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20 Crazy Tasty Vodka Watermelon Cocktails


It’s not summer until you’ve had a watermelon cocktail! Here are 20 easy Vodka Watermelon Cocktails to make now!

Watermelon is the perfect ingredient for refreshing cocktails that are full of flavor! It pairs perfectly with vodka (and you know I love vodka recipes) and has the best bright pink color and a tantalizing aroma.

watermelon mixed drinks to make right now
You’re going to love these watermelon and vodka cocktails.

You’ll love these easy Vodka Cocktails

Vodka Watermelon cocktails are so so refreshing and tasty and instantly make it feel like summer no matter how warm or cold the weather is.

Sure, watermelon is THE fruit of summer. But it is pretty easy to find all year round. Which makes watermelon cocktails the perfect libation for any occasion.

Also, I don’t think people use the word “libation” enough. Deep thoughts. If you love cocktails, could you please try to say “libation” instead?

Watermelon Margaritas and Watermelon Mimosas are delicious. But this list of vodka recipes with watermelon are the best for hot summer days.

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Watermelon season varies from state to state but is typically the summer months. What is so great about using this yummy fruit in cocktails is that it truly doesn’t matter if it is in season.

You’ll likely add some sweetness with other ingredients so it’s ok to use fruit that might not be at its prime. (Or if you prefer, you can check out this list of Vodka Cocktails Using Pineapple Juice).

PLUS, carved watermelons are a fun way to make custom signs for your party!

Watermelon Drinks with Vodka That You're Going to Love

Sure you can eat it. But I think a better use of watermelon is definitely in a cocktail. These are thirst-quenching and refreshing and could they be any cuter with that bright pink color?! (But I have included a few extra watermelon recipes with vodka that you'll really love).

Watermelon with vodka is such a delicious flavor! And whether it’s slushy or jello shot, it’s such a versatile juice to work with!

Because vodka doesn’t have much flavor on its own, the watermelon can be the star of the show. 

Whichever drink you decide to serve, you should definitely serve it out of a watermelon.

These vodka recipes with watermelon are perfectly refreshing and delicious. They’re great for a Friday night in or a party with friends. Which one sounds tasty to you?

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  1. MElanie C says:

    We grew some really great watermelons this year. I was looking up vodka watermelon drinks and came across your list. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Becky Mansfield says:

    These drinks all look great – I was looking for ways to use our watermelon & found this list of watermelon cocktails with vodka. These recipes are perfect for summer!

  3. These recipes are a-MA-zing! Perfect for this extra hot summer! (p.s. I don’t think people use the word ‘libation’ enough either hahaha)

  4. Who knew there were so many watermelon cocktails with vodka??!! Thanks for this great list of vodka watermelon drinks.

  5. Julie Evink says:

    I’m having fun working my way through this list of watermelon cocktails with vodka this summer! I’ve found so many keepers!

  6. I had no idea there were so many vodka watermelon drinks! I usually sip on a watermelon margarita in the summer but I prefer vodka to tequila… so YAY! Thanks for this!

    1. I know summer is winding down but hopefully you’ll be able to get in a few more watermelon drinks before the weather really cools down.

  7. One Crazy House says:

    Do you think that some of these vodka watermelon drinks could be adapted into mocktails?

    1. I’m sure! I would just leave out the liquor and maybe add a little club soda to replace the liquid. They’ll still be delicious.

  8. What? So many watermelon cocktails with vodka, so little time…! Love all the variations on something I just thought of as one drink!

  9. Do you think it makes a difference when during the summer you get the watermelon as to the taste of the watermelon cocktails with vodka? Our watermelons have been, strangely, a bit bitter this year and I don’t want to waste good vodka on icky watermelons. Ha! ;)

    1. Watermelon season is May to September but I think weather across the board has been a bit weird this year. Nothing is following normal patterns this year. You can always add a bit of simple syrup to balance the flavors if you need to.

  10. What’s more summer than watermelon cocktails with vodka?! These look delicious!

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