Chicks and Salsa Mexican Themed Girl’s Night In

*This post was sponsored by Chinet.  They sent me product and compensation to share a fun way to bring people together through entertaining.

Girl's Night OutWho doesn’t love a girl’s night, am I right?  It is the perfect time to reconnect with those gals that you can say anything to and laugh at everything with.  I’ve been dying to host a “Chicks and Salsa” party forever.  When I would visit my sister, who went away for college, we would go to this little bar that had a Chicks and Salsa night.  The name has stuck with me and I think it makes a perfect theme for a girl’s night in complete with Mexican inspired food and bright colors.

chair-placecards-with-chinet-cupsWhile it isn’t exactly a formal affair, I decided to hang place cards on the back of the chairs.  My dining room is so plain (except for the rug – but we STILL haven’t hung any artwork) I figured the extra color would help make it a little bit more festive.

Chinet-Ole-Cup-SignI made this quick little sign for the occasion to add more ambiance.  I love all the marquee signs with lights that you can DIY but am totally afraid of power tools.  So I decided to mimic the look with cups that I painted and a little hot glue.

pouring-ginger-beerAs you may remember I am in love with the Moscow Mule cocktail.  But while I was in Mexico I started dreaming of a Mexican Mule – which is the same drink just using Tequila instead of the Vodka.  I’ll share the recipe later in the week!  Any good girl’s night starts off with cocktails.

appetizer for girl's nightFor an appetizer, a trio of salsas will surely please your guests.  I have never met a chip or salsa that I didn’t like.

easy-centerpiece-of-aloe-vera-and-bougenvillaThe point of this post is to share that your entertaining doesn’t have to be crazy complicated to have a nice little party and a great time.  I wanted to add some color to the table but not spend a lot of money or time on the decorating.  I picked up two aloe vera plants from Trader Joe’s (you can never have enough aloe vera in my opinion so these will live on long past the party!) and added in some bougainnvillea that I got from my neighbor’s yard (I asked first!!!).

Pepitas-for-saladI kept dinner simple with my favorite chicken enchilada recipe (which I turned in to a casserole and will share this with you tomorrow!) and a pre made salad with Trader Joe’s cilantro dressing (so yum!).  Adding some pepitas for crunch is optional but worth it in my opinion.  The enchilada casserole can be made ahead of time so this party would be really easy to pull off on a week night.

dinner-for-girls-nightWhile the casserole is not the prettiest to look at, it is absolutely delicious!  I made sure to keep chips and salsa on the table through the main course.  I don’t know about you but I can eat chips and salsa all night long.

papel picado inspired napkinsI kept the decor super simple.  I used blue string to letters I printed out from the computer to put up a cute saying.  And then I just cut napkins to resemble papel picado.

chips-and-leopard-tableclothI had originally intended to use one of the blankets I picked up in Mexico as the tablecloth but I am in love with this scarf and thought it was the perfect choice.

churro-cream-cheese-fruit-dipFor dessert I created a Churro Cream Cheese Fruit Dip (recipe later this week!)  This dessert can also be made ahead of time making this menu super easy and totally yummy.  And clean up was super simple since most of the items I used were disposable!  Boom.  That’s how you do it.  Do you entertain your gals during the week?  Do you get together at home or meet at a restaurant?

*Thank you to Chinet for sponsoring this post.  My sponsors allow me to be creative and share ideas with you.  And as always, all opinions are mine!




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