DIY Drink Markers on Melissa Creates and Links!

Easy Drink Marker DIYYou guys! One of my most very favorite people, Melissa, just had her first baby! How exciting is that?! I couldn’t be happier for her and her husband. They are going to make the best parents. Since she is on maternity leave, I’m helping her out with a contributing post. I’m sharing a tutorial for these super simple fabric drink markers.

Head over to Melissa Creates to see just how easy, but cute, this DIY is!

If you have a minute, pop over to to see my latest contributor post for a cute fabric letter sign.

And if you need more cocktail inspiration for the weekend, here are some of my favorite links.

How to make homemade bitters.

Make these gorgeous flower ice cubes for your next party.

You should totally infuse your own vodka with yummy flavors.

Hello summer! (wait, it’s not summer!) But it can taste like it is with this Aguas de Frutas cocktail bar.

How stinking GORGEOUS are these floral drink stirrers?!

And if you are looking for more recipes, follow my cocktails and beverages board on Pinterest!



Make a Vision Box for your Inspiration #StreamTeam

How to store your inspiration when you don't have room for a bulletin board. #streamteamMy husband and I are magazine junkies. I have lost count of how many subscriptions we have. And is one of my favorite sites. Those glossy pages are some of my favorite places to find inspiration. I’m constantly tearing out the sheets for later reference, but they end up scattered all around the house in a totally unorganized way. I would love to put these gorgeous and motivating visual images up, but there just isn’t a place in my house to put up a bulletin board for all my pretty pictures. So as I was browsing around Target the other day, as you do, I found these fun opaque geometric boxes in the dollar section. Yeah, Target. I decided that it would be the perfect place to store my ideas so I wanted to share it with you too. Do you make vision boards? Well now you can make a vision box.

As part of my partnership with Netflix #StreamTeam, I created this post to go along with their February theme of creating or changing your destiny. And sometimes dreaming is the perfect way to get starting on that path.

Do you create vision boards? I made a box instead. #streamteamI have been trying to find my new “look” for the blog for a while now. So while some people create vision boards of all the big life goals they have, I decided to keep mine focused on visual elements or thoughts that would work in a rebrand for my blog. As I start to narrow down who I think I am as a blogger, it is guiding me to the types of content I am sharing. And in turn, it is helping me to create some new series or at the very least, parameters for what is “on brand.” I take the inspiration and let my mind wander and dream about how I can use it in my own way.

Create a Vision Box for your visual inspiration. #streamteamIf the image or idea is small, I just cut it down to size to fit inside the box.

A vision box is great when you don't have space to put up a bulletin board. #streamteamBut if it is something I need to save the whole page for, I simply fold it in to fourths. It couldn’t be easier and now it is all right in one place!

Create a style box for your visual inspiration. #streamteamThis little box of lovelies will sit on my dresser so I can easily see it as a visual reminder to keep working toward my goal of rebranding. And it will be easy to keep adding inspiration to it as I find it or pull something out that I want to revisit.

A vision box for all your style inspiration. #streamteamThere is definitely more to my story. And as my kids have seen me working on this and adding more images to the box, it has been a great way to introduce them to dreaming big. We talk about goals they have and things they dream of doing one day. My youngest specifically wants to ride Ghost Rider at Knott’s Berry Farm. Which he thinks is hysterical because it is my least favorite ride there.

Netflix has some great shows for the kids all about creating your own destiny. Ever After High and Mako Mermaids are out now but I’m dying to share the new series, Richie Rich with my kids. Richie Rich was always one of my favorite characters growing up (series starts Feb. 20!) And you know any kid, with that much money, obviously had a big dream.

Other shows with great episodes about setting big goals for yourself are Justin Time (episode #13 about walking on the moon), Fame High (do your kids want to be a star?) and The Gabby Douglas Story (for what it really takes to become an Olympian). Also this month my kids found PeeWee’s Playhouse which isn’t necessarily about goals. It’s just fun. They also geeked out over I Spy, a fave of theirs from a few years ago. They really love discovering new and old series on Netflix.

I’ll be checking out Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown to inspire my own wanderlust.

How do you encourage your kids to view life? Do you like to keep it practical or encourage big dreams? If my kids want to start their own vision boxes, I would be happy oblige them. I can’t wait to help them achieve all they set out to do in this world.

Thank you for supporting the brands, like Netflix, that let me create fun ideas for you.

Coffee Lover Free Printable

free coffee printable with touches of leopard print for the coffee and animal print lover. Happy hump day, yo. As I get older, I’ve become really in to coffee. Not only do I look forward to my morning cup beginning the night before but I also enjoy finding those places that serve really delicious coffee. I also love the community aspect of coffee. I love how you can sit and enjoy a cup with someone and use it as a way to really connect and spend time with them. I began drinking coffee, right out of college, rather by necessity when I commuted to Los Angeles for my internship. Although I was getting plenty of sleep at night, the monotonous, stop-and-go drive was enough to make me feel like I was falling asleep at the wheel. The simple act of sipping something warm, helped me to focus and drive safely. Previous to this, I had enjoyed only mochas (because who doesn’t like to drink chocolate) as a desserty treat. Fast forward to today, coffee is now part of “me time.” Sure I drink it while I take the kids to school, but I also really enjoy preparing it in the morning and knowing that I am about to start my day and will hopefully make some magic happen. So I will tell you how this coffee lover free printable came to be.

Free coffee lover printable using Beastie Boys song lyricsBecause I am a music lover, certain song lyrics float around in my head. This one, by the Beastie Boys, had been an idea I had for New Year’s Eve cocktails. I reached out to one of my favorite graphic designers, Heather of River and Bridge, and since I waited until the last-minute to work on it, gave her very minimal details of what I was looking for. What came back, though was so much better. When I opened the file and saw more of a coffee cup type cup, my first thought was, “Heather is a genius.” For most of us, our day doesn’t get started without coffee. And I love that this feels empowering. Do you get that? I usually over think everything.

Free printable for coffee lovers and people in to home decorTo me, this says, don’t waste any of the day. Let’s get started and tackle what awesome things lie ahead.

Free coffee lover printableTo me it says, let’s make a change, collectively. Not just on your own, but as a community. Let’s finish the cup and DO something.

This free printable is perfect for the coffee lover in your life. Even better if they love Beastie Boys.And it is also just fun! What does it mean to you?

Download this print, frame it and remind yourself to make the most of your day. Take the day by storm and finish that cup. Sure, it sometimes takes 2 or 3 cups to get going. But use that time to plan your attack. Then tilt your head back. And finish that cup.

The song printable is set up as an 8×10 but you should be able to shrink it to fit whatever size best suits your needs. This would also make a great gift tag for a coffee lover gift!

Finish the Cup Coffee Printable

See more of Heather’s work on her site: River and Bridge

*I’m looking to do more collaborations! Let me know if you think we can work together!



DIY Leather Stir Stick

Leather and wire drink stirrers.I’m on the fence about a cute drink stirrer. In some cases they are totally useless. Does your drink really need a quick stir? Not usually. But they do look cute. And this DIY leather stir stick was super simple. So today, I’m in to them.  All images by Tammy Mendoza.

Easy leather and wire drink stirrers. Things you need: Wooden Skewers, super strong scissors, leather scraps, wire and a glue gun (not pictured because why would you take a glue gun to the desert?)

Things you don’t need: Herpes, Ugg boots in California (yes I have them but I feel just terrible about it), Tory Burch flip-flops (let’s be honest. they are super overpriced. you know those shoes are really the same as Havianas that they’ve slapped that big gold medallion on.)

DIY leather drink stirrers.Cut your leather pieces. I made mine sort of geometric and non-matching. Oh hey, witchy old lady hands. Look at the size of those knuckles! Ok, I’m done now.

DIY leather drink stirrers.I gave each piece of leather a dab of hot glue to adhere it to the skewer. And then simply wrapped wire around it in a haphazard way.

Champagne Punch and DIY leather drink stirrers.Boom. Now your drink stirrers are too cool for school. And if you left this champagne punch sitting, it would actually separate which would mean that you could use your stir stick for its intended use. But what are you doing leaving this delicious punch sitting around undrunk? I think I need to see other people.

All images shot for Cupcakes and Cutlery by Tammy Mendoza.


Decoupage Holiday Treat Plates

holiday-decoupage-plateChristmas is the time for treats, am I right? And treats are made for sharing. These easy decoupage plates are the perfect thing to gift your holiday desserts on. I love Dishwasher Safe Mod Podge and when I saw that they have a dishwasher safe version I almost cried. How cool is that?!

decoupage-plate-for-holiday-partiesThese glass plates cost .99 cents at Ikea. Just grab some of your favorite fabric and some dishwasher safe Mod Podge.

cut-fabric-for-decoupage-plateCut the fabric to fit the size of the plate. Leave a little overhang to make sure if covers the whole way.

holiday-entertaining-craftFollow the directions on the Mod Podge bottle. Paint on the Mod Podge on to the plate. Then lay out the fabric on top. Smooth it out to make sure there aren’t any wrinkles. Paint on the Mod Podge on to the back of the fabric. Then let dry for an hour. Add more coats (up to 4) leaving each to dry an hour in between.

trim-fabric-from-holiday-craftOnce fully dry, trim the fabric as close to the edge of the plate as possible. Let cure for 24 days or whatever the bottle says. It seems like a really long time but if you want to really put these in the dishwasher then you will want to do it. If you are just doing these for one party then I’d just make sure that they are dried completely.

diy-decoupage-plate-for-holiday-entertainingI fell in love with this holiday fabric. I know it doesn’t look very traditionally holiday, but I think it is perfect.

decoupage-plate-gift-ideaWrap the plate and treats up with a little cellophane and tie with a cute bow and you’ve got the perfect neighbor gift. This is a perfect thing to make for kid’s birthday parties when you are trying have everything be cohesive and part of a theme. It also works with patterned papers, lace doilies, whatevs.