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Villa del Palmar Loreto – Best Resort in Mexico


Here she is.  Villa del Palmar Loreto. The resort paid for my trip to come and check out the hotel and town.  All opinions are mine.  And in my opinion, this is the best place to stay in all of Mexico. 

Hotel Villa del Palmar Loreto is the best place to stay in Mexico.

In July I was invited to come stay at Villa del Palmar Loreto.  It was a press trip for myself and about 9 other bloggers/journalists and the trip was absolutely amazing.

This hotel is perfection. From the grounds to the amenities.  All of it.  

But mostly, the staff.  You can tell they are proud of the work they do and they do it well.  

This hotel feels like luxury, but without any of the pretension or price. Which suits me perfectly.

If you missed my post yesterday, go back to read all about what makes the town of Loreto so special. I used to vacation there as a child and it was really cool to see how it has changed since then.

This resort, however, is only about 3 years old and has all the modern amenities you could dream of.

This post is extra long! Read on to find out all about the resort!

Where is Villa del Palmar Loreto

Loreto Mexico is a 2 hour plane ride from Los Angeles.

Villa del Palmar Loreto is located outside of the small fishing town of Loreto, Mexico in Baja California.  It is an easy 2-hour flight from Los Angeles and the airport in Loreto is small and easy to navigate.

The building is well-designed and full of light. It is a far cry from the thatched-roof airport we used to fly into as a kid. 

Getting to the Resort

Short shuttle ride from Loreto airport to Villa del Palmar Loreto.

Transportation can be arranged through the resort for pick up from the airport.  They offer several shuttles to get you to and from the property for flights or to explore the town.

Please note: they are currently modernizing and repairing the road between the resort and the town/airport. It is not an ideal situation, but it doesn’t need to be viewed as a negative.  

The shuttle ride is an opportunity to take in the gorgeous desert landscape and it’s exciting to see the Sea of Cortez out your window that first time. 

Sea of Cortez selfies!

If your shuttle has to stop due to road closures, it provides the perfect opportunity to take some selfies and stretch your legs a bit.

When we came through, there was always a shade structure and a place to purchase snacks, no need to be stuck in the shuttle. The stops can take a while, but the resort will work with you on your itinerary and figure out the best time for you to leave so you don’t miss your activity or flight.

And I feel this really minor inconvenience is well worth it considering how awesome the resort is.

AND the construction will be completed in the next 6 months and then I’ll be able to update my post and tell you that everything is even more awesome. 

Our first look at Villa del Palmar Loreto from the shuttle.

This was our first glimpse of Villa del Palmar Loreto from the shuttle.  As I mentioned it is set outside of town and sits right on Danzante Bay.

Because the hotel is away from the rest of the town’s amenities, the hotel is completely self-sufficient.  From their own water filtration system to backup power, they have everything covered.  

And if the road goes out due to rain, etc. a boat can get you to the airport so you don’t miss your flight.  They have really thought of everything. 

How You’ll be Welcomed

Welcome drinks at Villa del Palmar Loreto.

We were welcomed with frosty, delicious beverages.  I’m not going to lie, it was super hot.  And humid.

These drinks were much appreciated and a little tiny taste of the amazing food and drink the hotel offers. 

Hand washing ceremony upon arrival at Villa del Palmar Loreto.

We each got a chance to freshen up with a little hand-cleansing service. It smelled amazing and instantly relaxed me. Sometimes it is the little touches that really set a resort apart and I think that is one of the many reasons I enjoyed my stay so much.

Bed art at Villa del Palmar Loreto.

And the bed art!  The personalized bed art didn’t hurt either.  The staff uses small beads and rocks to create words and images for each guest.

I heard the staff talking and they would get really excited when they would speak to a guest, and figure out a special picture to do for them on their bed.

They did a book for one of the gals on the trip who was writing a book and a pineapple for another gal who loves pineapples. And don’t let me forget to mention the towel animals they make… My kids would LOVE this stuff! 

The Accommodations Don’t Disappoint

Each room is really nicely done at Villa del Palmar Loreto.

I was very fortunate to stay in a one-bedroom suite.  And it was amazing. While each room at the hotel might not be a suite or have a full kitchen, all of them have at least a kitchenette to help your stay be more comfortable.

The rooms were well-appointed and designed perfectly. My kitchen had everything I might need to cook a full meal (which I didn’t but totally would next time I visit!).  

My room had a full-size refrigerator, a washer, and dryer!!, 2 full baths, a really nice sitting area as well as a large master bedroom.

While I stayed in this room by myself, it would be perfect for a romantic getaway.  And it is possible to get an adjoining room making travel with families really easy.

Fantastic rooms at Villa del Palmar Loreto.

And in the master, the bathroom setup also didn’t disappoint.  The windows on both sides of the room made everything light and bright.

I also want to note that my room key was actually a wristband that they put on me at check-in.  This was awesome as I never had to keep track of a key and it was with me at all times.

It stayed on during water sports and excursions and was SUPER convenient!  

The Resort Grounds

View from my room at Villa del Palmar Loreto.

This was the view from my room…no further words needed.

View of the grounds at Villa del Palmar from the Presidential Suite.

The property itself is simply gorgeous.  You can tell they put a lot of effort into keeping everything perfect.

We were lucky enough to check out one of the Presidential Suites which had this amazing view.  The resort sits on a bay and is just stunning.  

There are several seating areas placed around the resort making it easy to spend time outside of your room, but also not surrounded by other guests.  I preferred the hammock area…duh.

One of the many pools on property at Villa del Palmar Loreto and the night club in case guests want a little night life.

There are 5 pools on the property, some of which look like turtles! And includes a family pool, an adult-only pool, and also a private pool that can be rented out for a large group or wedding party.

There is a pool bar and a small kiosk where you can buy souvenirs.  During the day, there is a kid’s activity area where they can paint their own Mexican pottery.

And do you see that little building sitting up on the hill all by itself?  That is a state-of-the-art nightclub! For serious.

The resort management understands that people coming on vacation might want a little nightlife so they created this nightclub. It sits away from the property so it doesn’t disturb the guests and they provide a shuttle to and from the hotel (it was a 2-minute shuttle ride).

I am so glad I made a point to go check it out because the nightclub was truly amazing. It is two rooms, a bar, and a crazy amazing light and speaker system.  

The view of the resort from up there is also phenomenal and there is a small pool on the deck outside the club.  This would be a perfect reception location if you had your beach wedding here.

The club is only open to hotel guests.

Resort Amenities

Sabila spa with rooftop tennis at Villa del Palmar Loreto.

The hotel offers plenty of activities and amenities. This building houses the 3-story Sabila Spa.  

Here you can get a massage, facial, haircut, and just about any other spa-type service you could want. Men and women have their own common areas and you could easily spend hours here.  

On top of the spa is a tennis court although I think you would have to be a die-hard tennis player to want to run around in that heat.  

The building also houses the doctor’s office.  Remember I mentioned that this property is away from the town? They have a doctor on-site at all times for any issues that may arise. 

Sabila Spa is huge and tranquil with tons of amazing amenities like this aloe spa.

The spa common areas include several plunge pools like this one with aloe vera. I was beyond lucky to try out a short massage and it was pure heaven.  

I loved the use of essential oils and left completely relaxed. This building is also where you will find the gym if you feel like you need to keep up your routine while on vacation. I did not.

Site of the 18 hole golf course that is being built at Villa del Palmar Loreto.

While this view off the spa might be dirt right now, very soon it will be a gorgeous, green golf course! They are working very hard on this and will open up the first 5-ish holes in the next few months.  

In speaking with the hotel executives, they have really big plans for this property. They are forward-thinking and want to give their guests everything they could possibly want and are into trying things that no other property has done before.

I loved hearing their plans and you could sense their excitement and passion as they talked about the future.

An onsite store to stock your in-room kitchen.

There is also a mini market on site that carries anything you may need.  Like bug spray. Be sure to pack some, or pick some up here when you first arrive.  

Depending on the time of year and the weather, the mosquitos can be in full effect.  But it really is as simple as using bug spray to ensure they don’t dampen your spirits.  

Spray it on 1/2 hour before you will be outside and you should be fine.

In the store, you can also buy wine, beer, liquor, ice cream bars, breakfast supplies, pool supplies, etc. It is so great to have this right on site! 

Enjoy the Beach

Coffee and a view at Villa del Palmar Loreto.

There are literally views from everywhere.  This bay is really mellow but there were often a few boats docked offshore. It added to the ambiance without interrupting the peaceful vibe.  

Walking to the private beach at Villa del Palmar Loreto.

The beach is just a short walk from your room.

Weddings on the beach in Loreto, Mexico at Villa del Palmar Loreto.

The resort set up a wedding scenario for us so we could see the type of event they can provide for brides. So Dinah and I got married.

I can’t think of a better place to get married and if I had to do it all over again, this would be my place.  Or maybe a vow renewal…to my husband.  Dinah and I are probably set for a while. 

Villa del Palmar Loreto has a cute little beach bar on their private beach.

During the day, the beach is the place to be.  There are plenty of shaded lounge chairs available and a beach bar (with fantastic music) to serve you anything you could want!

This is where I learned about the delicious cucumber margaritas!

The bay is super calm and is perfect for trying out several water sports. Or just eating lunch by the water.

Go Glamping

Glamping in Loreto, Mexico. Villa del Palmar Loreto has a glamping tent with an ocean view and a private jacuzzi.

But let’s talk about the private villa for glamping. So far the resort has one glamping tent available to rent but anticipates opening a full glamping resort in the future. 

Villa del Palmar Loreto has a glamping tent with an ocean view and a private jacuzzi.

This air-conditioned tent, called the Danzante Bungalow,  sits a bit off from the rest of the hotel buildings and has a fantastic waterfront view.  It has its own patio and jacuzzi and you can even request to have your meals served here.

This is not for families and holds a max of 2 people. I’m dying to try this out! 

Glamping in Loreto, Mexico. Villa del Palmar Loreto has a glamping tent with an ocean view and a private jacuzzi.

The tent has all the luxuries of a normal hotel room but transports you to another place entirely.  I can’t live without TV so that was a welcome sight for sure.

And the bathroom was phenomenal with a full shower, etc.

Glamping in Loreto, Mexico.

Check out that view! Aside from the bathroom and bedroom area, there is a seating area with a great view of the bay!

There is a great speaker system for playing music and the furnishings are all leather and wood and totally well done. 

Fine Dining

Drinks on the beach at Villa del Palmar Loreto.

The staff at the resort does everything they can to anticipate your needs during your stay. That also means if there is something you need or want to do, they are more than willing to help you figure out how to make it happen.

Each member of the staff is more than willing to go above and beyond to make sure your stay is the best. 

The resort is pretty casual but it is fun to get dressed up for dinner at Danzante restaurant at Villa del Palmar Loreto.

Since it is a beach resort, the dress is on the more casual side, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t opportunities to dress for dinner!

Danzante restaurant at Villa del Palmar Loreto is the fine dining choice and is crazy delicious.

Danzante is their fine dining Restaurant and it is suggested you make a reservation ahead of time. The restaurant features a fantastic wine list and the food was absolutely to die for! More on that in tomorrow’s post!

While there are several other restaurants on the property, this one was my favorite! And all the restaurant staff is adept at dealing with food allergies and restrictions.  

I wouldn’t hesitate to bring my food-allergic son here.

Also, this resort has an all-inclusive option that I would highly recommend! While some drinks may cost extra as well as dining at Danzante, purchasing the all-inclusive package means you don’t have to worry about having money (unless you want extra for tips) and everything is handled at one time. 

Gorgeous sunsets at Villa del Palmar Loreto.

Just look at that view! Each sunset seemed brighter than the last. 

Entertainment on Site

They offer plenty of entertainment to keep your nights fun.

The hotel, for the most part, is a pretty chill, relaxed place.  But they want to keep you entertained as well.  

They have themed entertainment nights throughout the week.  On our last night at the resort, we got to experience Mexican night.  

There was a stage show, a pinata for the guests to try to crack, and plenty of interactivity to get the crowd involved. And these shows are fun for the whole family.

My Honest Opinion of Villa del Palmar Loreto

Goodbye cookies at Villa del Palmar Loreto.

This resort is the best. Everything was super comfortable, really clean (we even toured the back of the house and the kitchens – WAY cleaner than any of the hotels or restaurants I have ever worked at), and perfect for a vacation.  

This property is ideal for all kinds of travelers.  It would be awesome with a group of girlfriends, several couples, or families (I’ll talk more about what the property has for kids tomorrow!).  

There is enough space for everyone to enjoy the resort however they want to while on vacation.

I am beyond grateful that the Villa del Palmar Loreto allowed me to come and check out their property!

Let me know if you have any questions or want more info!

There is so much more that I couldn’t fit into this post! Like how “green” the resort is, info about the water life and surrounding bay, deep-sea fishing excursions, etc!

Their site has tons of info so be sure to check it out as well!  

I really fell in love with this resort and would happily talk about it for days! And let me know if you plan on going!

See my post about the town of Loreto, Mexico.

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This post was originally published on August 26, 2014, and has now been updated.

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  1. So beautiful! I’ve been looking for a place to go for our 15th anniversary. I think I found it!

    1. Vanessa, I think it is the perfect place! There are tons of little romantic areas for you to enjoy a quiet moment with your husband. AND a night in the glamping tent would be a pretty amazing memory!

  2. Oh my gosh! This post was amazing. Thank you for taking me back! It was an experience I will never forget!

  3. Michelle Globis says:

    Looks amazing! I adore Mexico and Loreto is a the top of my dreamy list…now I know the perfect place to stay…love your photography & style…thank you!

    1. Thanks Michelle! Loreto has my heart, that’s for sure. And you know my love of Palm Springs. :) Some of the same things I love about Palm Springs are why I love Loreto so I bet you would really enjoy it. Except it isn’t a dry heat…

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