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25 Festive Christmas Coffee Drinks to Try This Winter


These Christmas Coffee Drinks will help you spread holiday cheer as you welcome guests into your home this holiday season. This list of festive recipes offers unique twists on your classic cup of joe. They’re a great option to serve for parties and family gatherings this time of year.

Text: Coffee Drinks for Christmas with a variety of hot and cold coffee cocktails and drinks for the holidays.
Let’s make some of these easy coffee drinks for Christmas parties and beyond.

Why You’ll Love These Coffee Drinks

These Christmas coffee drinks will instantly fill you with the holiday spirit thanks to their cozy, seasonal ingredients. Think gingerbread, peppermint, cinnamon, and nutmeg – all the flavors that bring comfort and joy during this special time of year.

On Christmas morning or after a scrumptious holiday feast, there’s nothing better than indulging in a creamy drink with a festive touch.

With rich toppings and simple ingredients, like velvety heavy cream, and a touch of chocolate, a Christmas coffee recipe is essential to all good Christmas celebrations. So consider one of these recipes when looking for cocktails to serve.

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This list has your perfect drink to satisfy your taste buds. Maybe you’re in the mood for a boozy Christmas coffee. Perhaps you’re looking for a peppermint mocha. Find a hot cocoa or a white hot chocolate that you are dying to try (that you can spike, or not!). A Caramel Latte will never disappoint. All the best holiday coffee drinks are on this list! 

There is a mix of cold and hot drinks to ensure that there’s something for everyone’s preferences. These boozy and virgin winter coffee recipes will help to create memorable moments and warm you up at the same time. 

These drinks can be easily scaled up to satisfy a large group of guests. There’s no better way to keep the holiday spirits high throughout the season.

Coffee Drinks for Christmas

You're going to love this collection of homemade coffee drinks! I've compiled a list of tasty coffee beverages that are perfect for your holiday festivities!

Non-Alcoholic Coffee Drinks

These non-alcoholic coffee drinks are festive and great to serve to non-drinkers at your holiday parties. You can easily turn these recipes into something more boozy if you prefer. Just add a shot of your favorite liquor. Vodka, Kahlua or Baileys are all great options to use.

Boozy Christmas Coffee Drinks

Looking for a fun coffee cocktail to sip at Christmas? Browse this list of easy recipes that are full of flavor and spiked with a little liquor.

How to serve Christmas Coffee Drinks

While the list above has tons of amazing drink ideas, you can easily turn a regular cup of coffee into the perfect drink for the holidays. Below you’ll find easy ways to create your own holiday drink. All of these additionas would work perfectly for hot chocolate too! 

Get creative with a variety of garnishes and toppings:

A good Christmas coffee should not just taste good, but should also look the part! The perfect Christmas coffee drink hits all the right notes in terms of the overall presentation, including the garnish.

Set up a self-serve coffee bar

Serving for a crowd? Opt for a self-serve coffee station with a variety of customization options so your guests can personalize their own festive beverages.

A coffee bar is a great alternative to the typical alcoholic options normally found at a party and gives non-drinkers lots of options that feel celebratory.

Try setting it up like my Hot Chocolate Charcuterie Board.

Mug Selection: Use festive cups and mugs to add an extra touch of cheer to your coffee drinks. Don’t forget to provide spoons, stirrers, and napkins for convenience.

Tips for Making Coffee Drinks

If you are making hot coffee drinks for a crowd, consider brewing large batches of coffee or espresso ahead of time and keep it warm in a pump coffee carafe. You can also see if you can make the recipe in a slow cooker which should help to keep it hot without condensing the liquid too much. 

​Also consider warming up the mugs before adding the drink by rinsing the inside with hot water, then drying them. 

Experiment with different types of coffee beans to find the perfect balance for your desired flavors.

Don’t shy away from using flavored syrups, spices, or extracts to enhance the taste of your coffee drinks.

There are tons of varieties of cold brew sold in each store so keep your eyes out for one that sounds delicious.

Don’t be afraid to try new Christmas Coffee recipes or customize the above suggestions to suit your palate. The holidays are the perfect time to get creative and make everything a little more merry and bright!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make these coffee drinks without a coffee maker?

Absolutely! While a coffee machine makes things easy, you can still achieve delicious results using instant coffee, a French press or heating up cold-brew (if you have to – this would be a last resort).

Are these recipes suitable for non-coffee drinkers?

Yes, you can adapt these recipes by substituting decaffeinated coffee or hot chocolate.

What are some factors to consider when selecting a Christmas coffee drink?

Several factors should be considered when selecting a Christmas coffee drink. For instance, the time and setting of the occasion (morning, evening, party, or a cozy night in), the preference regarding alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks, and the dietary restrictions if any.

Do all of these recipes have dairy?

Most of them do but you can try to substitute with whatever non-dairy option you prefer. It may change the flavor and potentially the texture of the recipe.

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