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Black Friday Survival Kit Gift Idea


I created this Black Friday Survival Kit to make your hectic shopping day (or a friend’s if you gift this to them) a little better. 

Black Friday survival kit.

Black Friday shopping is a tradition for my best friend and me. Every year, we meet very early on Black Friday morning and get a nice big chunk of shopping done. We score as many deals as we can find which is awesome.

Just because we sacrifice sleep for our families to get all the things they want on their lists, though, doesn’t mean we get to take the rest of the day off.

How to Make a Black Friday Survival Kit

This Black Friday survival kit doesn’t just work on Black Friday. It’s perfect for any long day of holiday shopping at crowded malls or shopping centers.

I’ve never had one of those super awesome Christmas shopping experiences. You know, like a fight breaking out over a hot toy or someone cutting the line to try to snatch a great deal.

But navigating a busy parking lot is sometimes all you need to raise stress levels. By having this survival kit ready ahead of time, it will ensure a great day. 

What to include in a Christmas shopping survival kit gift idea.

I mean, how excited would your shopping friend be if you pulled up at her house, basically in the middle of the night, with this kit designed to make her Christmas shopping day more enjoyable!? 

What to Include in Your Black Friday Survival Kit

Christmas shopping survival kit gift idea for your girlfriends.

This Black Friday survival kit is full of things to help her wake up and get her day going, and also recover after a full day of shopping. 

Add iced coffee to your survival kit.

Our Black Friday routine always starts with us heading straight to Toys R Us to try to grab whatever deals we can find without being stuck in huge crowds.

We usually don’t get coffee until after that first stop but this year I noticed that I would have probably been a little more alert had I had a coffee drink on the way to the store.

A bottled coffee beverage would do just the trick.

Your kit could also include things to make being at the stores a little more pleasant like gum, hand sanitizer, lavender essential oil to calm you down, etc. But you don’t want to have to juggle too many things in your purse.

With all my holiday shopping lists and store ads, I don’t want to have to rummage through too many things.

Black Friday shopping survival kit gift idea.

When the shopping day is done it’s time to celebrate your savings and relax your tired feet.

I love these individual Freixenet sparkling wine bottles. It’s the perfect celebratory treat!

This peppermint lotion (remember my post on their goat milk lotions?) would be a nice, tingly way to rest your feet.

And to restore some of your holiday cheer that may have been drained by rude cashiers or dumb humans in general, use a DIY room spray full of holiday scents. 

Plan Ahead for Dinner

Ingredients to make tortilla soup with Snap E Tom juice.

And the absolute LAST thing I want to do after being on my feet all day, tired to the bone, is worry about what to make for dinner.

The Black Friday survival kit includes all the ingredients to make my favorite super easy tortilla soup recipe.

Well, almost all the ingredients. You still need jack cheese but I wouldn’t want that sitting out the whole time we are shopping.

If you are giving this as a gift to someone, make sure they know that they will need to pick up the cheese on the way home. Or if you are making it for yourself, pick it up ahead of time.

Could you use this Black Friday survival kit or do you do all your holiday shopping online?? Even so, this survival kit makes a great holiday gift idea for friends and family!

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