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Make Your Own Keychain Bracelet


Busy moms always have their hands full. Never lose your keys again with this super simple DIY Keychain Bracelet! It takes just minutes to make!

Girl in black pants and green jacket with her arm at her side wearing a gold bracelet with keys on it.

This post was originally published on January 31, 2018 and has now been updated with better instructions.

I came up with this idea when I was trying to figure out a way to have my keys with me without having to put them in a pocket or actually hold them with my hand. Because, mom life.

When taking a walk or running a quick errand, sometimes you don’t need a whole bag. This way, you can always have your keys with you.

I always have my phone with me and except for just a few outfits, I usually can stash it in a pocket (even though I usually just hold it in my hand). Or wear my cross-body case.

And I always have my keys. Yes, those can go in a pocket, but my hip and behind area doesn’t need any bulking up from outside objects.

Then I saw a key bracelet in a magazine. And I knew it was just what I needed and wouldn’t be hard to make my own.

Printable pages on top of an image of kitchen gadgets with text next to it.

What is a Keychain Bracelet?

It’s basically a bracelet to hold keys. No need for physically holding on to it, you literally just wear your keys. I had all the pieces to make my own homemade bangle keychain. So I did. And then I had to make sure you thought of this too so you can wear your keys.

Why You Need a Wearable Keychain

I mentioned before that I like to wear my DIY bracelet keychain while I pick up the kids from school or for a walk. But I also like to use it when I go to the store.

I like that I know exactly where my keys are and don’t have to go searching for them in the bottom of my big old bag. 

These are also great for ball games when you don’t want to bring a bag with you but need to have a place for your car keys. There really isn’t a time when this key chain idea would be a bad idea!  

So simple! It’s a DIY bracelet key holder that takes just a few minutes to make. You may even be able to roam around your home and find the pieces to make one.


A gold keyring attached to a clasp and pink heart next to a key and gold bracelet laying flat on a white table.

A lobster clasp key ring makes it easy to hook and unhook your keys to whatever bangle you choose.

Since these bangles are pretty flat, you may be able to use a regular key ring.

How to Make a Keychain Bracelet

If you’re looking for some crazy elaborate How to Make a Keychain Bracelet tutorial, you’re in the wrong place. 

Gold bangle bracelet, a key, and a keychain ring attached to a clasp with a pink heart sitting on a white table.
  1. Grab a bangle bracelet set
  2. Put your key on your keyring attached to the lobster clasp.
  3. Clip the clasp on to the bracelet.
  4. Put your bracelet on your wrist.

And if you wanted to make this a little closer to the original, you can buy a silicone bracelet instead of a gold bangle. 

Woman wearing green jacket wearing a gold bracelet with keys on it and touching the bracelet with her other hand.

SO easy. Even a baby could do it. A baby, that is, who is practical and stylish.


  • This bracelet keychain idea would also make great gifts for your mom friends!
  • You can make this more stylish and personalized by adding charms or tassels or anything you can attach to the keyring.

All clothing in the post is by Cabi!

Woman in green jacket wearing a gold bracelet with keys hanging from it.

Make your own homemade bangle keychain to ensure that you always have a way to carry your keys and still be hands-free! It’s a great simple DIY for stylish moms. 

Buy a Ready-Made Keychain Bracelet

Or purchase the bracelet for keys that inspired my DIY: check out O-Venture. 

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