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DIY Yarn Wall Hanging Kid’s Craft


This fun DIY Yarn Wall Hanging is a great idea for any room in the house. Bare walls are so boring! This easy-to-make boho-esque craft adds a decorative touch to a blank wall.

Kids room with a peace sign wall hanging above the bed.

Yarn crafts are usually inexpensive and easy to customize making this DIY wall art a great way to add color and texture to your home decor. This Knotted Yarn Garland is great for the holidays. And these yarn bracelets are great at St. Patrick’s Day.

But if you’re looking for an activity to do with the kids, make a peace sign yarn hanging! 

Make a DIY Yarn Wall Hanging

I’m not the craftiest person. But once in a while, I know that I have the basic skills to tackle something simple. Yarn crafts are one area that shine. And I know this is easy to recreate for other beginners.

My son wanted a peace sign wall hanging when we were giving his bedroom a little decor update and I couldn’t find one anywhere. 

Making yarn wall decor is really easy to make and inexpensive too. And not only does it look cute on the wall, but it would also make a fun homemade gift idea. 

This easy DIY yarn wall hanging tutorial will show you how to make a cute wall decoration for your kid’s room! 

Printable pages on top of an image of kitchen gadgets with text next to it.


Yarn, scissors and an embroidery hoop to make a diy yarn wall hanging.

There are tons of tutorials on the web for making your own wall art with yarn. While I love macrame, that is much more difficult! This requires a few simple knots. So easy! 

I loved this peach-colored hoop I found at my Joann’s craft store. But Amazon has a lot of colors too. And there is something to be said for the simplicity of the standard wooden hoops.

If I was making one of these for my room, I would probably use muted colors or a wood option.

But for a kid’s room, a colored hoop is awesome!

I don’t know why yarn makes me so happy. I love yarn crafts. They are usually super easy and inexpensive.

And yarn comes in so many different colors and textures. This black and white combo stopped me in my tracks.

For this craft, I wanted to use yarn that was a little bit thicker than you typically find in kid’s crafts. You can use regular, thin yarn, but it won’t look quite as full, or it will take you to double the time to double up on the yarn.

How to make yarn wall art

Steps to make diy yarn wall art with knots and a hoop.
  1. Cut about 40 lengths of string approximately 2-3 feet long. They don’t need to be exact, as you can see from the image below the bottom is uneven.
  2. Take one piece of string and fold it in half.
  3. Loop a piece of string under the embroidery hoop and pull the ends back through the loop.
  4. Then just pull it snug.
  5. Repeat with all the sting, making sure to spread out the colors as you prefer
Wall decor made from yarn and an embroidery hoop with a peace sign.

To add the peace sign to a yarn wall hanging

  1. Create a loop with a piece of yarn at the top of the hoop.
  2. Pull it taught and knot it at the bottom of the hoop and tuck the knot under some of the loops hanging off the bottom.
  3. Take two small pieces of string and attach them to the string going from top to bottom a little above halfway.
  4. Attach each of those ends to the outside of the embroidery hoop so that it looks like a peace sign.

I love how raw the yarn is at the bottom so I left it uneven on purpose. But you can trim it up if you want it to feel more organized.

Boy looking in a mirror with a ninja halloween costume on.

I couldn’t wait to show my son when he got home from school. He loved it. And then promptly moved on to his swords. I think he’s been a ninja for Halloween for 4 years now. 

This fun yarn wall art would be fun to make with the kids too. Have them pick out all the pieces and then direct them how to make the easy loops. It really is even easier than making a knot. 

Kid in bat halloween costume.

The yarn wall hanging looks so cute on his bedroom wall. This DIY was super cheap to make and was done in just a few minutes! I can’t wait to make more for the rest of the house. 

We decided to keep things super simple and just use yarn. But you could also add in some macrame-style knots or beads, etc.

Originally posted October 14, 2013.

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    1. I saw that yarn and I had to have it! I’m sure I’ll use it for tons of other things too!

  1. Dream catchers are such an easy activity for the kids to do too. My daughter just did one in school with a Halloween theme… it has spiders in it. So cute.

    1. A Halloween dream catcher sounds super cute! We’ll have to put that on our to-do list for next year!

  2. My daughter loves dream catchers! This might be a perfect craft for her to do on one of these upcoming snowy days.

  3. i love these! i’ve been wanting to make something for over our bed. these would be so pretty on either side of a wedding pic!

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