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19 Easy Halloween Party Ideas for People Who Don’t Love Halloween


These super easy Halloween Party Ideas are perfect for people who don’t like Halloween. These ideas are quick to make, inexpensive and will put a smile on your kids’ faces.

Whether you hate all the gory stuff or just can’t get motivated to go all out on a holiday that really only lasts for one evening, I’ve got easy entertaining ideas that you’ll enjoy.

Collage of halloween food ideas that would work for a party.
These easy Halloween Party Ideas take little effort but feel festive.

Low-effort Halloween party ideas

These easy Halloween ideas will help you make memories without spending tons of time or money.

I’m not a fan of Halloween. But my kids love it. So when they ask to invite people over it makes me cringe.

Whether you want to throw an actual party, just have a few people ove or just celebrate with your kids, these simple Halloween ideas have got you covered. 

These cute Halloween ideas are perfect for an inspired gathering whether it’s just one friend or a house full of people.

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My favorite part of the DIY Halloween ideas is that most of them start with store-bought items that you just modify to make them even cuter.

That’s one of my favorite time-saving tricks. It still lets you flex your creative muscles without having to start from scratch. It keeps things easy but feels festive.

These DIY ideas are low effort and great for people like me who want to make their kids happy but don’t want to make a huge time or cost investment.

And holiday-inspired food and drink is just plain fun! You know your kids and friends will love these yummy treats. They’re simple to make and will absolutely cause smiles. 

Need more ideas?

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Easy Halloween Ideas

My kids love Halloween. I tolerate it. These simple Halloween ideas are great for moms like me who want to make holiday memories for the kids but don't want to spend a lot of time on it! And these aren't super gory. Because that's gross.

Easy Party Ideas

These easy Halloween party ideas are a great way to gather friends and celebrate the day.

DIY Halloween Decorations

It's time to get crafty! Create these fun DIY projects to add a little holiday fun to your house. Very little skill required.

Halloween Music to Listen To

Music is the quickest way to get into the mood.

Halloween Party Food Ideas

Why are themed food and cocktails so much better?

Shop for your Halloween party

  • Fake plastic ants: These are great for the DIY candle craft above but also can be placed around to make the house feel a bit more creepy crawly.
  • White cotton cobwebs are essential for Halloween parties.
  • These spiderweb decorations add a spooky touch without covering your house in fake blood.
  • These pumpkin decorating stickers are great for last minute decor or if you forgot to give yourself enough time to actually carve pumpkins.
  • This neon bat sign feels modern and cool plus it’s inexpensive and can be used year after year.

More easy party ideas

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