kids to help they should be able to get through it easily with scissors.

DIY concrete vase or planter. It is something your family can make together! #StreamTeamNext, poke a hole in the bottom of the large water bottle. Be warned, this part of the plastic is thicker than the top and should probably be done by an adult. My husband used a pocket knife and then twisted the scissors to work the hole open. The hole needs to be large enough to fit a straw through. The straw creates a drainage hole for the planter.

Fun family project that kids can help with. DIY concrete vase! #StreamTeamIf you decide to make one of these with your kids, know that they will quickly lose interest and find the leftover pieces much more fun than doing any kind of manual labor.

DIY concrete vase or planter. It is something your family can make together! #StreamTeamNext it is time to cut the top off the smaller of the water bottles. And again, poke a hole in the bottom for the straw to fit through.

DIY concrete vase or planter. It is something your family can make together! #StreamTeamGive it a little test to see if it fits together nicely. The space between the two bottles is now your mold.

DIY concrete vase or planter. It is something your family can make together! #StreamTeamMix the concrete per the package instructions but it is basically the concrete and water. Add the water a little at a time. You can always add more, but you don’t want it to be too runny.

DIY concrete vase or planter. It is something your family can make together! #StreamTeamRemove the smaller bottle for the time being. Start adding the concrete to the bottom to create the base of the planter. Shovel in the concrete and give it a tap to get it to settle. You want there to be at least 1 inch of concrete for the base.

DIY concrete vase or planter. It is something your family can make together! #StreamTeamAdd the smaller bottle back on top of the concrete.

DIY concrete vase or planter. It is something your family can make together! #StreamTeamThen fill in the concrete mix between the to plastic water bottles. Use the stick to help fill in the spaces. Try to smooth out the top as best as you can since that will be very visible on the finished planter. Holding the smaller bottle in place, tap the whole project on the ground, a few times, to remove air bubbles or empty pockets you might have missed.

The concrete takes about 24 hours to dry. When it is fully dry, use scissors to cut out the bottles. It can be a bit messy so make sure you cover your workspace or do this part outside. It took a little strength but it was not too difficult to remove the mold. Cut down the straw in the center well as short as you can.

DIY concrete vase tutorial. The kids helped! #StreamTeamI LOVE how it came out! There are a bunch of different ways you can use the planter. Here I perched an air plant in the center. Easy as pie.

Turn a DIY concrete planter in to a vase in one easy step! #StreamTeamYou can also easily make it in to a vase by inserting a small glass to hold the water. Remember you have a drainage hole and if you add the water right in to the planter, it will run right out. All over the place…Duh.

Easy DIY concrete planter made from empty water bottles. And the kids helped too! #StreamTeamBut of course, you can alway use it as a planter. I planted this little cactus in it which took only a little dirt and only a few pokes to my fingers. This now sits in our family room and when I look at it, it makes me smile. It looks cool but my family made it for me and that makes it priceless to me.

Here are some other Netflix shows about family that you might like:

For the Kids:

The Tigger Movie  :: Because sometimes your family is not blood related but are special to you just the same.

Spy Kids :: These are my kids favorites and they’ve watched all 4 about 12 times each this week. I love the message about doing anything to help your family when they need you.

For Us:

Gilmore Girls :: Why isn’t this still on the air?! This was a show my husband and I used to watch together. It’s well written, dramatic and hits all the family angst themes with a touch of humor.

Grace and Frankie :: I mentioned this one before and I’m dying to watch it! I mean, Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin?!

And don’t forget that season 2 is out of Richie Rich! This is another favorite of my kids!

*Thank you for supporting the brands, like Netflix, that let me share creative content and what I’m watching on TV. I love TV and I’m guessing some of you do too.

Simple DIY Cupcake Toppers

Easy heart shaped wooden cupcake pick.I’m not going to call this a tutorial. This is way too simple to probably even warrant a full post. But here’s the thing. Sometimes simple is just better. When I set out to make a craft for the blog, I had out paint, and then the wood burner and so many other things. But when I looked at all the supplies, it hit me. Plain was better. So this post is more about that and less about how to make a simple DIY cupcake toppers.

Simple Cupcake Topper DIYGet your supplies. Glue them together. Done.

Simple Cupcake Topper DIYIf you are like me, you try to be super creative in all that you do. You over think things and you can’t leave well enough alone. But guess what, sometimes you just spin your wheels with all the “extra” when the basics are best. I’m not saying this is the start of me trying to simplify my life. But sometimes it is refreshing to keep things dialed down.

Super easy DIY wooden cupcake topper.Because I’m pretty sure if you set this cupcake in front of your kid, with or without a cute heart-shaped cupcake topper, they would love it just the same.


Panoramic Sugar Eggs for Easter

Fun Easter craft: Panoramic sugar eggs.Have you ever made Panoramic Sugar Easter Eggs? My mom and I had so much fun posting about the candy bar trains we used to make at Christmas that we thought we would share these super fun Panoramic Sugar Eggs too.  They are a bit time-consuming, and pretty fragile, but the end result is so sweet, it makes the work worth it. Make sure you read through before you decide to make them as you really need to make them a day or two ahead of time to make sure they set up and harden as much as possible. Or you can pull a Sharon and read through the post halfway and then try to make them and not give yourself enough time…that’s how most of the new recipes I try work out…

Fun Easter craft idea: sugar eggs with a mini scene inside! Long story short, you make the sugar eggs ahead of time and then decorate them later.

Panoramic Sugar Eggs for EasterThese do take a few special items so you will want to make sure you give yourself plenty of time. You need the sugar egg mold like this one here. I bought mine on Amazon and since I have prime it showed up really quickly. My mom picked some larger ones up from the local cake supply store.  You will also need some miniatures to create your little scene with inside the egg. I am super lucky that I have my mom’s vintage miniatures to use. I’ve looked at my local craft stores and also online and they are really hard to come by. I pick them up whenever I see any that might work for the candy bar trains or these sugar eggs. And yes, some people make these panoramic eggs standing up and cutting out the center. That is crazy hard and we didn’t want to attempt that.

How to make sugar Easter Eggs. My mom did not keep her sugar egg instructions so she searched around online to refresh her memory of how to make the sugar. She used this post as a guide. First you make the sugar by mixing 6 cups super fine sugar (or put regular sugar in a food processor for a minute), 3 tablespoons of water and we used a touch of food coloring because I thought it would be really cute. As you may notice, the finished eggs are white sugar. That’s because my mom made the larger white eggs a few days prior so they would be ready when I needed to take the pictures. But I think I kind of adore the pink sugar and would love to make some like that as well! Once you get the sugar mixture ready, you press it in to your egg mold. And you really press it making sure it is packed really tight. After you are done compacting the sugar, use a butter knife to level the egg. It is best to do one half of the egg at a time because they are really fragile at this point and if you flop the other side out and don’t catch it correctly it will crumble.

DIY Panoramic sugar Easter Eggs craft.Hurry! Quick! While it is still soft, you want to cut the flat edge off that will be the front window to the panoramic egg. And dig out a little section which will help you  get started scooping out the middle later. And then you wait. For about 2 hours.

Pink sugar eggs for Easter. After two hours, the center will still be a bit soft but the outer shell will be harder. Using a spoon, you need to scoop out the middle, leaving enough around the outside so that it doesn’t collapse. Do a little at a time. Be extra careful near the front section, which you previously cut flat. It will be harder than the center and you may need to use a little pick or tooth pick to help get through it. A spoon might be a little too much force.

Pink sugar eggs for Easter. So the egg on the right is scooped out and the other side is not. If you wait too long, you won’t be able to scoop it out and then you will have a solid sugar egg which I think would still look pretty cool, especially if you didn’t cut off the flat edge on the front. Once it is all scooped out, let the eggs sit to harden for a day or more.

Sugar eggs for EasterOnce the eggs are hard, you can start getting really creative with them. You will need miniatures, royal icing in various colors and bright candies to decorate with. These chocolate covered sunflower seeds are super cute and look like little Easter eggs!

Sugar Easter Eggs with a miniature scene inside.My mom used to do a lot of cake decorating so she has a ton of decorative icing tips that I get to use for these fun food crafts. Here we made grass using green royal icing. The royal icing works as the glue to hold in the scene inside the eggs.

DIY sugar eggs for Easter. A great craft to do with kids. Once you scene is complete, you can then start to put your eggs together and decorate the outside.

Sugar Egg DIY for EasterOh hey there drunk bunny. I found this miniature wine bottle and glasses  at the craft store and knew I had to pick it up. I think it worked out pretty perfectly with this little guy.

Sugar Easter Eggs with panoramic scene.Next use royal icing to “glue” the two halves together.

Sugar Easter Eggs craft.Try to match it up as close as possible. Don’t worry if it doesn’t match exactly.

Easter craft idea for kids: Panoramic Sugar Eggs.You can use a nail file to file down the sugar and make the edges match up a little better. Just be careful!

Decorate sugar easter eggs. Super fun craft for kids to help with.And then the fun begins of decorating the outside. I don’t have any experience with cake decorating so I got really sweaty when my mom suggested that I do this part. Just practice a few times on a paper towel first and get the technique down. This little flower was super simple with the flower tip. The icing hides the seem in the sugar and makes it look cuter.

How to make Panoramic Sugar Easter Eggs for your brunch table.And then you finish decorating however you would like to. I piped icing all around the front and then added some pizzaz to the top in the way of sugar candies.

Sugar Easter Egg craft idea.When my kids got home from school and saw these they totally freaked out. Well, they immediately asked if they could eat them and then they told me how cool they thought these were. This project is not quite as kid friendly as the candy bar trains were but I can certainly see older kids wanting to help with these. And making funny little scenes to go inside.

Panoramic Sugar Eggs for EasterI wouldn’t suggest eating these as it is straight sugar and royal icing (which is pretty much sugar). These would be perfect for your Easter table or even as a spring centerpiece. Have you ever made these before? A BIG thank you to my mom for indulging me in this post and helping me to make the sugar eggs!

You can find a recipe for royal icing in my candy bar train post!


Art Projects for Kids

Kid's art project for home decor.I’m always looking for ways to add new decor pieces and art to our house. I love the way that adding even a small new piece can change-up the feel of the room. And I love to get the kids involved. Art projects for kids where you display them in the home is a great way to introduce them to interior design. I did this project as a party activity, years ago. I found the leftover canvases and thought I would share it with you. It’s my favorite kind of craft: simple, non-messy and lot’s of personality. This art project, on DIY fabric canvases, also make a great gift for their young friends. We’ve done this several times and the recipient always loves their custom, one of a kind gift.

DIY fabric canvases for kid's art projects. The fabric canvases are really easy to make. You can use a ready-made flat canvas and just cover it with fabric or you can find a sturdy piece of cardboard and cover them like I did here. I just used Super 77 (my fave spray adhesive – use gloves or you’ll stick your fingers together. Forever) and smoothed on the fabric. Since I made at least 30 of them, with all different fabrics, I used cardboard boxes cut to all different sizes. I found this great Ed Roth Stencil Book (but I love this one too!) but you can always just set out the Sharpies or fabric markers and let the kids free hand something. I really loved using patterned fabric for these canvases because it added so much interest and color. I just made sure to choose prints that would work with a large graphic image, and weren’t too busy with too many colors.

Art project to do with kids.The kids really loved making these! I just helped tape down the stencil for them and let them go to town with the marker.

Stencil art project for kids.It is a quick project that leaves them with a piece of art that they created from scratch. I loved seeing the sense of pride as they finished their canvases.

Easy kid's art project with cute patterned fabric canvases.I love using the markers because you don’t really have to worry about dry time and you can add them in to your decor immediately. This worked great as a party project because it was also the favor that they got to take home with them.

Easy kid's home decor art project.The canvases are also really light so they hang easily on the wall with a little DIY string hanger situation on the back. You can even make these for different holidays and add them in as part of your holiday decor.

These would also be great for a playdate or sleepover!

DIY Drink Markers on Melissa Creates and Links!

Easy Drink Marker DIYYou guys! One of my most very favorite people, Melissa, just had her first baby! How exciting is that?! I couldn’t be happier for her and her husband. They are going to make the best parents. Since she is on maternity leave, I’m helping her out with a contributing post. I’m sharing a tutorial for these super simple fabric drink markers.

Head over to Melissa Creates to see just how easy, but cute, this DIY is!

If you have a minute, pop over to Babyshower.com to see my latest contributor post for a cute fabric letter sign.

And if you need more cocktail inspiration for the weekend, here are some of my favorite links.

How to make homemade bitters.

Make these gorgeous flower ice cubes for your next party.

You should totally infuse your own vodka with yummy flavors.

Hello summer! (wait, it’s not summer!) But it can taste like it is with this Aguas de Frutas cocktail bar.

How stinking GORGEOUS are these floral drink stirrers?!

And if you are looking for more recipes, follow my cocktails and beverages board on Pinterest!