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Self Care Ideas for Moms and a Tully Movie Review


I was inspired to put together a list of easy self care ideas for moms that are easy for them to include in their lives daily after watching the movie Tully. Because moms have needs too. From the trailer you can tell that this movie will be relatable to moms everywhere, no matter your age or stage in motherhood. I walked away with an even greater appreciation for self care and how important it is for moms to not always put themselves last.

Movie poster from Tully movie and self care ideas for moms.

Self-Care Ideas for Moms

I was invited to attend the Red Carpet Premier of Tully which included a screening of the movie. This post also contains affiliate links which means if you purchase something via the link, I am compensated. 

Diablo Cody’s real life experience was the driving force for this movie. As a working mother of a newborn, she realized just how difficult it was to juggle exhaustion and lack of energy with handling the daily tasks and being a present parent.

There is no sugar-coating motherhood in this film. It’s real, it’s sad, it’s funny and it’s hard to watch at times.

But Tully does give hope to moms everywhere who feel like they must be the only ones that can’t get it all done. It also explores the idea of a mom’s version of the midlife crisis as she thinks about what her life was like before kids and where she is at the moment.

Through the highs and lows of the movie, woven deftly with the perfect amount of humor, you come away with an overwhelming sense that moms are not practicing enough self care and that we are often harder on ourselves than anyone around us which leads to a lot of anxiety

Bags with first aid cross on them for talking about self care for moms

Easy Ways to Include Self-Care Into Your Busy Day

To think about taking time away from all the other duties that come along with being a mom so you can focus on yourself sounds really overwhelming. But it really isn’t. Some of these ideas for self care are easier than others.

Some are no-cost and some require a hotel stay. Most of these things are things you can add in daily while others are once in a while events. It’s important to cut yourself some slack and give yourself some rewards for the hard work you do as moms.

1. Put on loud music | Whether you want to change your mood or just put on a favorite song, turn it up and feel the music.

2. Buy flowers to put where you spend most of your time | Make your “work” space beautiful.

3. Diffuse some essential oils | Make it smell like a spa, give your room good vibes or calm down with lavender.

4. Watch TV in the middle of the day | It’s ok to be lazy on purpose.

5. Take yourself out to lunch | Go to your favorite spot and get whatever you want! 

Cozy slippers on the floor next to a couch and self care ideas for moms.

6. Read a magazine | There’s something about reading a magazine that feels so luxurious.

7. Take a bath | Burn a candle and soak your cares away.

8. Grocery shop online | This is one thing that really made me feel like I had my life back! Try AmazonFresh Free Trial It’s life changing! We don’t often think to outsource our mom duties but it can be such a great way to feel centered.

9. Get an inexpensive massage | There’s a place in the strip mall by my house that costs $25 for a half hour reflexology massage. This is not a day spa situation, but sometimes it’s just what the doctor ordered.

10. Go to a new store you’ve been wanting to check out | I don’t know why exploring a new store can be so exciting!

Still of Tully and Marlo from Tully movie.

Tully helps Charlize’ character, Marlo, realize that her life doesn’t have to be about only being a mother. Through their quirky friendship, Marlo is able to find herself again and let go of the past that she won’t/can’t have back. It’s a great lesson for the female viewers and I know it’s a struggle I’ve felt over the years.

11. Head to the coffee shop | Grabbing a delicious coffee drink is a quick errand but let’s you get out of the house for a few minutes.

12. Don’t do your hair! | I usually reserve this for days when I don’t have any big events planned, but not doing my hair is one of the best acts of self care I could do!

13. Girl’s night out with a friend | Sometimes getting dressed up and going to a decidedly un-kid friendly place with your friend helps to see things more clearly.

14. Get a mani/pedi | When I have freshly painted toes, I feel like I can take on the world, plus the little bit of pampering is nice.

Mackenzie Davis in a movie still from the Tully movie.

As moms, we get overwhelmed with the demands placed on us by our families and ourselves. Of course we love our children with every fiber of our being but you can easy end up feeling consumed by caring for them and putting yourself last.

Tully is about asking for help when we need it and learning how to let preconceived notions go. It’s about doing your best and not feeling like a failure when you can’t handle it all like a champ.

15. Escape to a hotel by yourself | This is an advanced maneuver but when I get to stay in a hotel by myself I feel like a whole adult person again.

16. Plan a girl’s getaway | Getting away with other mom friends for some drinks and laughter is soul restorative.

17. Pick up your favorite snack | I try to keep my favorite snacks out of the house because I have no willpower, so having them is a special treat!

18. Take a drive with a great playlist | Drive down the coast or through a scenic area and enjoy the music and time by yourself.

19. Make sangria | Sangria seems like something you drink at a party, but you should splurge and make your favorite recipe for yourself to enjoy

20. Order dinner in! | Give yourself the night off and still get your family fed. Then kick your feet up on the couch and wait for the delivery. 

Face masks on a table promoting Tully plus self care ideas for women

Take Care of Yourself

After the screening, staff handed out face masks promoting the movie. It was such a perfect takeaway. It was such a nice gesture encouraging you to take time for yourself.

I wasn’t sure how to approach this Tully movie review. I’ll be honest, there are some twists in the movie. And I absolutely don’t want to give them away. Be prepared to cry when you see this in theaters. It will really resonate with everyone (there have been reports of people sobbing during the screenings).

While moms, of course, will take it to heart, I think fathers will have their eyes opened to what their wives probably went through (or are going through). This movie does not bash the father for not taking on more of the burden. It’s a realistic look at how most households raise kids and all the big feelings that come with motherhood.

This movie is like a love letter to moms and a way to encourage them to be strong and be a littler easier on themselves.

I loved everything about this movie. And I think you’re really going to love it too!

A mother of three, including a newborn, is gifted a night nanny by her brother. Hesitant to the extravagance at first, Marlo comes to form a unique bond with the thoughtful, surprising and sometimes challenging young nanny named Tully.

Thank you to Focus Features for having me attend the premiere and screening of Tully. Movie stills are courtesy Focus Features.

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  1. Such good ideas here. I always buy myself flowers. It’s the best $5 bucks I spend all week. Need to get with all the others too.

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