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Printable Labels for DIY Holiday Room Spray


You don’t need a real Christmas tree to enjoy the scents of the holidays. To make sure our home smells festive, I created a recipe for a DIY holiday room spray, and my friend Jenny created some cute labels so you can even give it as a gift.

Make a DIY room spray for the holidays.

I just got back from a week-long trip and now I feel like I can prep my home for the holidays.

In California, you can’t get your Christmas tree too early because if the weather warms up, your tree can dry out and die. It’s only happened a few times in my life, thank goodness.

Candy cane martinis on a table with text next to it.

There is nothing worse than getting your tree all decorated only to have to remove it all and do it over on a new tree. Dried out trees are a huge fire hazard and I’m not taking any chances by leaving a dead tree hanging around.

So to make sure our house has a little bit of holiday joy, before we buy our tree, I created a recipe for a DIY holiday room spray which I am sharing over on Minted’s blog, Julep.

Essential Oils for Room Sprays

Cinnamon bark essential oil is perfect in this holiday room spray blend.

You know I’m a fan of essential oils. I love that they can change the energy of a space, with just a few spritzes of a room spray or in a diffuser. I have been adding cinnamon bark to all my blends lately. It instantly makes you feel cheerful. 

Essential oils for holiday scented room spray.

So I decided to create a holiday blend that would help to get me in the Christmas spirit. It’s super easy to make and you can modify the recipe to suit your nose (or appease your husband if he is like mine and hates anything smelly). 

Get the DIY room spray how-to on Julep!

Printable labels for DIY holiday room spray.

Adding the Labels

My friend Jenny created these cute printable labels for me.

These labels were not designed to fit a specific label size. When I make a room spray, I often just use double-stick tape to adhere the label.

I don’t usually make the same room spray over and over but make new ones to try new blends.

You could make the label more waterproof by covering with a few layers of satin tape. Just print out the labels (there are several to a sheet) and add to your bottle however you want.

What a cute gift this would be to give to neighbors and your kid’s teachers!

Download the Holiday Room Spray Labels

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This post was originally published on December 15, 2016, and has now been updated for readability.

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