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Rosé and Rap for Summer Happy Hour Sipping


If you’re going rosé all day, you’ll need this fun relaxed rap playlist as your soundtrack. Rosé and rap go together like Puffy and Mace. They are great on their own, but better together.

Rosé is perfect for summer entertaining so invite some friends over and sip a little pink on the patio while vibing to some fantastic tunes.

A photo of a woman drinking rosé on a patio with text over it that says "rap and rosé."
The perfect playlist to sip rosé to.

Rap and rosé are a vibe

I love to come up with quick and easy themes for hosting people at home. And this rap and rosé idea is perfect for spring and summer.

It’s a great excuse to invite some friends over and if you think of it as a happy hour, you can really scale back on the food and decorations.

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Just grab a few bottles of rosé, put on this fun playlist, and enjoy a few hours hanging out. It’s not straight rap, there’s some R&B and hip hop too.

There is no better time, than on a hot summer day, to sip a glass of your favorite pink wine on a patio with friends.

Yummy Rosé to Try While Listening to This Playlist

I’m a big fan of wine. I typically reach for sauvignon blanc but there is a rosé season for a reason.

I prefer my rosé from Provence, France. I find those to be on the drier side and not super sweet. Of course, you should choose something you like the flavor of, but if you like sweet drinks, these might not be for you.

Skip ahead to the playlist and drink what you like. But if you are new to rosé and trying to figure out what you like, this list will help you get started. Or make cocktails instead.

Whispering Angel

A hand holding up a bottle of Whispering Angel rose.

Mmmmmm. Whispering Angel is my jam. It’s delicious.

This French wine has a little minerality (which may be why I like it since sauvignon blancs tend to lean that way too) and a little fruit.

It’s unoaked and the color is exceptional. The price ranges from $20-$32 depending on where you buy it. Just buy it. You’ll love it.

This is the bottle you buy for your best gals that like to feel fancy.

This company also makes a lower-priced rosé that tastes very similar. The Beach is one I buy multiple bottles of at a time.

Learn more about Whispering Angel.

Underwood Canned Rosé

Canned rose wine on a table.

Canned wine. It’s a thing and although I thought it might be a fad is now very much here to stay.

Canned wine is great for travel and for places like the community pool or beach where you can’t have glass.

Underwood is from Oregon and has a delicious rosé. I used to be able to find them at Trader Joe’s but most recently I think I saw them at Target. My grocery store also carries some of the flavors and so does my Total Wine store.

If you can’t find the regular rosé which, to me, tastes very slightly fizzy, grab the rosé bubbles instead. So yum!

The wine is super tasty. And these couldn’t be more perfect for summer adventuring!

Learn more about Underwood.

Summer Water

Summer Water rose on a cart.

Summer Water. I really want to love this wine. But it’s not my favorite. I need to include it, though, because it is a big part of the rosé game.

Their love of pink wine made this wine happen and I think that is truly remarkable and I want to support it. I definitely don’t think this is bad wine, it’s just in my taste wheelhouse.

It used to only be available through Winc (although I don’t see it on the site currently) but now you can purchase it from Whole Foods. Plus the name ‘Summer Water’ is perfection.

They offer a smaller bottle (they call a droplet!) that’s super cute and would be perfect to serve with a straw to friends. They also have a magnum option that would a great hostess gift for any summer party. And they offer a bubbly option.

Plus you can buy a subscription so you can drink it all season long.

And in case pink isn’t your drink, they offer an orange wine and a red option.

Learn more about Summer Water.

Anew Rosé

Anew Rosé is delish and a great summer wine.

I really liked this bottle of Anew Rose. It was crisp and tangy and the friends I shared it with also enjoyed the flavor.

Unfortunately, it seems like this wine might no longer be available.

Sauvetage Rosé

Sauvetage rose wine on a tray next to seashells.

While this bottle of rosé is also no longer available, I will take a second to let you know that Winc is a great place to buy rosé. But aside from Summer Water, they don’t seem to keep the same bottle around long term.

But they do have a nice rosé section, with great tasting notes that you may want to browse.

The tasting notes are helpful for choosing a wine but also for learning more about picking out flavors. The tasting notes from this rose mention cotton candy and jolly ranchers but I distinctly remember those notes not being too over the top.

I know tasting is a very subjective thing and I enjoyed this wine but I wouldn’t say it was candy-like.

Mumm Napa Brut Rosé Sparkling

Mumm Napa Brut Rose wine on a table next to a rose.

And if you need something a little fancier and bubbly, try this Mumm Napa Brut Rose. This is perfect for drinking on a girl’s getaway or getting ready before a girl’s night.

It’s also great for a date night. It has a pretty coral color and the flavors are berries and cherries. Yum! This is around $25.

The relaxed rap playlist

You might not have instantly thought that a rap-focused playlist would pair well with rosé. But it totally works. I picked songs that have a relaxed, sexy vibe mixed with a rap section to bring a little edge.

Rosé comes off as sweet and girly, but it’s really not. Especially the dry ones. So grab a chilled bottle of something pink, grab your radio and your crew and just chill.

This music has explicit lyrics so consider that before you play it around your children. But just so you know, they are probably saying all those bad words at school already so…

Click here for the —-> Rap and Rosé Playlist on Spotify

Did I miss a song that you think would be perfect on this playlist? Leave and comment and I’ll add it.

You may also like this other rap playlist I used to talk about life with when my oldest was a preteen. And be sure to bop around my Spotify account and check out more playlists.

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