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Cute and Creepy Zombie Party Ideas


Zombies don’t have to be scary! Throw your kids a Halloween party with these cute Zombie Party Ideas! With just a few themed details and some freaky delicious food and drinks, you can make the kids scream with delight.

Collage of party ideas for a zombie party with a text overlay.
You’ll love these kid-friendly zombie party ideas!

Throw a cute and creepy Halloween get-together with these fun kid’s Zombie party ideas! I don’t love gory Halloween parties so this one was right up my alley!

Zombies were all the rage a few years ago and my blogging friend, Jenny of How to Love Your House, put together the cutest little party for her boys.

With a modern, graphic black and white printed tablecloth and fun pops of color, Jenny was able to create a party that was both creepy and cute at the same time.

Easy Zombie Party Ideas

It’s easy to recreate your own cute not creepy zombie party by keeping these creative zombie ideas in mind!

And while I see this as being great for Halloween, these could also work as zombie-themed birthday party ideas. If you love entertaining, read on!

These ideas are for a generic zombie party. But you could also use these ideas if you are trying to host a Plants vs. Zombies party or Disney’s Zombies-themed party.

If you’re not sure where to start your planning, these tips will help get you organized and ready for a ghoulish time.

Choose a cool color palette

I LOVED that the color palette of this zombie-themed party feels perfectly suited but wasn’t the typical orange and black you find for most Halloween parties.

With lots of black and white, big bold zombie-esque green and hints of other colors, this party feels fresh and modern.

Using black and white as the overall color scheme means that you can reuse tons of serving pieces and party items that you probably already have.

Add in other colors that you love and that evoke the feeling that you are trying to bring out for the party.

You can add reds to make it more zombie-like (you know, a nod to blood), which would be an extra Halloween-y touch if this party is for teens.

Zombie Party Decoration Ideas

A wooden box with metal stand with baked goods and a decorative sign that says "creepy".

To me this party feels totally zombie-like without actually having images of zombies lopping around.

By adding in details, you can create a very personalized party that you will love the look of.

The modern tablecloth plays perfectly with the vintage wood box. Although it’s not decaying, it does give off a bit of that undead vibe.

And aside from the spider web on the wall and the ripped netting fabric, there really aren’t any traditional Halloween decorations.

Instead, Jenny used creepy fresh flowers (which Trader Joe’s usually carries every year near Halloween) and a “creepy” home decor sign to add to the look.

A simple apothecary jar can be filled with all kinds of things to add to the vibe and can also be reused for all your other parties.

Most of the decorations for this party come from the cute zombie-themed food and drink ideas!

If you don’t want to make your own zombie party decorations this printable Zombie party kit is also really cute! And I’ve never seen a zombie unicorn before but there’s a printable party pack for that too!

Zombie Party Food and Drink Ideas

Overhead shot of chips and salsa with a sign for a zombie party.

It’s easy to make a party feel more themed than it actually is by adding cute little signs to change the name of something.

A simple tray of chips and salsa becomes infinitely more spooky with a sign that says “Zombie Puree.” Who knew salsa verde was so perfect for a zombie party!

Cute zombie accessories instantly change a plain chocolate cupcake to a zombie hand reaching out of the dirt.

And store-bought gummy eyeballs add both colors and creep to the food table. And don’t even think about not getting gummy brains.

Creepy drink ideas

Glass jars with bright green juice that say zombie juice on it with straws.

You can serve Contaminated Brain juice (Gatorade or flavored sodas work perfectly for this!). These bottles are similar to the ones shown.

Black and white striped straws would be super cute for your party drinks. Here’s a black cake stand similar to the one Jenny used in the photo above. You may not think to display drinks like that but it looks really cool.

Spooky desserts to serve

Collage of details from a cute zombie Halloween party theme.

Kids usually love sweets so this party is heavy on desserts.

Zombie cake pops are super easy to make. Just make regular cake pops and cover them in green candy melts.

Then add candy eyes and draw on a mouth with melted black candy melts. SO CUTE!

Or check out this tutorial for similar-style zombie cake pops.

This party turned out SO cute! If you have a zombie-loving kid they will love this.

Zombie Party Games

Keep the kids busy with some fun and easy zombie party game ideas. These games are easy to recreate at home and will have your little party guests shrieking their way through all the activities.

  1. Freeze Dance – Zombie Style: Put on Halloween music and tell the kids to do their zombie dance moves. Stop the music and tell them to freeze in a spooky pose. Anyone who doesn’t freeze is out. Be sure to change the length of the music clips and keep it challenging!
  2. Pin the Eye on the Zombie: This is a classic party game that is made a little creepy. This poster features a zombie with a missing eye and each kid is blindfolded and given an eye sticker. Spin them, trick them then let them try to put the eye where it’s supposed to be on the poster. Whoever is closest to the target gets a fun surprise.
  3. Obstacle Course for Zombies: Use inexpensive Halloween decorations to set up an outdoor obstacle course. Things like “gravestone” hurdles and “spiderweb” tunnels will keep the kids entertained as they pretend to be zombies making their way looking for other zombies.
  4. Limb Limbo: Sometimes you can take the idea of something and change the name to make it suit your party. In this case, you can use a broom or paper streamers to have the kids limbo under it. Make sure the kids know they have rotting zombie arms they have to get under the stick while making sure they don’t touch it. Move the stick lower each time.
  5. Baby Zombie Hunt: Use leftover plastic Easter eggs to hide themed candy and other Zombie party trinkets. This one works indoors or out and is another way to get the kids searching for Zombie eggs that are about to hatch.
  6. Zombie Tag: Who doesn’t love tag! Have one kid be “zombie” and the other kids are trying to not become un-dead. If tagged, that person is now a zombie and they now can both tag people. The last human standing wins!

Zombie Party Supplies

While Jenny put this zombie party together a few years ago, you can get a similar look! I’ve tried to include links to products that are similar throughout the post but you can also browse the following sites for great cute zombie party supplies!

Printable pages on top of an image of kitchen gadgets with text next to it.

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