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Easy Homemade Halloween Candles


These easy homemade Halloween candles are a little creepy, a little cute, and a whole lot of simple. 

Simple homemade Halloween candles will have you feeling creepy with plastic bugs.

I’m not that into Halloween but I do like to try to decorate a little for the kids. I don’t do horror instead I tend to go for cute Halloween decorations like these homemade Halloween candles.

Easy Homemade Halloween Candles

But really, there is nothing more horrifying than ants, am I right? To me, ants are the devil so these oversized plastic bugs are the perfect creepy thing to turn store-bought candles into some easy Halloween home decor.

Easy homemade Halloween decorations mean you can control the creep factor in your home. And with these simple (super inexpensive!) DIY candles, you can make them as crawly as your little heart can take.

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What you'll need to make Halloween candles.

How to Make DIY Halloween Candles



Just head to your local 99 Cent store and pick up these blank white pillar candles (many grocery stores carry these also). While you are there, grab some creepy plastic Halloween decorations that would be perfect for making your decorative candles.


Grab your glue gun and you’re almost done. Glue the bugs on as you see fit. Boom. Just like that, you have Halloween DIY decorations.

Because the glass is so smooth and the underside of my bugs were uneven, some of these fell off easily. Next time, I would take a little bit of sandpaper or a metal file and file down the surface of the glass where I want to adhere the bugs.

You could also try other types of adhesive. E6000 might be another good option.

Homemade halloween decoration ideas with diy candles.

You may remember these Halloween candles from my adult party with jewelry making activity. Don’t they look great?! When Halloween is over, just pull off the glue and the bugs and use the blank candles for another holiday DIY!

I love a craft that keeps giving, don’t you? Your Halloween decoration ideas don’t need to be over the top. Instead, keep them simple and cute.

Other Ways to Decorate Halloween Candles 

These ants are definitely creepy, but there are also a lot of other ways to decorate these candles and make them into your own favorite decor. 

More Ways to Decorate White Candles 

  • Orange and black ribbon
  • Paint them – splatter some red paint to make them look bloody
  • Glue plastic spiders on them

More Halloween Candle Ideas

Where to Display Your Halloween Candles

These will look perfect on a spooky mantel. Or you can create a Halloween-themed breakfast tray and display it in your living room. 

Bring your spooky candles out to your front porch and light them. They will set the perfect mood as trick-or-treaters stop by. 

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These easy homemade Halloween candles are cute, and creepy, and can be made SO fast! With a little bit of supervision, you could also have your kids help you make these! 

This post was originally published on October 20, 2015, and has now been updated for clarity and readability.

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