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DIY Edible Confetti for Drinks


Dress up your hot cocoa with DIY Edible Confetti! It takes just a minute to create fun shapes and words to top your drinks with. Trust me, your kids will LOVE this idea!

A mug of hot chocolate on a napkin topped with triangle shaped edible confetti.

This homemade confetti for drinks was originally posted on November 13, 2013. It has since been updated to include better information.

Why Make Drink Confetti

I am in love with this edible drink confetti

NOTE: I just tried to make some for my black coffee and they sunk immediately. This works best on something a little thicker like hot chocolate or eggnog.

I had seen sugar sheets at my local craft store and always wondered what I could do with them. While I lack cake decorating skills but I don’t suffer for creativity.

My youngest son doesn’t like regular whipped cream, only this whipped cream on his hot cocoa. So I decided to create some homemade confetti to float on top instead.

While I only did the DIY confetti in hot cocoa in these posts, I know they would also be awesome in cocktails, juice, and pretty much any other beverage you could think of. 

They would even be pretty darn cute in milk (the sugar sheets come in colors too, although they can be hard to find. Just grab some color mist to color your own!)


A decorative hole punch on a cutting board next to a sheet of edible decorative sheets.

The sugar sheets are pretty thin but sturdy enough to work with a hole puncher.

I used a variety of decorative punches to create easy shapes. The punch, shown here, created a bunch of triangles at once, but I can’t find that one online.

But you can also create free-hand shapes with a pair of scissors like I did with the word “yo”.

How to Make Edible Confetti

A decorative hole puncher punching triangle shapes

To ensure that I didn’t waste much of the sugar sheet, I cut about a 2″ wide stripe off with scissors.

These sheets come with a clear acetate backing to make them a little sturdier to work with.

Leave it on when making larger shapes or letters and then peel it off before you add them to the drink. 

For the smaller shapes, you’ll want to remove the clear plastic prior to punching. Ain’t nobody got time to try to peel that almost invisible backing off of a million tiny little triangles.

There is a large variety of decorative punches that you can use to make this confetti. Plus there are fun seasonal shapes too, like a heart!

You want individual shapes, not really a border. Some of the border punches are great though since they also have shapes (like my triangles) which you could punch out all at once.

How cute would little snowflakes be in hot cocoa?! Sprinkles are totally yesterday’s news.

The word "yo" made out of edible confetti in some hot cocoa.

You can use letters to personalize a drink. Or just leave a cheeky little message.

A quick tip:  To put them in the drink so they look cutest, you have to try to drop them so they land evenly. 

If you drop them in sideways, they have a tendency to dip into the liquid and you end up with some liquid on top (the “O” above) or they just sink below the surface.

It still looks cute but you do not get the maximum cute factor.

Close up of a heart shaped edible confetti floating on top of hot chocolate.

You can send a love note to your boo. This is basically the only type of coffee art I would be capable of…

Kid holding a mug of hot chocolate topped with edible confetti polka dots.

Or you can make cute little polka dots.

My youngest LOVED having the edible confetti in his hot cocoa. 

The sugar sheets are slightly sweet and taste kind of like fondant but are so thin there is actually very little flavor. 

I was worried about how quickly the edible confetti would dissolve in the warm drink but they totally held up. 

I hope you will try this DIY edible confetti in your beverages and let me know how you liked it!

Close up of edible confetti that says "yo" in some hot cocoa.

DIY Edible Confetti

Dress up your hot cocoa with DIY Edible Confetti! It takes just a minute to create fun shapes and words to top your drinks with. Trust me, your kids will LOVE this idea!
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Course: Drinks
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 5 minutes
Cost: 10


  • Decorative Punch



  • Take the sugar sheet out of the packaging.
  • Use scissors to cut a 2" wide strip.
  • Place the strip into the decorative punch or use a handheld punch to punch out the shape.
  • If the shapes are small, remove the plastic backing before punching.
  • If the shapes are larger, you can remove it after.
  • Place on the surface of a drink by trying to drop it evenly and flat on the surface.
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