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Easy Plastic Fang Halloween Decor Tutorial


Do you like to make your own Halloween decor? This easy wall decoration uses inexpensive plastic fangs to create a creepy, yet colorful backdrop on your wall. Follow this tutorial to create this Plastic Fang Halloween decor that is perfect for Halloween parties or a spooky vignette in your home! plastic vampire fangs Halloween garland idea

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Quick and Easy Plastic Fang Halloween Decor

My kids are so excited about Halloween this year. They have been wanting to decorate for the last few weeks. But since Halloween is my least favorite holiday I have been stalling. Then we found this awesome neon green skeleton. He reminded me that the decorations don’t need to be so gory and dark.  

And because these decorations are only kept up for a short period of time, I like really easy Halloween decorating ideas. If they are inexpensive, that’s even better.

When I saw these colorful and cheap plastic vampire fangs, it just made sense to do something with them. This plastic fang Halloween garland idea is a cute DIY craft! Bright colored plastic fangs for an easy Halloween garland.

How to Make Plastic Vampire Teeth Wall Decor


You can pick whatever color string you want. And the teeth come in all kinds of colors depending on where you buy them. They even have a glow in the dark version which would work great if you had darker walls.


Tie a knot or loop the yarn around one side of the plastic fangs. Do the same thing to the other side. Attach the ends of the yarn to the wall with washi tape or tie them to straight pins or nails. 

You can tie several on one piece of string. Just do what you think looks best. Yarn and plastic teeth are all you need for quick and easy Halloween decorating. Here is a closer look at the simple loop I did around the side of the fangs with the yarn. I then did the same thing on the other side of the fangs.

Black, white and bright Halloween wall decoration.And then I simply tied the other ends to my backdrop poles but you can easily use washi or masking tape to attach these to the wall. When taping your garlands, just make it look intentional. Create a small “x” with two pieces of tape on each end.

Not only will this help to hold the string a little better, but no make it look like you designed it that way and didn’t just stick it up on the wall with tape.

This set up would work really great as a photo backdrop for your Halloween party.

And of course, you should set out extra teeth to use as props in the photos. Just make sure each person takes their teeth with them after they’ve used them.

Because, ew.

See, your Halloween home decor totally doesn’t have to be complicated. Easy Halloween Decor with plastic vampire teeth. These teeth are always a favorite in my household. The persona my youngest son takes on when he has these in his mouth is hilarious. What do I not enjoy? The slobber that comes with it. plastic Vampire teeth garland for cheap and easy Halloween decorating.

Cute, right?

halloween garland idea with plastic vampire fangs.

And it couldn’t be easier! 

Vampire teeth garland for cheap and easy Halloween decorating. #spon

Easy Plastic Fang Halloween Garland

This easy Halloween garland idea is inexpensive and colorful. It works really well as wall decor or even a photobooth back drop!
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Course: Craft / DIY
Prep Time: 3 minutes
Cook Time: 7 minutes
Total Time: 10 minutes
Servings: 1 Wall Decoration
Cost: $3


  • Scissor


  • String or yarn
  • Pack of plastic fangs
  • Tape


  • Tie a knot or loop the yarn around one side of the plastic fangs.
  • Do the same thing to the other side.
  • Attach the ends of the yarn to the wall with washi tape or tie them to straight pins or nails. 
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halloween wall garland idea with plastic teeth

This easy plastic fang Halloween decor is perfect for the busy mom looking to make her kids smile without spending a ton of money or taking a lot of time!

Looking for a cute Halloween decor idea? This DIY vampire fang garland uses cheap plastic teeth and can be made in just a few minutes!

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