Playdate Snacks for Adults

These individual Le Petite Fromage cheeses from @alouettecheese might just be the best snack ideas for adults ever! They can be a super easy appetizer or the perfect playdate snacks! #ad #ThisisCheeseBack to school is an exciting time for families. The kids get to meet new friends and a new teacher, PTA starts up again and there are school activities to plan. And the play date calendar is in full swing. While we usually focus on the snacks for the kids, I just found the perfect playdate snacks for the moms too! 

Mobile Responsive Web Design

How to keep your blog safe from hacking and other web design nightmares. Sometimes it’s hard for me to spend money on my blog. Especially for things that people can’t readily see. But for the last few months, I’ve been paying for a monthly maintenance package from Hearts and Laserbeams. And it’s the best money I’ve ever spent! But let me tell you how I came to know that I HAD to do this.

How to Have a Lemonade Stand for Charity

Ideas for getting your kids involved in your next summer lemonade stand. Sharing a large batch recipe and free printable decorations! #ad #CheekyLemonadeDo your kids love to have a lemonade stand? Mine do. And while we usually have them to teach the kids about earning money and get a very elementary look at running a business, this time we did it a little bit differently. We partnered with French Bull for Cheeky Home to share ideas on how you can hold your own lemonade stand and make a difference in someone’s life.