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Adult Halloween Party Idea: Wine and Jewelry Party


Need an adult Halloween party idea? This Wine and Jewelry party is especially great for a girl’s night in. It’s a unique party theme that combines creativity, alcohol and the perfect amount of spookiness.

An adult Halloween party with appetizers on a plate on the table with a glass of wine and woman making a bracelet in the background.
Host a wine and jewelry party for Halloween.

A fun Halloween party idea for girlfriends

This girl’s night-in Halloween-themed party idea is easy to recreate at home. Set out a DIY jewelry-making station, share a few creepy bites and drinks and enjoy spending time with your friends.

Halloween is usually all about candy and costumes. But this wine and jewelry making party lets you get crafty while you sip a variety of wines.

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When I host people for a get-together, I like to give them an activity. In this case it’ a make-your-own jewelry area. This activity is kept super casual and low-pressure. I don’t like to force my party guests to participate in things they don’t want to.

There is nothing worse than being at a party where the host is corralling unwilling guests to mingle and play silly games. So if a guest wants to make a party favor/ awesome macabre accessory, cool. And if they don’t. No biggie. 

This party idea encourages conversation, allows for a hands-on creative activity and makes it easy to graze on easy snacks with friends. Send out an invitation and get ready to party.

Simple but elegant decor

Throw a black and white Halloween party for adults this Halloween with this activity.

For this party we skip the traditional orange and black decor and kept with an elevated black and white look. A modern table runner is graphic and simple and we used the food, jewlery supplies and simple black and white candles to bring a loose Halloween vibe with an eclectic color palette.

You can also use velvet or other plush textures for tablecloths, etc. Red roses can’t help to feel a little mysterious and creepy when paired with candles with bugs on them.

A floral arrangement with creepy vibes is easy to put together and looks great on your table long after the party. Decoupage pumpkins are easy to make ahead and add to the ambiance.

I kept the serving pieces in white but you could easily add in metallics to make it feel more opulent.

Candles with musky notes, a cool indie playlist that has creepy Halloween vibes and dim lights set the mood. Just make sure the lights aren’t so low that your guests can’t see what they’re making.

How to create your own jewelry station

Make custom jewelry at your Halloween party.

To create a make-your-own jewelry station, all you need to provide is some simple materials and jewelry tools, like black cording or a thin gauge chain link plus some decorative beads, like these skull beads.

Simple jump rings can finish off a necklace or you can use this easy knotted technique for creating a bracelet. 

Party guests can come and go as they please and make a few fun accessories.

Jewelry supplies for a fun black and white adult Halloween party.

This activity doesn’t have to be expensive or hard to put together and most supplies can be found at your local craft store. It also doesn’t need to take up a large area or take prime party real estate.

A platter and some small bowls are a simple way to lay out the supplies. 

Use colorful skull shaped beads for a jewelry making activity at an adult Halloween party.

I loved these colorful skull beads since they weren’t too creepy and the muted colors went really well with the rest of the black and white party decor. 

Black and white Halloween parties are my favorite. And this fun activity will keep your guests entertained.

Any leftover supplies can be used at your next party. When paired with a different color palette and playlist this activity easily works with all kinds of parties!

Food and wine ideas

Red wine and jewelry making is all you need to keep your Halloween party guests having a great time!


Guests can sip a variety of wines as they let their creativity flow with their jewelry designs.

You can make the wine-tasting portion of this party as simple or elaborate as you’d like. You also know your friends best so if most of them drink white wine, serve that.

If you decide to offer a variety of options so your guests can learn about the wine as well, consider making tasting cards to help guide them.

Talk to your friends who know about wine or ask someone at a specialty store for recommendations.

If you don’t want to serve wine you can serve a soda bar with flavorings or a Tootsie Roll cocktail.


Pair some easy appetizers with the wine to ensure your girlfriends aren’t starving. A Halloween-themed charcuterie board is always a good idea. Appetizers that are sumptuous and have deep reds (like a cranberry sauce on a brie) look gorgeous on the table and taste delicious.

Order in something decadent to keep things easy on yourself or just do heavy snacks that they can eat while crafting.

Send your friends off with a cute DIY coffin with skull chocolates.

More easy party ideas

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  1. Haha I’ve totally been at that party where I’m forced to smell stinky diapers and guess the baby food. I would have loved this instead :)

    1. Right?! I’m not a games person in general so I’d prefer a quick, hands on activity that will also let me drink my wine. ;)

  2. This is SUCH a cool idea, Sharon! I love parties that have an interactive element (besides just eating and chatting ;)

  3. These turned out lovely! What a fun and unique activity for a Halloween party. :)

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