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Homemade Christmas Ornaments


These homemade woven ornaments are a great gift idea for friends and family and perfect to keep kids busy during the holiday break!

DIY yarn woven Christmas Ornaments.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. And this year I decided to make some ornaments. It is also a good craft to do with your older kids.

I thought my 6-year-old would like to do this but he had a hard time with the over-under idea of the sewing. Either way, it kept him busy while I finished mine.

And I just love yarn crafts. Don’t you?

What You’ll Need

Easy yarn Christmas ornaments for your holiday decor.

I had seen this plastic grid in the craft store and always wanted to do something with it. Then it dawned on me. Woven ornaments.

I could have used yarn that I already owned but decided to pick up the craft yarn that is sold next to the plastic sheets.

And I thought these plastic yarn needles would work but they ended up not fitting through the squares. Luckily I had smaller yarn needles at home to work with.

You could also wrap the tip of the yarn with scotch tape to get it to fit through the hole but I much prefer a needle.

How to Make Woven Ornaments

Christmas ornament DIY with yarn.

All you have to do is cut out your shapes from the plastic and start sewing, making whatever patterns you like.

A lot of the plastic ends up showing through so I actually went back and spray-painted the plastic shapes silver before starting to sew.

I also picked up another sheet of plastic that they sell in hot pink. Because why not. They might be untraditional colors for Christmas but I love that.

Yarn Christmas ornament DIY.

I think they turned out really cute. They were my favorite kind of craft where you can do it while you watch tv.

These will sit nicely on a tree or you can use a metal hook to hang them. You could even do this on a much larger scale and use each sheet for a single letter and create words for your mantle.

DIY woven Christmas ornament.


Yarn ornament craft DIY for Christmas.

And how awesome do they look on this white tree!!

Lightning bolt DIY yarn Christmas ornament.

I love lightning bolts. What can I say? I am sure Santa does too.

Kids Christmas craft idea. DIY ornaments.

And of course, my son wanted in on the action. I love that he is pretty much cross-eyed from looking at the ornament he’s holding.

And isn’t his shirt great? It cracks me up when he wears himself to school. Do you make homemade Christmas ornaments?

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