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21 Fun and Festive 4th of July Jello Shots Recipes


These 4th of July Jello Shots Recipes are fun and festive and perfect for any Independence Day celebration. From layered red, white and blue shots to cheesecake-inspired dessert shots, you’ll find delicious party Jello shots recipes to make for friends and family no matter how you’re celebrating.

Collage of festive Jello Shots to serve at your 4th of July party.
Let’s make some patriotic Jello shots for 4th of July!

These Jello Shot Recipes are Easy and Fun

This collection of summertime jello shots for the 4th of July will give you creative ideas for combining a box of gelatin with a variety of liquor. Because cocktail-inspired recipes are super fun.

Adult cocktail favorites, in jiggly form, are always a fun way to celebrate any occasion. Inspired by my Wine Jello Shots, I decided to round up recipes that would be worthy of sharing.

Flavored gelatin and flavorful boozy liqueurs and liquors are a match made in cocktail heaven. And with just a little cold water (or hot water, depending on the recipe) and flavoring, you can create a fun cocktail in Jello form.

While I’m not typically a gal who takes shots, there’s always room for a Jello shot. Especially patriotic Jello Shots.

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Since they must be made ahead of time, these are a great boozy treat for hosting parties. Just print out the recipe card and get to cooking!

They are also self-serve in Jello shot cups which means that you can worry about other hosting duties and let your guests take care of themselves.

From cocktail-inspired flavors to more dessert-like options, you can find a Jello Shot recipe that is just right for all the summer holidays like Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Labor Day.

Take your party drinks to the next level with these patriotic jello shot ideas. They are always a big hit at parties.

Jello Shots for 4th of July

With bright colors and delicious flavors, these fun Jello Shots Recipes are perfect for 4th of July and beyond. If you're looking for red, white and blue, there's a recipe for you. And if you want something more dessert-like, you will find an option too. Browse the list to see all the tasty combinations.

Obviously, a red, white and blue Jello Shot is ideal for patriotic celebrating, but you can really make your party feel playful with any of these delicious Jello Shots for 4th of July.

Those Pina Colada Shots have my name written all over them!

Pair these Jello Shot Recipes with a DIY Moscow Mule beverage station and a simple White Bean Caprese Salad and you’re all set!

And make some DIY Patriotic Shirts for the family and plan your holiday celebration.


You can modify most of these 4th of July shooters to include flavors that you love! If a recipe calls for a cup of vodka, you could use something flavored, like whipped cream vodka or blue raspberry vodka, instead. Or if it calls for rum, try coconut rum.

The plastic shot cups you use should be shorter and wider for ease of eating. Something that isn’t too rigid is best so you can lightly squeeze the sides to help the Jello shot slide out of the cup.

Place the Jello Shot Cups on a cookie sheet before putting in the refrigerator to chill. If you are making more than one batch you should be able to carefully stack a second cookie sheet on top of the first batch of cups.

While not all of these shots are made with red, white and blue ingredients, you can always top them with patriotic sprinkles to make them more theme appropriate.

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