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13 Easy Halloween Cocktails to Make at Home


Whether you’re hosting a party or sipping alone, this list of Easy Halloween Cocktails has the perfect amount of creep factor. These Halloween-themed drinks are scarily easy to make and sip! If spooky cocktails are your thing, you’re sure to find one that is frightful enough to drink in the dark.

A variety of themed Halloween Cocktails in a collage.
These easy Halloween themed drinks are frightfully fun.

You’ll love these Halloween drinks

Halloween cocktails let us be a little more creative with ingredients and potentially buy a specialty liqueur to make it have spooky vibes.

While I typically prefer to keep my cocktails really simple and use basic ingredients sometimes you have to step outside the box to make easy Halloween drinks.

Whether I’m making drinks for ghoul-friends (see what I did there?) or cocktailing before trick or treating, Halloween is the perfect time to get extra creepy and make something a little more flashy.

With a few easy Halloween party ideas and a cocktail or two from this creepy list, you will have a festive holiday! Put on a spooky Halloween Vibes playlist (it’s not holiday songs, but moody indie songs that will creep you out) and sip away!

Make sure to not only read the list of ingredients but also the full instructions to ensure that you have everything you need to make a creepy cocktail fit for any scary night creature.

Easy Halloween Cocktail Recipes

They're creepy and spooky! These easy Halloween cocktails are fun to make and even more fun to drink. If you need a themed cocktail to serve at a party I'm sure you'll find one here.

How to make cocktails for Halloween

Making themed cocktails for Halloween will require a bit more pre-planning than usual. From the oddly colored liqueurs to the extra sticky, blood-like simple syrups, these aren’t recipes that you can just throw together.

Fun Glassware

Aside from the easy Halloween cocktail recipes, the glassware is where you can really have some fun.

Or make things even creepier with some plastic drink (Jello Shots!) syringes or blood bags that you can serve in an inflatable coffin.

With themed glassware, you can even serve a regular old cocktail, like a Blood Orange Margarita, but make it feel more festive and suited for Halloween.

Creepy Garnishes and Accessories

From sprinkles to DIY eyeball garnishes, you can take your easy Halloween cocktails to the next level by adding some accessories.

  • With candy eyeballs and moody colors, these Halloween Sprinkles are a great cocktail glass rim idea.
  • Stainless steel Skeleton Swizzle Sticks are the perfect way to finish off any spooky drink.
  • Skull-shaped ice cubes would work in almost every type of boozy Halloween drinks.
  • Cut the ring off these Plastic Spiders and rest one of the rim of the glass. I had a drink served that way at a local restaurant and it was cute and so easy!
  • Gummy Eyeballs is just what you need to push these drinks ofver the creepy edge.

How to Make Smoky Halloween Drinks

One way to instantly make a drink a little more dubious is to add dry ice. Dry ice isn’t found at every store so you may have to do a little research to find a location near you.

A small piece of dry ice in a punch bowl or a cup gives the drink a smoky effect that is super eery and fun.

Dry ice doesn’t change the flavor of the drink at all but is a bit dangerous to handle. If you take the proper precautions, everything will be fine.

DO NOT TOUCH IT WITH YOUR HANDS! And make sure to take extra care when chipping off pieces from the larger block.

Kids will think this is the best thing ever so make sure you don’t leave it unattended as they can burn themselves.

The View From Great Island has more information for safely using Dry Ice in cocktails.

Or if you are looking to add a smoky taste read my post on how to use a cocktail smoker.

Easy cocktails to serve for Halloween

Recipes to pair with Your cocktails

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