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Yummy Wine Soaked Strawberries with Rosemary


Did you even know Wine Soaked Strawberries were a thing?! They are and they are magnificent! You know the fruit, that sits in your favorite sangria, is always the best part. So I got to thinking why don’t I just soak some fresh strawberries in a little bit of Sauvignon Blanc and see what happens. 

I’m a wine lover so figuring out a way to add wine to a dessert might be one of my favorite ideas to date. Easy desserts are my jam and this one couldn’t be easier. If I were you, I’d make this before strawberry season is over!

delicious wine soaked strawberries with rosemary

Sauvignon Blanc Soaked Strawberries are Delish!

When I was pregnant with my first son, I craved fresh strawberries. I HAD to have them all the time. I look forward to strawberry season all year long. Strawberries are so sweet and have that gorgeous bright color that makes them such a great dessert ingredient.

Often, when I’m too lazy to make sangria, I’ll just add some sliced strawberries to my glass of Sauvignon Blanc. A few fresh herbs give the wine and strawberries such an amazing flavor. And since I know that I love infused wine, I figured that making this into a dessert just made sense. 

How to Make Wine Soaked Strawberries
yummy wine soaked strawberries dessert idea

I’m definitely not a wine snob. But I do have definite Sauvignon Blanc preferences. It simply must come from New Zealand. You can’t go wrong with Kimmy C (my affectionate nickname for Kim Crawford).


  • 1 cup fresh strawberries
  • 1 TBSP sugar
  • 1/2 cup Sauvignon Blanc
  • 1-2 sprigs fresh rosemary

You can probably use another white wine, like Riesling, but I would definitely not use Chardonnay. I think the oak wouldn’t be very good with the sweetness of strawberries. 

Also, you should know I think that Chardonnay is totally grody and I’ll only drink it if I have to. Not so gross that I will skip the wine altogether. Insert cry laugh emoji. 

But I truly don’t think there is a wrong way to make these strawberries soaked in wine
how to make wine soaked strawberries


  • Cut up strawberries and put them in a glass bowl

wine soaked strawberries with sauvignon blanc

  • Add sugar and mix.

The sugar will help the strawberries to release their juices which will help to flavor the wine. But you can totally skip this part if you don’t want to add any extra sugar. 
a yummy wine and strawberry dessert idea

  • Add the Sauvignon Blanc.

Why don’t you pour yourself a glass while you’re at it. You deserve it. Besides the strawberries won’t be ready for a while so…

rosemary and sauvignon blanc soaked strawberries

  • Add the rosemary. 

You can totally add other herbs. I’m just in a big rosemary mood at the moment. I just got back from a quick trip to Palm Springs and so many of the delicious cocktails we had were infused with rosemary. But thyme would be good. And especially basil. 

strawberry and wine dessert recipe

  • Cover and put in the fridge for at least a few hours.

I left it overnight and it was pretty dang delicious. This Pyrex dish was the perfect thing to make it in. I just popped on the lid and threw it in the fridge. Once they’re ready to go, you just take the lid off and can eat it right out of the dish. That’s my kind of dessert. 

This wine dessert idea is such a good one for a girl’s night in! 

a summer dessert idea with wine and strawberries

I topped these yummy Wine Soaked Strawberries with a little bit of whipped cream and some fresh mint. The creaminess of the whipped cream is really nice and cuts some of the acidity from the wine. And there is never a wrong time for fresh mint. 

I came across this delicious Wine Poached Strawberries recipe and it also sounds tasty and is perfect if you want to make them for a crowd! It also requires cooking and sometimes you just want to soak, you know what I mean? 

And want to take this recipe up even a little more? Try this recipe for Drunken Strawberries that includes wine AND vodka!

More easy strawberry desserts:

Pin These Soaked Strawberries for Later

strawberries soaked in wine

Run to your local strawberry stand and pick up some sweet, fresh berries so you can make your own Wine Soaked Strawberries! You’re going to love these!

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