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23 Easy Gin Cocktails to Make at Home


These easy Gin Cocktails are refreshing and delicious making them great to share with friends any time of year. With herbal and citrus notes, gin pairs well with lots of other flavors. Not sure what to make with that bottle of gin on your bar? Browse this collection of gin recipes.

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These simple gin cocktails are perfect to make at home.

Gin Cocktail Recipes You’ll Love

I find gin cocktail recipes to not be overly sweet, and because of the flavors found in gin (juniper, cardamom, and the like) they are usually totally refreshing to sip.

While some people love gin, others are less likely to reach for it. But if you have a bottle on your home bar that you’ve been wondering how to use, this list has tons of tasty gin drinks to try.

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Gin is used in a lot of classic drinks where it’s the star of the show. But it also mixes well with fruit juices and other liqueurs to create some delicious mixed drinks.

I love to drink gin with just some soda water and a squeeze of lime, but I know this list will have a recipe that will catch your eye. Give it a try this weekend.

Simple Gin Cocktails

Browse this list of easy gin cocktail recipes to find the perfect mixed drink to make for sharing with friends. If you like herbal notes and refreshing flavors, these gin cocktail recipes are what you need.

Can you use Non-Alcoholic Gin?

Being sober is a big deal right now. I picked up a bottle of non-alcoholic gin to try it out and it’s delicious. It has all the flavor you want from gin, but no alcohol. You can use it in place of the gin called for in any of the gin recipes above.

I like to use it in a Non-Alcoholic Gin and Tonic to sip on while I get dinner together.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is good to mix with gin?

Gin has almost a savory quality but is bright and has notes of fresh herbs. It pairs really well with soda water and tonic water, citrus juices (like orange, lime, grapefruit and lemon), cucumbers, and other fruit juices like cranberry and pineapple.

How should a beginner try gin?

If you are new to drinking gin cocktails, I think you should keep things simple. Try it with club soda or tonic water. Use about 1 ounce (as it’s much more flavorful than vodka) and add a little squeeze of lemon or lime. Mix it in a glass and give it a sip. You should be able to get the notes of the gin but the water will make it less aggressive. Tonic water will give it a little bit more sweetness than club soda. If you like the flavor, you can try it in a cocktail.

What brand of gin should I buy?

Although I have several brands in my home bar, this is not my go-to spirit. That being said, Bombay Sapphire is a decent brand and pretty reasonably priced. Tanqueray and Hendrick’s are also popular brands. I always recommend talking to friends and getting their recommendations if you’re unsure. Or chat with someone at Total Wine.

Is gin a healthy liquor?

Gin has fewer calories and less sugar than some liquors making it slightly healthier. Always watch out for what you are mixing it with since things like fruit juices are full of sugar. They sometimes also contain fewer additives than other liquors.

More ways to enjoy gin

  • Gin and Soda (use club soda or flavored seltzer water)
  • Gin and Tonic is classic
  • Gin Sour (with lemon juice – and some people also add egg white to make it frothy)
  • Muddle it with berries or other fruit to add more layers of flavor (See my Blackberry Gin and Tonic Recipe)
  • Use it with sparkling wine to make a spritz
  • Add it to any of your favorite cocktail recipes instead of the suggested liquor
  • A Tom Collins is a classic and sort of like a fizzy version of a sour

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