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DIY Snowflake Balloons for the Holidays


These DIY Snowflake Balloons are a super simple homemade holiday decoration idea that are totally easy!) They add a festive touch to any Christmas party and the best part is, they only take about 10 minutes to make!

Easy DIY snowflake balloons for Christmas parties and decorations.
Let’s make easy Snowflake Balloons!

These easy balloons with snowflakes were sponsored by Balloon Time. This balloon craft tutorial can be used around the house for the holidays.

A Holiday Balloon DIY You’ll Love

These DIY Snowflake Balloons are super easy and are a holiday decoration that I don’t mind hanging (literally – you know how long mylar balloons can last!) around my house.

We don’t typically host a big holiday party but I do like to try to have some fun and festive playdates for the boys.

While I won’t get crazy with party decorations, I do like to try to make things a little more special this time of year. And balloons are a great way to do this.

Why This Craft Works

DIY Snowflake Balloons are super easy to make and make a visual impact in your party space.

It’s a pretty inexpensive homemade craft that requires just a few minutes of hands-on time.

Using festive colors, you can make the perfect Christmas party decor that is unfussy and totally fun and would love great with a yarn garland and a photo banner.

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Pairing leopard with the traditional green and red holiday colors adds an unexpected twist!

If you are hosting a large party, they can line the walkway leading to your front door. They are also cute attached to a bar cart or tied to a weight and placed in corners.


Mylar balloons and napkins on a table to make a diy holiday decoration.
What you need to make a snowflake balloon.

You can buy the tanks online but I have found that the price is better at Walmart or Target. And, of course, if you would rather have them blown up for you, you can order balloons at Party City or take the helium balloons to your local grocery store.

Large bouquets of blown-up balloons can be hard to transport, though.

NOTE: Using napkins is ideal. They come in a lot of fun colors and patterns but they are also usually lighter than paper. When making balloon crafts, it is important to not add more weight than the helium can support.

How to make Snowflake Balloons

Woman cutting a leopard print napkin into a snowflake for using on a diy balloon decoration.

1. Cut out a snowflake

Is it crazy that I had to look up how to cut out a snowflake?

I remember making them all the time as a kid! Look it up if you have to so you know where to make your cuts.

Try not to make them all the same, after all, no two snowflakes are alike! This is also where you can have your kids help out.

They LOVE to cut things out and make tiny little paper confetti all over the floor. 

A leopard print snowflake on a table and a woman grabbing a pair of scissors.

If you are using napkins, remember that most of them have several layers. Carefully peel the patterned layer away from the other layers.

You can totally use these other layers on other balloons. I know I said don’t make any the same, but this is just efficient.

Woman blowing up a helium balloon with a tank.

2. Blow up balloons

Use your Balloon Time Helium Tank to blow up your balloons. It’s so easy to use this tank and I freaking love having it at home for whenever I want to blow up a balloon.

Balloons really do make everything better.

Woman adding ribbon to a balloon she blew up with helium.

3. Add ribbon

Tie on a ribbon to your inflated balloon. While curling ribbon might not be the coolest way to tether a balloon, it is one of the lightest!

Plus every Balloon Time Helium Tank comes with a spool of ribbon! 

Woman using spray adhesive on a snowflake while holding a balloon with her other hand.

4. Add the snowflake

Spray adhesive works the best for attaching your snowflakes. I staged doing this on my table for the photo but you must use the spray outside!

It is CRAZY sticky so you want to make sure it doesn’t get on your table, etc.

Woman glueing a paper snowflake to a mylar balloon for a homemade Christmas decoration.

Smooth out the snowflake on the balloon. And your DIY snowflake balloons are done. So easy! 

Woman holding snowflake balloon in front of her face.

Fun, right? 

A woman's hand holding a green mylar balloon with a snowflake on it in front of a wall.

I just love these snowflake balloons, don’t you? 


  • While I am making these Snowflake Balloons in a holiday theme, you can use this same technique to make custom balloons for any occasion.
  • Again, be sure to use the spray adhesive outside! It’s crazy sticky and smells a lot.
  • You don’t need a heavy hand with the spray glue. If you are using one ply of a napkin, you don’t want to saturate the paper so much that it dissolves or is too wet.
Woman holding diy snowflake balloons for Christmas.

Whether you are having a party or just want to add a little pizzazz around your house for the holidays, these DIY Snowflake Balloons are the perfect thing to make!

Images by Dez and Tam Photography

Candy cane martinis on a table with text next to it.

More easy balloon ideas

Close up of a diy snowflake balloon.

Snowflake Balloons for Christmas

These DIY Snowflake Balloons are a super simple homemade holiday decoration idea that are totally easy!) They add a festive touch to any Christmas party and the best part is, they only take about 10 minutes to make!
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Course: Craft / DIY
Prep Time: 15 minutes
Total Time: 15 minutes
Servings: 1 balloon



  • 1 Mylar balloons in holiday colors
  • 1 napkin, patterned (can also use tissue paper
  • spray adhesive
  • 1 piece curling ribbon


  • Cut out the snowflake from the napkin.
  • Blow up the mylar balloon.
  • Add a ribbon so that you'll be able to secure it somewhere.
  • Spray the back of the snowflake with spray adhesive.
  • Carefully smooth the snowflake on to the front of the balloon.


If you need more detailed instructions on how to make a snowflake balloon refer back to the “how to” section in the blog post. 
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