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At Home Wine Tasting Party (Rosé Wine Tasting)


Host an at-home rosé wine tasting party with ease! Here’s my simple guide to help you plan a fun rosé party for you and your friends to enjoy. With easy snacks, a few cute decor ideas and, of course, some delicious rosé wine to sample this party will be prepped in no time!

Woman opening a bottle of wine that sits on a table in a wine bucket.
Plan an at home wine tasting party with rosé.

This rosé wine party at home idea was sponsored by the Chinet® brand.

It’s Time to Have a Rosé Party

I’ve been making it a goal of mine to plan some low-key parties at my house. And hosting a rose wine-tasting party doesn’t need to be difficult, especially with the help of the Chinet® Cut Crystal® collection.

You can host a rosé party any time of year, but it’s an especially good excuse to gather to sip pink wine in the spring. Plus rosé can be sweet or dry which appeals to a wide variety of drinkers. It’s a very approachable wine type to do a tasting with.

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I’m not a wine expert but I am great at bringing people together for a fun afternoon or evening. So while I might have the wine knowledge of a sommelier, I can absolutely guide you in having friends over while creating the least amount of work for yourself.

An at-home wine tasting party is great for a casual weekend afternoon, a fun happy hour with your girlfriends or a party theme for a bachelorette or bridal shower.

Just pick a few bottles of your favorite rosé, and then add in a few other elements (based on how much time and energy you want to invest) for a fun wine party with friends.

Follow these easy ideas for a low-stress party idea with everyone’s favorite warm-weather drink!

How to Plan a Wine Tasting Party at Home

Hosting people in your home can seem like a lot of work, but I like to think of myself as an expert-level corner cutter. I don’t see the need to make all the food from scratch. And who really wants to do the dishes when you’re done?

I recently hosted a rose tasting party at home for 5 mom friends. Sometimes we forget that our friends are grateful for the invitation and aren’t there to judge our hosting skills or if our house is picked up. It’s about spending time together. And a little bit about the wine, of course.

Choose a Theme

Text- Rosé Cleanse in fabric letters on the wall above a party table for a wine tasting party.
Rosé Cleanse is the perfect theme for an at-home wine tasting party with rosé.

Since I chose to serve rosé, I thought the idea of a “rosé cleanse” was a tongue-in-cheek idea that my friends would like. You can use that for any other type of wine too.

Get it, because a cleanse is where you only drink or eat specific things in an effort to be healthy? In this case, it’s because we would only be tasting rosé.

To me, a theme helps to focus my plans for hosting a party. It doesn’t have to be elaborate or over the top. But helps me to stay on task and make things feel cohesive.

And a quick DIY wall sign keeps things super simple but with a pop of color and fun.

Winecountry has 10 fun wine-tasting themes that would also be fun.

Choose the wine

A girlfriend had been telling me that she found a dupe for our favorite (and a little bit pricey) rosé. This was the perfect time to see if she was right so I could save a few dollars!

I decided that 5 brands of rosé were a good number to taste. So I got my go-to rosé and the dupe that I wanted to compare against each other plus 3 other bottles that were different shades of pink and listed different grapes on the bottles. Nothing too fancy!

While we stuck to serving rosé, you can also do all chardonnay, sauvignon blanc, or pinto noir, etc.

You could also aim for between 3-5 bottles of wine based on different price points or regions. Your theme could be just about anything and this lets you be creative with it. I think the next at home wine tasting I have we’ll taste wines mentioned in rap songs.

How to Display the Wine

Ice bucket with wine in bags for a blind tasting.

I decided to do a blind tasting with rosé for this party. This means you hide the label so you can sip and make judgments without knowing any information.

I love this idea so that you can take away any preconceived notions and just go off the wine itself.

I purchased inexpensive burlap wine bags which meant I didn’t have to scrub off the wine labels. Then I simply printed out numbers to hang on the bottlenecks so we could remember which wines we had tasted and make notes about them.

Since the rosé needed to be chilled, I put the bagged bottles on ice in beverage buckets. The bottles were numbered so that we could take notes on our score card and keep track of our thoughts.

Red wine can be placed on a table and doesn’t need to be on ice which makes things even easier.

NOTE: The bags will get a bit wet as the ice melts. You can also just set them out on a table making sure to keep the bottles chilled until just before starting the tasting.

Rosé Wine Tasting Party Decorations

Since I always love to bring a little bit of humor to my parties, I printed out “rosé cleanse” to decorate the wall as I mentioned above.

I printed out the letters and then used spray adhesive to add floral fabric before cutting it out. I just taped it to the wall. For most of my parties, a wall sign near the food table is the largest decoration I will do.

Or you can use a cute balloon wall sign.

Decorations are where you can keep it simple or go more elaborate. From fresh flowers to what you use to serve the food, this is an area you can jazz up or keep simple.

Woman pouring rose in a plastic stemless wine glass.

In the end, I kept the table pretty simple, with pops of blue (thanks to an interesting tablecloth) that went really well with the pretty pinks of the rosé. A cleanse is typically about wellness so I wanted everything to feel light and feminine with floral touches.

I used a planter that I already had as one of my ice buckets (note to self: permanently plug the drainage hole before next time. I’m not sure if you know this, because I apparently forgot, ice melts…).

I suggest using a beverage bucket. But if you are doing a red wine tasting, you won’t need to use anything.

Napkins that say rosé all day on a table

These cute pink napkins were the perfect thing to pair with the other disposable tableware.

I kept the decor really simple for this party, because again, keeping things simple does not mean your guests will have less fun.

I sprinkled in some fresh flowers (with pretty pinks, of course) and rose quartz pieces that I had already.

TIP: Fresh flowers are the fastest way to add decor to a party! If you don’t want to spend much, check out Trader Joe’s or the bargain section of your grocery store floral department.

Provide Wine Tasting Cards

A wine tasting card for taking notes next to a glass of rose.

The wine-tasting cards shown were something I created a long time ago. I use these cards now for any party I host. It’s such a great idea to have them!

It was fun to bring out my inner wine critic and see which rosé wines I liked best! Not everyone used them and that’s totally fine.

I never really like to have an activity when I’m entertaining because some guests will legitimately just want to sit and chat. I never want them to feel pressure to participate if they don’t want to.

Using a wine-tasting score card at a wine-tasting party is like having a cheat sheet for sipping and savoring. It helps you remember what you liked about each wine, and it’s a fun way to chat with your pals about your favorites.

Even in a really basic way, it’s fun to score your way through the wines to see what you like and what you don’t. It’s a great way to explore and keep track of the wines you are trying.

And people can do it or not, you can leave it up to them. And they can also take their card home with them to remind them of the types and brands they loved from your at-home tasting party.

Text: Instant Download Wine Tasting Score Card to purchase with a sample of the card and some benefits of the card.

Disposable Cups and Plates are great!

Plastic stemless wine glasses lined up on a table.

What truly kept the party easy was the Chinet Cut Crystal collection. It’s a fully coordinated line of disposable tableware that is sturdy and stylish.

Using these recyclable plastic cups, plates and silverware meant that it was super convenient to clean up after the party too!

And they are the only premium line of disposable products that sell a stemless wineglass, which, of course, was perfect for my rose wine tasting. 

Rosé Wine Tasting Party Food Ideas

woman making notes about wine on a page next to bowls with candy.

Since I hosted my rosé wine tasting party on a Sunday afternoon, I didn’t need to serve a lot of food.

I had a little dessert/ snack station in one spot of the dining room. It’s a great way to provide some sweets without having to do a full dessert. I just used a variety of store-bought items that I knew would pair well with the wine.

I used mismatched white bowls and the Chinet Cut Crystal spoons so people could serve themselves.

Salad in cups on a wood tray.

I served a simple salad (one that doesn’t require anything more than opening some packages) in the Chinet Cut Crystal 14 oz. tumbler. It made it so easy to serve, easy to eat and even easier to clean up!

Goat cheese log with fresh herbs on a plate.

Some fresh herbs were the perfect thing to top a simple goat cheese log (or you can try this goat cheese appetizer with rose petals! It’s also a favorite!)

The Chinet Cut Crystal dessert-sized plates were perfect for the fresh veggies with dip and goat cheese with crostini I served (don’t forget to also put out a gluten-free cracker option just in case!)

And I even purchased pre-cut crostini to eat it on. I served it on a Chinet Cut Crystal dinner plate which meant I didn’t have to wash this serving plate either! 

More Party Appetizers to Serve

Set Up a Water Station

Pitchers of water on a table with sliced fruit in them.

Rose tasting is fun, but you always need to make sure you’re hydrated. There is nothing fun about feeling terrible the next day, especially when you have to get the kids off to school. (I also use this for less severe hangovers).

I set out plenty of water and Chinet Cut Crystal 9 oz. tumblers to make a self-serve area. I dressed up the water with some fresh fruit which is really a game-changer.

Cutting up a few pieces of fruit takes next to no time at all and instantly makes your guests feel pampered. It might be one of my greatest party hacks!

More about the Chinet Cut Crystal Collection

Whenever I plan a party at my home, I look for ways to make it as simple as possible. Chinet Cut Crystal tableware made it feel extra special by leaving me with virtually no dishes to clean! That’s a hostess win!

Spring is the perfect time to host a rose wine tasting party and Chinet is the perfect co-host!

I fell in love with the Chinet Cut Crystal stemless wine glasses! The clear swirl pattern makes them super elegant but totally tossable! I loved having actual wine glasses for the rose tasting but not having to worry about having glass.

The cutlery comes in a “host-ready” container. I love the concept of them being sold in the same container you can display them in!

I love a brand that knows that convenience and looks are super important to a good party hostess.

This party was really fun, and super easy to plan. I found a few new rosés to add to my favorites list and think I helped a few others moms find some new favorites too.

Use these tips the next time you want to plan an at home wine tasting party.

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