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Hot Chocolate Charcuterie Board Idea for Christmas


Make a Hot Chocolate Charcuterie Board for Christmas and beyond. Gather the hot cocoa toppings and sweet treats to create a fun and festive hot chocolate platter. It’s perfect for a cozy family afternoon or a holiday party with friends.

Close up of a Santa coffee mug on a table next to a small plate of cookies.
Let’s make a hot chocolate charcuterie board!

Why you’ll love this Hot Chocolate Board

The perfect time for a Hot Chocolate Charcuterie Board is the minute the weather starts to cool down!

My boys always ask for hot chocolate during fall and winter! But I decided to level up and make them a full-on Hot Cocoa Board!

Snack Boards are a super trendy idea, and since I have an enormous sweet tooth, this Hot Cocoa Charcuterie board idea makes perfect sense.

This fun hot chocolate bar toppings idea takes your standard mug of hot cocoa and makes it out of this world.

It’s easy to make and so fun to serve. And you can make one just for your family or use this as an excuse to host a party. It makes serving hot chocolate for parties way more fun!

A hot chocolate station is fun for adults and children. And you can get creative with what you add to make it fit any theme you are going for.

Whether you make a gourmet hot chocolate from scratch (like my Orange Cardamom Hot Chocolate) or use store-bought packets, these hot cocoa toppings will let each person create a delicious dessert drink that they’ll love.

How to Make Hot Chocolate Charcuterie Boards

Overhead view of a hot cocoa board.

Decide on Aesthetic

Make your board as elaborate or as simple as you’d like. You can keep it to just hot cocoa toppings or you can include small cookies and treats like I have and make it more of a grazing board.

Decide what your ultimate goal is for the board. Are you trying to keep it themed to one flavor, like chocolate or peppermint? Or do you like the look of something monochromatic?

Before you start picking up items, you will want to think ahead to the finished look of the hot cocoa trays.

Tray on a table with two Santa Face mugs next to some holiday greenery.

Find a Tray or Board

I like to use a tray with sides rather than a flat board. While a flat board looks great for a charcuterie platter that will be enjoyed by adults, children will eff that s up.

Using bowls keeps everything tidy and also means you need fewer treats. You can easily fill in any empty space with decorations.

If you are trying to keep costs down, look for a smaller tray. Sometimes we love the look of an overflowing tray of goodies but that can get really expensive.

Also, consider where you will be setting up your Cocoa Charcuterie Board so you know if you need to leave room on the tray for the mugs.

These Santa mugs are stupid cute, right?!

Cookies and treats for a dessert charcuterie.

Gather the Hot Chocolate Topping Ideas and Treats

Although I wasn’t going for a one-color look, I did try to keep things to white, chocolate (I mean brown, duh), beige and red. That way, it would still have a cohesive look but not be really hard to put together.

I found a lot of fun treats on Amazon, but also picked things up around town. Target has great marshmallow treats in store, and Trader Joe’s is always fun for yummy cookies.

I bought way more than I needed but I knew that we would enjoy anything we didn’t use right now at a later date.

If something was on the expensive side, I just bought one or two and bought less expensive items to fill in.

Best Hot Chocolate Toppings

You could even put Hot Cocoa Bombs (or make them) since those are so hot right now!

You can shop my ‘Cocoa Charcuterie Board’ collection right on Amazon.

You may also want to have some sort of whipped cream (or dairy alternative). Kids love whipped cream!

Hot cocoa in a mar on a tray next to some empty bowls.

Set Up The Hot Chocolate Platter

Since I know that the hot cocoa is a focal point, I wanted to place that first and then build the board around that.

I grabbed a variety of white bowls, in different sizes, and spread them out on the tray.

Overhead view of a hot cocoa charcuterie board.

I added the treats in the bowls making sure to pay attention to how the colors were spread out and also making sure the heights were different so it kept everything looking interesting and intentional.

Overhead view of hot cocoa in a jar next to some bowl with toppings.

Add Decoration

I filled in the empty spaces with some cute green vase filler (check Target, they have some cute options). It really added to the holiday look.

But you could fill in with other cookies, popcorn, etc. And if you’re totally crazy, you could fill in the whole tray with sugar and then nestle the bowls into that to make it look like snow…

It would look SO cute. But I am ant and mess averse, so I couldn’t do it.

You can also decorate the area around the board with a sign kit.

Close up of a Santa mug holding hot cocoa.

How to Serve the Hot Chocolate

Set out some mugs and gather the kids! When I saw these Santa face mugs (similar) I knew I needed to get some. They have a few different skin tones which I LOVE.

The easiest way to make the hot chocolate is to use a tea kettle (or an electric kettle if you have one). Sometimes decorative mugs can’t be microwaved, so having the water already hot is ideal.

Fill the mugs with hot water and put whatever size measuring spoon your hot chocolate mix calls for in the jar to make keep things easy.

Or make a big old batch in a crockpot.

Use spoons or a frother to mix the cocoa.

A small white bowl with Hot Chocolate Spoons and mini white marshmallows around them.

Then stand back and let everyone go to town. Eyes will absolutely light up when your family sees this Hot Chocolate Charcuterie Board.

Close up of hot cocoa toppings on a tray.

For the most part, you don’t even need serving utensils, just let the kids use their hands.

You can provide serving tongs or even plastic food gloves if you prefer.

Close up of chocolate star cookies in a bowl on a tray.

Set out little appetizer plates if you have also included cookies on your cocoa bar.

While this toppings board is a little bit elaborate, I think we all could use some extra special touches and details right now.

Not only is this a fun idea for a cozy afternoon, it’s also a fun sweet Christmas charcuterie board. Set it up for brunch, a winter birthday celebration or any other time someone needs a treat.


It’s easy to make this more winter-focused by just swapping out the Santa mugs for some plain ones. (But if you leave them it makes the cutest Christmas Brunch charcuterie board!)

If you want some chocolate board ideas you can use a similar process as above, remove the hot cocoa, and just add different types of chocolate candies, cookies and desserts.

You could also turn this into a coffee charcuterie board by swapping out the hot chocolate for coffee. You can add different types of creamers, sugars, flavorings (like this homemade cinnamon coffee creamer), and little treats to pair with it.

Leave off the drinks and make just a Christmas dessert charcuterie board. Grab all your favorite desserts like Cranberry Christmas Cake, Cinnamon Walnuts, Caramel Corn and Peanut Butter Pie.

And if you wish you were enjoying a cup of hot cocoa with your friends but can’t make a party of it, you could always drop off a mini version for them to enjoy.

Candy cane martinis on a table with text next to it.

More easy holiday activities

Build your own Hot Chocolate Board

Visit my Amazon shop with everything you need to make a hot cocoa charcuterie board at home or use the arrows to scroll through the items from other retailers below.

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