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Cazadores Tequila Review: Good Value and Great Taste


I’m not an expert but my Cazadores Tequila review will help you understand why it should be the next bottle of tequila you buy. It’s delicious on its own and fantastic in cocktails. If you’re looking for a premium tequila with great value that also tastes amazing, read on.

Cazadores blanco and reposado on a table for a tequila tasting.
Cazadores tequila is a great value and has a delicious smooth flavor.

The Best Premium Tequila for the Value

You’ve probably heard of Cazadores Tequila or seen it on the shelf of your local liquor store. But I always ignored it, in favor of the flashier bottles or celebrity-backed brands (hey, George Clooney!). 

Then I went to Mexico where I was served Cazadores, a tasty top-shelf tequila brand, at two separate tequila tastings. And I’m totally won over. If you like tequila but don’t know a lot about it, Cazadores is a great option.

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I want to be clear though. I am not a tequila expert. I just like to make cocktails at home. Over the last few years, I’ve been trying different brands of tequila and learning as I go. So I want to share that information with you. 

Good tequila is a bit subjective. You want a delicious agave flavor in its purest form. Smooth tequila doesn’t have to be crazy expensive and Cazadores is an excellent choice with a reasonable price range.

If you’re looking for a bottle to add to your home bar, Cazadores has you covered.

About the company

Close up image of bubbles in a bottle of Cazadores Tequila Reposado.
Use the bubble test to see the quality of your tequila.

Cazadores has been around since 1922! The company calls the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico its home, and it takes pride in its original recipe that uses only Blue Weber agave to make its tequila. 

They’ve also created a sustainable process for production that creates zero-waste which is totally amazing. They use a 7-step distilling process, which includes double distillation, plus double fermentation in American White Oak barrels for a smooth finish and enjoyable drinking experience.

Cazadores makes premium, top-shelf tequila. That means they use quality ingredients in a classic method. To be premium tequila it has to be made with 100% blue agave, be at least 35% alcohol, have the right water content, with no additives. 

*One of the cool tips I learned at one of my tastings was that you can double-check the quality and water content of a bottle of tequila by shaking it! If the bubbles last longer than 20 seconds, it’s good! You can see the bubbles in the bottle of Cazadores above.

What types of tequila do they produce?

Along with the 3 classic types of tequilaP: silver (or blanco), reposado, and anejo, they also make an extra anejo and an anejo cristalino. 

Cazadores Blanco Tequila

Man pouring a shot of Cazadores Tequila blanco.

Cazadores blanco tequila is pure, strong and ready to take on the world! It has a taste that is sharp, bold, and classic, that is perfect for sipping, or mixing it up in a classic Margarita or a Tequila Sunrise

I like blanco tequila because it is unaged. The flavor is crisp and clean and it’s more versatile in recipes. It has a smooth taste and it’s a good value.

Cazadores Blanco is a winner for those of us who want premium tequila with a delicious taste without the wallet-busting price tag. 

Cazadores Reposado Tequila

A bottle of Cazadores reposado tequila on a table next to a plate of sliced oranges and limes for a tequila tasting.

Cazadores reposado tequila spends up to a year in new American oak barrels which give it subtle notes of vanilla, tropical fruits and wood.

It’s a go-to for mixing up tequila cocktails because it provides a little more flavor (but still a smooth flavor) and compliments other cocktail ingredients. 

Plus the golden color is beautiful. I liked this Cazadores reposado a lot more than some of the other brands. I think it’s because it was balanced. It had a great, classic tequila taste paired with just the right amount of oak flavor. 

Cazadores Anejo

Cazadores Añejo is aged in American oak barrels for over a year. This means it has a rich gold color and more flavor because it is a tequila with even more aging.

Anejo tequila reminds me of whiskey in that it has a complex flavor profile and flavors like cinnamon and brown sugar and plus vanilla notes. 

Anejo is typically the best-sipping tequila because the flavor is more concentrated. And because the aging process is longer, they are sometimes more expensive.

You wouldn’t want to waste a good anejo in a cocktail where you would lose all the unique flavor notes among other cocktail ingredients although it would be tasty in something like a Tequila Old Fashioned.

Extra Anejo and Anejo Cristalino

Cazadores also makes a few other products.

The Extra Anejo is aged in barrels for about 3 years making it even more flavorful. It’s a rich, deep gold liquid. It’s another option great for sipping. And extra anejos make a great gift idea for tequila lovers.

Anejo Cristalino is an interesting product and one I haven’t tried yet. It’s an aged anejo tequila that is put through a filtration process that removes the color. 

Cazadores also has canned cocktails that I am going to keep my eyes out for and try. I haven’t found many tequila-based canned cocktails that I enjoy.

How to enjoy Cazadores tequila

Woman holding a slice of orange with chile on it next to a shot of tequila in a terra cotta shot glass.
  • Cocktails: Mix it up in margaritas or Tequila Soda, or try something a little different like a Ginger Tequila Lemonade.  
  • Tasting: Start with blanco and move through to reposado and then anejo. Try each type out with something other than lime. We tried strawberry with blanco in our tasting and it was so good! Oranges sprinkled with chile powder or Tajin were great with reposado and of course, chocolate was a delish pairing with the extra anejo.
  • Sipping: Opening up a bottle of Cazadores Extra Añejo, sitting back, and sipping away (over ice or neat) is life’s way of telling you that every now and then, you deserve the good stuff. But you really can sip all the varieties. They’re so dang smooth and you’ll love the fruity aroma.
  • Food Pairing: Cazadores Tequilas pair well with savory dishes like carne asada, birria, and tacos al pastor. It is also a good choice to complement sweet treats like churros or chocolate cake.


I was lucky enough to try the Cazadores Tequila Blanco and Cazadores Tequila Reposado which was fantastic since those are the two types of premium tequilas I would pick up for my home bar.

With the customary smooth finish, these both pair super well with lime juice and so many other flavors! If you’re looking for something other than Jose Cuervo or Casamigos, Cazadores makes great tequila!

Cazadores is distributed in the United States so it’s easy to find in your local big-box liquor stores or buy the blanco and reposado on Amazon. The price is so reasonable and makes it a good option to buy.

This is a great brand to look for the next time you need to pick up another bottle of tequila for your home bar or need extra for a party!

I’d like to thank Marcelino, of Cabo Adventures, who walked us through our first tasting and taught us so much about tequila and is also shown in these images! If you’re looking for guided excursions to do on your next Cabo vacation, use them! They were so great!

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