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Father’s Day Craft with Balloons


Warning. If you don't like popping balloons, this might not be the craft for you. But if you are looking for a fun Father's Day gift idea and easy craft, you'll definitely want to make these special message balloons.Sorry Dads. From here on out, every Father’s Day will be celebrated with balloons. Your “Pop” will love it. Get it? I don’t love when balloons pop but in this instance, I’m embracing it. There is no better way to jazz up a gift for Dad than with this super simple Father’s Day craft idea. The prep is easy and the kids can totally have a hand in making a super special moment for Dad.

Here's a great Father's Day gift idea and simple craft. Grab all of dad's favorite things for a gift basket and tie on some special message balloons! Your "pop" will love this! I think gift baskets are always a great Dad gift idea. If I let my kids be involved in gifting, chances are my husband is going to end up with a Lego set or Harry Potter book (my kids like to shop with themselves in mind…). I like to splurge on things that he loves but I don’t buy all the time (like his favorite almonds) and I also like to try to encourage him to take some time for himself since he works way too much. Aside from the gift, you just need a few supplies to create these balloon notes. I grabbed some cute paper at the craft store, some marble balloons and white yarn and my paper-cutter from the garage.
Dad's would love to get a special note from the kids. Hide them in balloons and surprise dad with this fun Father's Day activity and gift. I pre-cut the paper to about 3″ x 1″ which I thought would be a good size for notes. I had my kids write their Dad some messages and draw him some pictures. Some of them were sweet and some were really funny. My husband loves to laugh so I let the kids write whatever they thought would make him giggle, which means I am certain there are some fart jokes…Looking for fun Father's Day Ideas? Make these cute balloon notes for the "pop" in your life! When all of the notes were written, the kids rolled them up.Balloons are awesome! Roll up little notes and then blow up the balloons. Have your favorite "pop" pop each balloon to get the special message! It's a great simple craft idea that your kids can make for Father's Day!Then we put them in the balloons…
Here's a fun Father's Day craft idea! Hide messages inside balloons and have your favorite "pop" pop them to get it out! and used a Balloon Time helium tank to blow the balloons up. In these marble balloons, you can’t even tell there is a note inside. If you used a clear balloon, you’d be able to see the pretty marble paper of the notes through them. I used 5 balloons, but you could also put 5 notes inside 1 large balloon. Make this idea yours! Celebrate the best "pop" on Father's Day with this fun craft idea. Have the kids hide messages in balloons and tie them to a gift basket of all his favorite things. After we filled up all the balloons, we tied them on to the gift basket. At this point it just looks festive. But the boys were so excited about the fact that Dad would have to pop all of those balloons to get his funny notes out. Celebrate "pop" on Father's Day with this simple craft idea and gift basket. Although this is a simple idea that is super easy to execute, it’s fun, colorful and makes a big impact for not a lot of effort. Major key.Give dad a special Father's Day memory by writing personal messages to him! It's a super simple craft idea! I loved watching my husband read the notes. He loves being a Dad and this was a fun way to celebrate him. Here's a fun Father's Day gift and craft idea! Who doesn't love balloons? Hide special notes in each balloon for your favorite "pop" to find! This is a super simple Father’s Day craft idea that all the Dads in your life will love! Plus, who doesn’t love balloons! This isn’t for the faint of heart so be sure to warn people about the popping balloons if you are celebrating with extended family!

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