Best Concealer and Foundation

Stila Foundation is my new favorite makeup find. And where has the beauty blender been all my life?! I have some new beauty faves you guys! I have a new fave concealer and foundation! A few months ago I got a makeup lesson at Blushington and learned about so many great new-to-me products. What I especially love is that they use all different brands, so unlike when you get your makeup done at the department store, you can pick the best products from each line. In my lesson, I found that my old foundation was not the right color for my skin! And the product the makeup artist introduced me to was Stila Stay All Day Foundation. It’s oil free and has botanical extracts that promote circulation and really let’s your skin breathe. It is also supposed to help slow down premature aging…maybe too late for that one with me.

This color matched perfectly and I decided to purchase this and use it daily. And I had never used the Beauty Blender before. It’s amazing! I have never been a girly girl so I don’t keep up on makeup trends or products. I know this tool has been out for a while, but after finally seeing it in use, I had to get one! It puts on your foundation so smoothly, is easy to blend and build color with and leaves an amazing finished look! A dummy (like me) can use it. This Stay All Day foundation, really does, stay all day. I am so impressed with this foundation. It has truly stayed on in this summer heat (and even the high heat of the desert!).
Julie Hewett Omit Concealer is my new fave! My concealer color was also off. When the makeup artist put this Julie Hewett concealer on me, my dark circles disappeared! It was crazy! My dark circles are ever-present and mostly allergy induced which means it isn’t like a little extra sleep is going to help a sister out. This was the first time that a concealer really covered them. She had me use a brush to apply and although I continued that routine over the next week, I finally decided that the end result was better with using my finger to apply. I’m just guessing here but I am pretty sure my adorable makeup  artist was about 15 years younger than me so she’s not familiar with fine lines and bags in the under-eye area…using the brush made the product build up in the crevices and aged me. It is not the same case with using my finger. Phew. This cream formula feels thick but goes on really smoothly and stays put. I might use a little Ooh La Lift if I’m going out to dinner and not redoing my whole face but the concealer coverage is amazing. I haven’t seen this product in stores but I ordered it online via Dermstore and it showed up in just a few days!

What is your fave foundation? Let’s talk beauty.

*This is not a sponsored post. My mom paid good money for that makeup lesson and I purchased these makeup items.

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Best Restaurants and Hotels in Palm Springs Updated!

I've updated my list of best restaurants and hotels in Palm Springs for you! You should totally plan a trip there this summer! I freaking love Palm Springs. I am super lucky that I live about an hour and a half away from this desert paradise. I understand it isn’t for everyone. Some people just can’t take the heat. But I LOVE it! Which means that I go as often as I possibly can. Summer really is the best time to go considering that hotel prices are pretty low and you can find some great deals. So I’ve updated my posts on the best restaurants and hotels in Palm Springs. And if you have any recommendations to share, just leave them in the comments! Don’t forget to pack your sunscreen!

Palm Springs Restaurants

Where to Stay in Palm Springs

and don’t forget, if you are renting a house, you NEED to hire this private chef!


Online Shopping for Summer

Sometimes shopping online is the way to go when your kids are home for summer break. Here are some of my fave picks for a stylish summer.I really thought I could take my kids shopping with me. I had it all figured out. I took my best friend, who was visiting from out-of-town, with me. I figured she could keep an eye on them while I tried on a bathing suit. And it worked pretty well. I only had to stop a few times to break up a fight or check on a “head collision.” But when they started to get all up in the window displays, I knew I had to wrap it up. I got the suit, and nothing was damaged. But my friend has gone home and it’s just me and the boys. Which means, either I have to take them with me (and risk the ever worrisome ‘you break it, you bought it’) or I have to shop on the weekends when my hubby is home. And who wants to deal with mall crowds on the weekend? That leaves online shopping for taking care of my summer fashion needs and wants.

I’ve rounded up my fave items that I am coveting for the warm summer months. This way I can shop online and not have to worry about getting side eye for the young retail gals who don’t find two loud, grabby handed, boys cute. You know when I do a shopping post that the prices are always pretty reasonable unless it is an extra special item that you can use again and again (hullo, Marc Jacobs). What’s on your online shopping list for summer?

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Corpse Reviver 2 Cocktail Recipe

This is your new favorite summer cocktail recipe. The Corpse Reviver 2. This is sure to be your new favorite summer cocktail. Don’t be afraid of the name, Corpse Reviver 2. It’s a ladylike drink, it’s super refreshing and it’s crazy easy to make!Corpse Reviver 2 Recipe. This is a super easy summer cocktail. Don't be afraid of the name! I first had a Corpse Reviver 2 a few months ago at the Tillamook brunch event. It was amazing. And I had to know how to make it. Traditionally these “reviver” cocktails were made as cocktails to make you feel better the day after a night of imbibing. A sort of ‘hair of the dog’ idea. But I plan on drinking these all summer long, morning or night. (In a totally responsible sort of way, of course).Don't be afraid of the name, Corpse Reviver. This is a super delicious, easy cocktail that is perfect for summer and brunches. Since my first Corpse Reviver 2 experience involved a skilled mixologist, I got to see a new technique for adding the Absinthe. Yes, this has a touch of Absinthe in it. Since the recipe just needs a few drops, the bartender at The Eveleigh used a small stainless steel atomizer to add it right on top of the drink, to finish it. Genius! With this application you mostly get the smell, a very subtle bit of the taste and it looked really cool when he sprayed the drink. Seriously, have you ever seen someone spray a drink before? It’s intriguing! By the way, a Corpse Reviver 1 is Cognac, Brandy and Sweet Vermouth which doesn’t sound good to me at all. Corpse Reviver 2 Cocktail Recipe with gin and Lillet.A Corpse Reviver 2 is equal parts  Prairie Organic Gin, Lillet Blanc (or Cocchi Americano), Cointreau, fresh lemon juice and a dash (or spray) of Absinthe. SO GOOD! I think the Absinthe makes this drink extra special. Do not skip it. Which I never thought I would say since I don’t love licorice flavorings, but it really does something amazing to this cocktail. Corpse Reviver No. 2 cocktail recipe with Lillet and Gin.If you are a friend, and I invite you over in the next few months, just know that I am probably going to force one of these on you. They may even be my new fave brunch cocktail. Buh-Bye Felicia and mimosas.

I followed the recipe found on Saveur. I didn’t finish the cocktail with orange peel like they suggested. Well, I intended to but then I forgot that I had hidden it under that white napkin for the first few photos and then forgot about it entirely. I’m sure it’s lovely…

*Gin for this recipe was provided by Prairie Organic Spirits. And it’s tasty. 

Corpse Reviver 2 Cocktail Recipe
This cocktail is perfect for warm summer weather and brunch parties.
Recipe type: Cocktail
  • 1 oz. Prairie Organic Gin
  • 1 oz. Lillet Blanc or Cocchi Americano
  • 1 oz. Cointreau
  • 1 oz. fresh squeezed lemon juice
  • A few drops of Absinthe (or you can spray it like I noted in the post above. This is NOT optional, it adds so much to this drink!)
  1. Add all ingredients, except Absinthe in a cocktail shaker.
  2. If not spraying Absinthe, add to the cocktail shaker with the rest of the ingredients.
  3. Add ice and shake well, until frosty,
  4. Strain in to a low ball glass.
  5. Spritz the top of the cocktail with Absinthe (unless you have added it to the shaker already).
  6. Enjoy!

Looking for more gin cocktails? Try this Blood Orange Sorbet Gin Float (one of my most pinned recipes!)  and send these cute gin cocktail kits as a gift!

Ego Check in Blogging

Sometime in blogging business, you get too big for your britches. You have to always reevaluate the industry, yourself and where you are going to keep your feet firmly on the ground. I’ve been blogging for a really long time now. There have been times when my numbers have been great. And there are times when my numbers have totally dropped off. The blogging industry as a whole has changed as have the ways that PR companies and brands want to work with influencers. It’s super important to always check yourself and stay grounded. Just because you think you know what you are doing, doesn’t mean you actually do and you could be setting yourself up for failure. It's ok to have the eye of the tiger but don't get so full of yourself that you turn down great opportunities or get passed up entirely because you think you are too good for things. It’s ok to have the eye of the tiger when you are setting your blogging goals. World domination is on most of our lists, is it not? Full disclosure, my numbers have been dropping consistently for the last year. I think this is due to a number of factors including only blogging 3 days a week, not having a good social media plan and neglecting my tribe. In my opinion, my content is better than it has ever been. And I got a blog refresh, with a new crisp and clean look, that should be bringing me all kinds of sticky traffic. So I wasn’t really taking responsibility for my numbers and social media reach not being amazing. I was just feeling snotty and thinking that people would come to me, especially if they are the “right” people. But then I watched this video with Tiffany from SITS Girls/ Massive Sway. She tough-loved me out of my stupor. It was hard to hear. But it was something I needed to hear. You have to do the work to be successful. Simple as that. Check your ego, amigo. I did and oddly, it’s taken away stress even though my new to-do list is 8 miles long (que Eminem…) And you need to look at what you do well and what you don’t do well with. Then teach yourself how to do it all well. Don’t be complacent. Keep working and learning.

In the recent past when brands would reach out to me, I was only pushing to get the rate that I ‘deserve’. You know the rate, I came up with back when my numbers were awesome and I had better interaction…I’ve learned that while I shouldn’t sell myself short, I also should be willing to be flexible and understand what I can truly give to a brand. Do I miss an opportunity because they want to pay me only $200 and I would rather have $600? No, especially if they aren’t asking for the world but it’s a type of post you can pop out (while still turning out great content) in a short period of time (but your sponsored posts should always be in line with your brand, and something you feel good about – not just about the money). Also, if there is a brand, product, service that you love, want or need, I’m totes cool with taking it for free. Others may not be, but for me it works (once in a while – on a case by case basis).

Also, my numbers aren’t going to grow themselves. I need to create a plan for sharing on my social channels. I need to be an active part of the community to grow the relationships which ultimately help you grow your traffic. I need to attack my goals the way a normal business would. I need to put as much energy in to the backend part of blogging as I do to making pretty content. And to do this, I may need to sleep a few hours less. I need to work harder to learn the things like affiliate marketing and SEO that my head doesn’t readily understand. I shouldn’t just ignore those things because they don’t come easy to me.

With the blogger market so saturated, you have to be flexible, keep re-evaluating your worth and be innovative in ways that you can work with brands. But nothing is more important than working hard for what you want. It’s not going to come to you. You have to go get it. So get off your high horse and look at your process from the ground up. Use a fresh perspective and humble yourself. Then, with fresh eyes, create a plan. Do the work. Work hard.

P.S. If you aren’t part of SITS Girls or signed up for their newsletter you need to do that ASAP. They are a great way to get brand opportunities and also shares tons of great blog business articles. I’ve learned a ton from them. And you can too.

Frank Coffee Scrub for Exfoliating

Frank Coffee Scrub for better summer skin! Are you doing anything special to get your skin ready for summer? My beautifying routine usually just includes a spray tan. But all that really means is that my skin and cellulite will look better for about a week. And then, as it starts to wear off, I’ll look like I have some crazy skin disease as the tan becomes super splotchy and odd. I was sent a sample of this Frank Coffee Scrub last summer. And because I resist change, I didn’t use it. But I saw it my drawer a few weeks ago and knew the time was right. Especially since this is supposed to be great not only for exfoliation but also stretch marks and cellulite. Now I’m kicking myself for not trying it earlier! I love it! Frank Coffee Scrub for summer beauty. It's perfect for exfoliation and targeting problem areas. The original Frank blend is a mix of coffee, brown sugar, and salt with various oils. It smells AMAZING! in a I want to brew this and drink it sort of way (but don’t do that, it may kill you). To use, you simply rub the scrub all over your body and let it dry a bit, then rinse. It’s pretty messy, so I just take a cup in the shower with me to rinse it down. My skin feels so smooth after I use it! And that adorable pouch holds several uses. I’ve used it three times so far and I think I have one more use left. I’ll definitely be using this again! And it looks like they’ve added some new products that I can’t wait to try out as well! But just a note: if your kids see you try this, they will continue coming in to the bathroom during your shower to laugh at you because they think it looks like you rubbed mud all over yourself…no one likes to be laughed at when they are naked, so even if they aren’t really laughing at your body parts, your self-esteem may take a quick dip for a minute…But then once you see your skin after the shower you’ll feel better than before.

*I was sent a package of Frank Coffee Scrub to try. Thanks for supporting the brands, like Frank, that I love and who want my (and your, not that you have any…) cellulite to look better.