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10 Year Anniversary Trip to Los Cabos, Mexico


10 years! Can you believe it! It is crazy to think that I have been married for 10 years already! We wanted to celebrate this milestone with an all-inclusive Cabo vacation. So we booked a trip to Dreams Los Cabos and had the best time! 

At airport standing next to luggage for our anniversary trip to Mexico

Anniversary Trip to Mexico

A few weeks ago my husband and I celebrated our 10-year anniversary in Los Cabos, Mexico. We knew we wanted to go on a beach vacation and that it needed to be super easy to get to. A neighbor suggested the Dreams Los Cabos Resort, an all-inclusive destination, and we were sold.

The flight was just 2 hours from Orange County, CA which makes this such a great spot for a quick weekend getaway or a longer trip like we took. 

Where is Los Cabos, Mexico?

At first, I thought Cabo San Lucas covered this whole area of Mexico. I had been on a trip there once as a kid, so I just assumed that is where this resort was too. 

But Los Cabos is actually a short car ride (about 15 minutes) from the tourist-y area of Cabo San Lucas. Los Cabos is really quiet and a great place to spend a few relaxing days. 

Outside the Cabo airportIt had been YEARS since I’d been to Mexico. Growing up we took a vacation to Loreto, every summer and the last time I had been to Cabo was in elementary school.

Stepping off the plane, in what appeared to be the middle of the desert, I couldn’t help but grab my camera and start taking pictures. Note to self: never do that again. Someone rushed at me immediately to tell me to stop. He was kind of mean. And I instantly started sweating thinking about ending up in Mexican jail. 

I imagined I wouldn’t find too many margaritas in there. And then there was a baby mouse running around part of the airport. And remind me to do a separate post about how to exit the airport without being harassed by people trying to sell you tours…

Lobby and view at Dreams Los CabosThis picture does not do the lobby and entryway justice. When you first pull up to the front of the Dreams Los Cabos, you see the gorgeous blue water through these enormous arches. It’s such a welcoming view and it makes you want to go jump into your swimsuit and start exploring.

This picture above was taken on our way out to go home and it had been dreary and rainy all morning, hence the green astroturf stripe. That is not usually there, it’s just a way to make sure people didn’t slip. 

But we didn’t spend too much time in the lobby because the rest of the resort was so great. 

our room at the Dreams Los Cabos all inclusive resortOur room was awesome and we had a good-sized balcony and table where we could hang out. You can see how the doors open almost the whole width of the room which made it feel even larger. 

view from our room at dreams resort CaboThis was our view. It was AWESOME! The weather was pretty near perfect. Almost every day was warm without being too humid. Except for the day before we went home. I thought I was going to die. It was SO humid (thanks to an approaching storm) and I was SO sweaty and it made me cranky.

So we swam up to the bar and that made it better. I didn’t get a good picture of the pool but you can sort of see it through those palm trees above. The pool was HUGE. It had built-in tables and benches, and infinity edge that overlooked the ocean and a nice little swim-up bar.restaurant overlooking the ocean at Dreams Los CabosThere were a bunch of restaurants to choose from at the resort. Overall the food was ok, but the views were pretty spectacular.

italian-restaurant-at-dreams-resort-los-cabosOur favorite restaurant was Italian. The decor was very Hollywood Regency and the indoor portion was nicely air-conditioned. We ate here a few nights. 

sierra-blanca-sauvignon-blanc-from-mexicoThey served this really yummy Mexican Sauvignon Blanc and delicious mushroom risotto with truffle oil. (The wine was not included in the all-inclusive package which was kind of a bummer because I wanted to drink my face off with it).

palapas-on-the-beach-in-caboOur daily routine consisted of spending hours under a palapa right on the beach.

guacamole-by-the-beachIt was hard to get a hearty helping of guacamole but man was it good. I think there may have been an avocado shortage. 

beach in los cabos, mexicoAnd then there was this…

horses-on-the-beach-in-caboAnd these guys.

footprints-in-the-sandThe beach in front of the Dreams Los Cabos was perfect for evening strolls. 

walking on the beach in los cabosThis resort was an awesome place to relax. 

ocean-in-caboWalking on the beach in the evening was stunning. I highly recommend Los Cabo for a relaxing beach vacation.

If you are looking for action (read loud, drunk people who party like crazy and all kinds of excursions that will make you sweaty like Giraffe rides and party boats in the middle of the day) you should pick a place that is closer to the harbor and Medano Beach.

But if you are looking for total relaxation, stay at the Dreams Resort Los Cabos. I was even able to bring home souvenirs from the trip without exerting much effort. The hotel seems to regulate how many “vendors” can be on the beach.

A pal had told me that if I was looking for something specific that they didn’t have, to ask them if they could bring it.

So that is what I did with blankets. I needed some blankets.  And they brought me about 20 to choose from. It was awesome. I detest bargaining so I would pick out what I wanted and then walk away and let my husband “work his magic.”

sunset in los cabosI can’t wait to go back. The resort was totally family-friendly (yet we never felt like we were in a family resort since we were there without our children). I know my kids would love it and there is a kid’s club that would allow for my husband and myself to still enjoy some adult time. But it would also be super fun to go with a large group of friends. 

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  1. aw! happy anniversary you guys! looked like a dreamy trip. nice to know about some family friendly but sweet resorts out there, too! :)

    1. We can’t wait to take the kids back!! But we’ll probably take the grandparents along too. You know so we could have a few hours of it actually feeling like a vacation. ;)

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