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Girls’ Night Food and Appetizer Recipes


This post is full of girls’ night food ideas that will have you ready to host a girls’ night in, without spending all day in the kitchen. Host your gal pals to an easy girls’ night at home with these deliciously simple ideas.

A table top filled with snacks, appetizers and drinks for a girls night in at home.
All the girl’s night food ideas you’ll need!

Easy Girls’ Night Food Ideas You’ll Love

Why should the kids have all the fun? I say we should make a stand this summer and declare adult playdates a thing.

Mom-ing is hard work and I think we should make some time to chill out with our friends and do whatever we want for a few hours. Let’s be honest, we really just want to sit still for a little while and not have to get anyone milk or step on Legos.

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So I say grab your best gals, have a girls’ night in, and unwind. Don’t let hosting stress you out. Girls’ night in food doesn’t have to be complicated.

I’m sharing an almost all-no-cook girls’ night menu that will make a get-together with your gal pals super simple. The idea of playdates takes on a whole new life when you look at them this way, doesn’t it? 

Girls’ Night Appetizers

A variety of appetizers, snacks and cocktails on a white table top.

To keep things easy for a girl’s night, think of things that are easy and quick to serve but delicious! While I originally thought I wanted to do only finger foods, I decided to add in some small salad cups because they are yummy, girly, and really easy to serve.

Remember that the reason for your girls’ night is to take some time for yourself. Don’t ruin it by creating a complicated menu that will make you sweat in the kitchen and make you never want to host another adult playdate again.

Small cups of salad mix to serve at your next ladies night.

I love using bagged salad mixes to whip up an easy side dish. Kale is all hip right now so I grabbed a kale and broccoli mix, added some fresh strawberries, and boom. Done. 

Small containers filled with fresh and dried fruits for people to snack on.

I’ve never met a snack I didn’t like so I put together these individual snack containers. I used seasonal fresh fruit and banana chips to ensure each gal had some goodies at her fingertips. Literally. 

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Girls’ Night Dinner Ideas (Keeping it simple!)

Steak bites appetizer with blue cheese and onion on a gray plate.

Although I love to do a full menu of appetizers or snack foods, sometimes it leaves me feeling like I didn’t really have a meal. I decided to create yummy grilled steak bites to add something a little heartier to the table but not be involved the way a full main course would be.

Other super simple ideas would be tacos, a big dinner salad with your favorite grilled protein on top, or my favorite…takeout!

Remember you don’t need to make something to have dinner. Order in from your favorite restaurants! That’s as simple as you can get – and you know you’re getting something delicious that you love.

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Girls’ Night Drink Ideas

A delicious strawberry champagne float in a stemless wine glass with a copper straw sitting on top of a red and white cloth napkin.

And you can’t have a girl’s night without a cocktail. Well, I mean, you can but they are WAY more fun with a little something special.

To make this strawberry champagne float, I grabbed a bottle of strawberry lemonade, some strawberry sorbet, and sparkling wine to make a wine-y float.

So simple and dessert-like. Plus these are perfect for warm weather.

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Dessert Bites for Ladies’ Night

Glazed donut holes in a white turine in front of fresh and dried fruit in clear containers.

I always like to serve something that is savory along with sweets. I know I’m not the only one who loves to have a little of both. 

Glazed donut holes are totally underrated. They are probably the easiest dessert you could ever serve. You can serve them straight up, like I did, or set out some chocolate and caramel dipping sauces.

Skip fancy cakes (unless you feel like buying one!) and stick to simple desserts the gals can graze on.

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Set the Vibe for a Girls’ Night at Home

Add a cool, mellow playlist, and great conversation and you’ve got an awesome girls’ night in. We still have a few more weeks of school left and then it’s long summer days of the kids being home.

Summer is the perfect time for a mom-only playdate! Keep your ladies’ night food ideas simple and enjoy yourself. You deserve it!

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  1. I love all the ideas here for girls night snacks! My girl friends and I usually end up lounging in the kitchen together when we catch up, so I think these could be a fun opportunity.

  2. I always need new girls night snacks! My cousins and I try to have a girls night once a month and we always need snack and drink ideas!

  3. All these girls night snacks look amazing. I can’t wait to try the bacon wrapped dates with goat cheese.

  4. That goat cheese pizza sounds AMAZING! Thank you for all of these girls night appetizers–it’s an excuse to have the girls over!

  5. Your strawberry champagne float was the perfect drink to serve up with our February girls night snacks. The delicious pink drink was a perfect match to our “Galentine’s” theme!

  6. Bring on ALL of the girls night snacks! The way you have these presented is also top notch.. beautiful work!

  7. One Crazy House says:

    Thank you for the reminder that I am LOOONG overdue for a girls night! I can’t wait to try these girls night appetizers–especially the yummy grilled steak bites!

  8. I’m always looking for no fuss girls night appetizers. This is a great menu and those grilled steak bites look scrumptious!

  9. These girls night snacks and drinks create a wonderful menu! I love that the foods are both simple and satisfying!

  10. What an amazing idea and the food ideas are the best. Oh, by the way, you are not alone on this idea. I vote yes!, on mommy only play dates. :) All mommies deserve a wonderful and fun summer date. [Client]

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